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August 31, 2012

Chapel Hill is Latest Town to Be Hit with Anti-Israel Advertisements

A new anti-Israel bus ad campaign was unveiled in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, two weeks ago. The ads are part of the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation’s national “Be on our Side” campaign, which promotes ending U.S. military aid to Israel. They read: “Join with us. Build peace with justice and equality. End U.S. military aid to Israel.”

The ads reportedly appeared on nearly 100 buses in Chapel Hill but have since been taken down by Chapel Hill Transit, the municipal agency that runs the town’s transportation system.

The campaign was sponsored by the Salaam-Shalom group of the Church of Reconciliation, a Presbyterian church in Chapel Hill. The pastor of the church, Mark Davidson, had announced on a strategy call organized by the US Campaign several months ago that the ads were soon scheduled to appear. While the church seems to be the primary sponsor of the ad campaign, other local organizations, including Jews for a Just Peace NC, the North Carolina Chapter of Veterans for Peace and the Coalition of Peace with Justice also helped co-sponsor the ads.

The ads were removed from the buses on August 24 because they violated the transportation agency’s advertising policy, which requires that issue-related advertising contains a disclaimer notifying viewers that the signs are “paid advertising.” Although Davidson has expressed willingness to add such a disclaimer, it is still not certain that the ads will be placed back on the buses.

The Chapel Hill ads are just the latest in a series of anti-Israel billboards and ads that have appeared in cities across the country, including Denver, Detroit and Los Angeles. The most recent billboards in New York featured a misleading series of maps of Israel that attempted to portray how Israel is intentionally swallowing up Palestinian land.

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August 24, 2012

King Samir Shabazz: Bomb White Churches and Kill White Babies

In an August 13 New Black Panther Party online radio broadcast, the group’s National Field Marshal from Philadelphia King Samir Shabazz, went off on an vicious tirade about bombing white churches and killing white babies.

Samir Shabazz

If Blacks want to be free, Shabazz explained, “you’re going to have to kill some of these babies, just born three seconds ago. You’re going to have to go into the God damn nursery and just throw a damn bomb in the damn nursery and just kill everything white in sight that ain’t right.”

Later in his rant, Shabazz describes how white churches are also a legitimate target: “We gonna need preachers going into the cracker churches throwing hand grenades on early Sunday morning when the cracker got his hands up, ‘please white Jesus!’ Well we gonna throw a bomb in that God damn church, burn up the cracker, burn up the cracker Jesus, and burn up some cracker white supremacy.”

In typical Shabazz fashion, he also described in detail how he would like to go into New Jersey and Pennsylvania suburbs to “drag some of these god damn rusty dusty ass crackers out of their homes, skin their asses alive, hang their asses up by some damn rope in some trees, drag them up and down the streets by God damn trucks, sick the pit bulls on them, pour acid on their asses, dump them in a God damn river, bring them back up, bust them in the head with a rock.”

Shabazz also discussed the need for AK-47s, M16s, grenade launchers, and other weapons for a NBPP military.

Shabazz’s outburst is the latest is a series of violent messages from NBPP members on Black Power Radio, hosted by NBPP Spokesman Chawn Kweli. On April 2, the NBPP’s Tampa Bay Chief of Staff Michelle Williams expressed support for violence against whites in aftermath of the shooting of Trayvon Martin. And a June 25 episode fea­tur­ed Gen­eral T.A.C.O. (Take All Cap­i­tal­ists Out) of the Black Rid­ers Lib­er­a­tion Party ranting about hunt­ing down white peo­ple. He adds that after they die “we should dig them up, and kill them again! Bury them, dig them up, and kill them again, and again, and again!”

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August 23, 2012

Extremist-Related Police Killings Continue to Mount

The recent shootings in St. John the Baptist Parish in Louisiana, in which two officers were killed and two more injured, highlight the continuing danger domestic extremists pose to officer safety in the United States. Research by the Anti-Defamation League has found that at least one of the suspects has ideological leanings that would put him within the overarching anti-government “Patriot” movement.

The Louisiana shootings were unfortunately only the latest in a series of lethal encounters in the United States between law enforcement officers and domestic extremists.  Earlier this year, six police officers were shot, one fatally, in Ogden, Utah, after police entered a residence to execute a search warrant. Information from the search warrant affidavit strongly suggests that the suspect, David Stewart, was an anti-government extremist.  In 2010, two people associated with the sovereign citizen movement killed two East Memphis police officers and wounded two other officers in a pair of shootouts.

All in all, at least 28 officers have been killed since 2001 in encounters with extremists from one movement or another. The killings have ranged from incidents in which police officers were deliberately targeted by extremists to situations in which police officers happened to encounter extremists engaging in ideological or non-ideological criminal activity.

Overwhelmingly, the perpetrators or suspects in these lethal incidents have been right-wing extremists, adherents of one or another of the primary white supremacist movements or anti-government extremist movements active in the United States today.  This is part of a long-term trend since the 1980s, in which right-wing extremists gradually replaced left-wing extremists as the main source of extremist-related officer killings in the United States.  Though the figures here are solely for fatalities, anecdotal evidence suggests that the same trends hold for non-lethal extremist-related attacks on police officers as well.

The resurgence of right-wing extremism in the United States since 2009 has undoubtedly contributed to the level of violence:  between 2009 and 2012, eight of nine extremist-related officer deaths have been linked to right-wing extremists.

Among right-wing extremists, anti-government extremists have been the most lethal in recent years, perpetrating or suspected of having perpetrated half of the extremist-related officer deaths this century.  However, white supremacists have slain nearly as many officers in the same time period and, in a practical sense, represent virtually the same level of threat to officer safety.

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