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February 21, 2013

Anti-Immigrant Umbrella Group U.S., Inc.’s New Website Reveals Organization’s Influence

The anti-immigrant umbrella organization, U.S., Inc., founded and run by racist John Tanton, the primary architect of the modern-day anti-immigrant movement, recently established a website for the first time in its 31-year history. The website provides further insight into how the organization works and the “projects” it runs.

In an in-depth interview about founding the anti-immigrant movement, Tanton discussed why he created U.S., Inc.: Since I had been involved over the years in starting a number of organizations, each of them a separate group which required separate accounting and separate filings with the IRS, I got the idea in about 1979 of setting up an umbrella foundation, out of which a number of projects could be run.”

Many of these “projects” founded or nurtured by Tanton developed into some of the leading anti-immigrant groups in the country today, the most notable example being NumbersUSA. NumbersUSA’s founder Roy Beck worked for Tanton for years as the Washington editor of Tanton’s anti-immigrant journal The Social Contract (TSC). Beck founded NumbersUSA in 1996/1997 and the group remained under U.S. Inc.’s umbrella until 2002, when it broke off and became an independent organization.

Another “project” formerly under the U.S., Inc. umbrella was U.S. English, a group devoted to making English the official language of the United States. Tanton resigned as chairman from U.S. English after a newspaper revealed a racially charged memo penned by Tanton asking questions like “will blacks be able to improve (or even maintain) their position on the face of the Latin onslaught?” and “will Latin American migrants bring with them the tradition of the mordida (bribe)?”

U.S., Inc.’s website highlights its current “projects,” including Tanton’s publishing house, the Social Contract Press, which publishes racist books, such as Jean Raspail’s Camp of the Saints, and sells books by racists such as Sam Francis, Wayne Lutton and Peter Brimelow.  Another U.S., Inc. project is the anti-immigrant group ProEnglish. Bob Vandervoort, ProEnglish’s executive director, is reportedly the former head of the white supremacist group Chicagoland Friends of American Renaissance, a local chapter of the white supremacist organization American Renaissance.

In addition, U.S., Inc.’s website reveals the organization’s financial documents. Each year, it grants funds to anti-immigrant organizations around the country. According to its financial statements, U.S., Inc. provided funding for Floridians for Immigration Enforcement, Californians for Population Stabilization and 9/11 Families for a Secure America in 2011.

U.S. Inc.’s new site provides further evidence of its importance to the anti-immigrant movement. In the past, the umbrella organization developed bourgeoning anti-immigrant groups and helped them get on their feet; today it continues to fund and support well-established anti-immigrant groups around the country.

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February 19, 2013

Was Hatchet Wielder An Insane Clown Posse Fan?

Mug shot obtained by KUSA 9News

Currently facing criminal trial in Denver, Colorado, is Jason Gemkow, 34.  According to Denver television station KUSA, Gemkow allegedly used a hatchet to attack his former roommate last June, striking the victim twice in the head.  The victim, who was fortunate to survive, later described the attack, saying that “there was blood all over me.  It was like a fountain of blood.” 

Following the attack, Gemkow fled to the Pacific Northwest, where a Lincoln County, Oregon, sheriff’s deputy apprehended him in July 2012 at the Beverly Beach State Park.  Eventually, authorities extradited Gemkow back to Denver, where he has been charged with assault.

Gemkow’s mug shot reveals a prominent “WP” neck tattoo, which is most commonly a white supremacist tattoo standing for “White Power.”  Examination of an old Myspace social networking profile belonging to Gemkow leads to another revealing photograph:  a photo dating from 2010 or 2011 that shows Gemkow wearing a cap with the logo of the Insane Clown Posse (ICP).  ICP’s logo features a man running with a large hatchet.  

ICP is a cult favorite white hip-hop duo from Michigan whose members dress as clowns, as sometimes do its fans, who are called Juggalos.  Juggalos are typically not racist (in fact, many are anti-racist), but a small minority of Juggalos do have ties to white supremacy.  A minority of Juggalos also engage in violent or criminal activity, to the extent that some law enforcement agencies have—controversially—identified some Juggalo groups as street gangs.

There has been at least one previous incident in which a white supremacist Juggalo used a hatchet in a violent attack.  In 2006, Jacob Robida used a hatchet to strike patrons of a gay bar in the head.  He then pulled out a pistol and began shooting the three victims, who survived the attack.  Robida fled to West Virginia, where he picked up a woman, and together they fled west.  On February 4, 2006, Robida shot and killed a Gassville, Arkansas, police officer who had pulled them over.  Following a chase, Robida eventually killed the woman and then himself.

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February 19, 2013

New Images Reveal Racists Attended Progressives for Immigration Reform Conference

New images from the October 1, 2012 conference of the anti-immigrant group Progressives for Immigration Reform (PFIR) emerged recently, showing many extremists in attendance.   For example, one attendee was racist Peter Brimelow, the founder of VDARE. After the tragic shooting at a Sikh temple in the summer of 2012 by white supremacist Wade Michael Page, Brimelow wrote an article for VDARE asking what Sikhs were doing in Wisconsin in the first place. VDARE also frequently publishes articles from white supremacists such as Jared Taylor and anti-Semites such as California professor Kevin MacDonald.  

Wayne Lutton, editor of the anti-immigrant journal The Social Contract (TSC), published by racist John Tanton, also was present at the PFIR conference. In addition to his editorship of TSC, Lutton has been on the editorial advisory board of the Occidental Observer, which publishes racist and anti-Semitic material.

In 2010, TSC published an issue entitled “The Menace of Islam” which was filled with anti-Muslim rhetoric.  In the “letter from the editor,” Lutton called for a ban on all Muslim immigration to the United States, arguing “what benefit do Americans derive from having Muslims settle here? The costs have far outweighed any benefits in terms of terrorism, violent crime, and other social costs. What evidence is there that Muslim integration is possible? It seems clear to us that it is (past) time to halt Muslim immigration to the United States.”

K.C. McAlpin, the president of an anti-immigrant umbrella group called U.S., Inc. was another controversial attendee.  After the TSC journal called for a ban on all Muslim immigration, McAlpin attempted to justify the ban.  He claimed that banning Muslims would be the same as banning communists or Nazis in the past. According to McAlpin, “Congress has used that power in the past to ban the immigration of Communist Party and National Socialist (Nazi) party members who were deemed to be threats to our national security. This case is no different.”

PFIR claims to be a “progressive” organization, but allowing racists such as Peter Brimelow and Wayne Lutton to attend its conferences further undermines its credibility.

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