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May 31, 2012

New Black Panther Samir Shabazz’s Latest Militant Rant

King Samir Shabazz, head of the New Black Panther Party’s (NBPP) Philadelphia chapter, has recently been the subject of some attention for vicious racist rants in which he supports violence against whites.

The tirade begins with Shabazz recommending the 1986 film Quilombo which begins with black slaves killing their white slave owners. He describes the pleasure he gets from this scene as such: “I’m in love already…go get some popcorn and ginger beer…Any movie that starts off with the killing of peckerwood, I’m locked in and loaded.”

Shabazz later explains just how deep his hatred for white people runs:

“…I hate the goddamn white man, woman, and child, grandma, aunt, uncle, Pappa Billy Bob, and whoever else. Redneck Tom and Blueneck Robert, and whoever else you wanna name. I hate the white man. I hate the very look of white people. I hate the sound of white people. Goddamn it, I hate the smell of white people…I hate the murder and the rape and the torture and the taking away of our names, our culture, our god, our music and damn, I hate this cracker for everything he has done to us.”

In the rant, Shabazz also warns, “You should be thankful we’re not running around here hanging crackers by nooses… yet…yet…yet.” He also claims he’s not “telling you to go out there and attack nobody” but that “[blacks] are taught to send this cracker to the cemetery; when he puts his hand on us, we send him to the cemetery in self-defense.”

Shabazz statements are similar to comments he apparently made in Philadelphia, according to a YouTube video from January 2012. In the video, Shabazz is shown telling his audience, “We are gonna have to kill some cracker babies…I believe in the death and destruction of white people, each and every one of them. Don’t give a damn if the little bastard just came out of his mama’s womb 3 seconds ago. Kill ‘em all, every last one of them. Don’t spare one.”

Shabazz garnered some national attention in January 2009, when the U.S. Justice Department filed suit against him and the NBPP over alleged voter intimidation in Philadelphia on Election Day 2008.

Less than a week before the 2008 Election Day incident, Samir Shabazz made a series of incendiary statements about whites during an interview with a local newspaper, including “I’m about the total destruction of white people. I’m about the total liberation of black people. I hate white people. I hate my enemy.”

Shabazz’s behavior on Election Day 2008 was reflective of his long history of confrontational behavior towards whites and law enforcement. Shabazz views the U.S. as having an “inherent racism” and his statements frequently advocate for violence against white people in order to achieve racial and social justice for blacks. “You want freedom?,” Shabazz shouted through a microphone on a Philadelphia street in 2008, “You’re gonna have to kill some crackers. You’re gonna have to kill some of they [sic] babies.”

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May 23, 2012

Alabama Jihadist Omar Hammami Resurfaces Online

Update: An audio lecture by Hammami posted online on May 25 may provide insights into his apparent rift with Al Shabaab.  In the 45-minute lecture, originally posted online in January but quickly removed, he criticizes jihadist organizations with a local focus, likening them to a “cancerous tumor.” He also calls for all Muslims to unite in a “jihad of the entire Ummah [Muslim nation]” under the banner of restored Caliphate. 

Amid rumors of his death and his own declaration that his “life may be endangered by” the terrorist organization he joined in Somalia, Omar Hammami, an Alabama native who became the public face and voice of Al Shabaab, announced that he is still alive in part 1 of his autobiography.

In the autobiography, disseminated online on May 16, Hammami describes his journey from Alabama to his involvement in the creation of Al Shabaab, the Al Qaeda-linked Somali terrorist group.

He calls joining jihad “the dream of any Muslim who has the love of the religion burning in his heart” and maintains that it is “truly an individual obligation upon all of us.” Hammami portrays himself as “a man with no regrets” despite his apparent falling out with Al Shabaab’s leadership.

In describing his role as a terrorist propagandist, Hammami advises that “being casual, when possible, is a better approach when reaching out to those like myself in the West… my peers can smell a poser from a mile away.” He also stresses the importance of media to the jihadist movement. “The war of narratives has become even more important than the war of navies, napalms, and knives.

Hammami also discusses his relationship with Daniel Maldonado, an American currently serving 10 years in prison for receiving militant training in Somalia with him after they traveled together to the Middle East.

Hammami concludes part 1 by urging others to emulate him. “Not that I’m extremely special, but then again I haven’t seen too many middle class ‘white’ guys from Alabama in Jihaad these days. Hopefully others will say to themselves: ‘I can do that too!’”

On May 22, a photo of Hammami posing with a computer displaying the autobiography was released online, ostensibly to confirm that he is indeed still alive and that the autobiography is authentic.

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May 23, 2012

Anarchist Arrests Mark NATO Summit

Five individuals have been arrested by Chicago police in three separate bomb-related cases during the lead-up to the recent NATO Summit.

Three men were arrested in a raid last Wednesday in connection to an alleged plot to attack President Obama’s campaign headquarters and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s home, as well as police and financial institutions. The men were in possession of Molotov cocktails and instructions for making pipe bombs, according to court documents.

The suspects, who have been identified as Brian Church, 22 from Florida, Jared Chase, 27 from New Hampshire, and Brent Betterly, 24 from Massachusetts, are all self-described anarchists. The three traveled to Chicago together from Florida, where they were reportedly involved with the Occupy Movement.

Last month, five self-described anarchists with ties to the Occupy Movement were arrested in Ohio after allegedly attempting to blow up a Cleveland-area bridge “to send a message to corporations and the United States government.”

Sebastian Senakiewicz, a 24-year-old self-described anarchist, was also arrested in Chicago for making a false terroristic threat. Prosecutors said Senakiewicz was unsatisfied with the relative-calm leading up to the NATO Summit and allegedly bragged he could blow up a downtown bridge. He reportedly claimed he had access to a vehicle packed with explosives and weapons.

In fifth man, Mark Neiweem, 28, was charged with attempted possession of explosives. While charging documents do not mention targets or his motives, the charges assert that he asked other protesters for materials to construct a pipe bomb.

Neiweem is reportedly a member of the Anarchist Black Cross (ABC) and frequented their online chat rooms. ABC is a national collective that aims to support and defend political prisoners and has indicated support for class war (abolishing capitalism). Some ABC “collectives” merged into a federation advocating armed self-defense through its Tactical Defense Caucus, which it hoped would organize, recruit and train anarchists in the tactical use of firearms. In his testimony before the Senate Committee on Intelligence in February of 2005, Robert Mueller, Director of the FBI, identified the federation as a potential threat to national security.

Other anarchists clashed with police at the end of an otherwise peaceful anti-war protest Sunday, leading to dozens more arrests.

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