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July 25, 2013

Iran’s Press TV Grants David Duke A Platform For Hate

Former Klan leader and anti-Semite David Duke promoted his new book and made a number of egregiously anti-Semitic statements on Press TV, the Iranian government’s English-language news network which frequently provides a platform for anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists.david-duke-press-TV-July-25-2013

Although Duke briefly served in the Louisiana State Legislature, Press TV incorrectly identified him as a “former member, House of Representatives.” Press TV then asked him to “assess” the U.S. Congress.

Invoking anti-Semitic conspiracies about Jewish control of the American government, Duke answered that Congress “is totally in the hands of the Zionists. The Zionists control the American government, lock, stock, and barrel.”

Duke then went on to make several wide-ranging anti-Semitic allegations that are consistent with his record and typical of the views often espoused on Press TV:

  • “They control our finances. They control the Federal Reserve. They control the international banks…They control the elite of America through the control of the Ivy League, where they discriminate against better qualified non-Jewish Americans.”
  • “They will do anything. These people are tyrants…It is Jewish tribalism and racism, the fact that they support each other and discriminate against non-Jews in media, in government, in academia and finance that has given them the supremacy in the West over the banking system, over our media, over our government and really over our finances and that of course has fueled the support for the Zionist state of Israel and the cover-up of their crimes.”
  • Duke describes this supposed Jewish control over all sectors of the United States as “the world’s greatest single problem.”  
  • He alleges “Jewish communist” and “Zionist” control over both America’s political left and political right and that “America is just as oppressed and damaged and endangered by this Jewish extremist power, this Zionist power, as the Palestinians are.”
  • “The real terrorist power in the world today is not Hezbollah, and it is not the Palestinians, and it’s not the Syrian government. It is in fact Israel, which supports all the real terrorism going on and the death of truly millions of people in these insane wars for the power of Israel.”

According to his interview with Press TV, Duke’s new book, titled The Secret Behind Communism, examines “the Jewish role in the origins of the communist revolution in Russia and how that Jewish supremacism and racism and ethnic hatred against the Russians fueled the greatest mass murder in the history of the world.” He claims Jews “don’t want people to know about this huge holocaust they were behind.”

In addition to disseminating its hateful messaging on satellite TV networks, its website, and social media, Press TV is now also live streaming on YouTube.

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July 24, 2013

Iran’s Anti-Semitic Press TV Now Live Streaming On YouTube

Update – September 18, 2013: Hispan TV, Iran’s Spanish-language network, follows Press TV’s example by starting a live stream feature on YouTube

Update – August 8, 2013: Press TV newsroom director Hamid Reza Emadi today announced the creation of a new YouTube channel, one week after Press TV’s account had been suspended by the video sharing website. Press TV’s new channel does not include the live stream feature which appeared on their previous channel.

Press TV, the Iranian government’s English-language satellite news network that promotes anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, has begun to live stream its media content on the popular video sharing website, YouTube. press-tv-youtube-live-anti-semitism

Press TV’s live YouTube feed, which originates from the official Press TV Global News channel, went live on July 23. Links to the YouTube page are promoted on Press TV’s English- and Farsi- language websites.

The stations broadcast on YouTube comes at a time when the United States, the European Union and other in the internationally community are seeking to isolate Iran by blocking satellite transmissions by the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), Iran’s state broadcaster that produces Press TV.

While users have been able to access Press TV’s live stream directly through the network’s website, YouTube provides the network a popular new platform to disseminate its anti-Semitic conspiracy theories to a worldwide audience.

Since E.U. and U.S. sanctions went into effect, IRIB and supporters of the Iranian regime have tried to bypass sanctions by providing lives feeds through iPhone and iPad apps and through internet streaming directly on the networks’ websites.

ADL has contacted YouTube regarding concerns about Press TV using YouTube as a conduit for the pervasive anti-Semitism the Iranian media outlet is known for.

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July 24, 2013

Foul Ball: Hate Speech, Twitter & Baseball

In the past week, the ability to spread hate about ethnic and religious minorities in real time has twice played out on Twitter in the context of baseball. ryan-braun-twitter-hate

After Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun was suspended from Major League Baseball for the remainder of this season for using performance enhancing drugs, some Twitter users responded by posting distinctly anti-Semitic messages.

Among the tweets that can be found when searching for Braun on Twitter are:

  • leave it to a jew to cheat the system, deceive people, then tarnish other’s reputations. Fuck you asshole
  • Ryan Braun jew’d us!
  • Ryan Braun didn’t make a mistake…he cheated, lied about it and than got caught…fuckin jew
  • Of course Ryan Braun was juiced out of his mind. How else could a Jew be that great at anything besides accounting

While anti-Semitic tweets about Braun did not start with his suspension, the recent tweets follow a barrage of racist tweets in response to singer Marc Antony’s singing “God Bless America” at Major League Baseball’s All-Star game in New York on July 16.

While Anthony is an American citizen of Puerto Rican descent, numerous offensive tweets made the rounds, saying  “shouldn’t an American be singing God Bless America?” and implying that Anthony is actually from Mexico or Cuba, generally asserting  anyone who is Latino in appearance is not inherently American.

ADL ardently supports the right to free speech, but believes that social media and other Internet sites also have an obligation to police their communities and confront those who promote anti-Semitism, racism and other forms of hate speech.

Twitter has no terms of service or community standards that address aggressive or malicious behavior on the service. Additionally, Twitter does not provide even the most basic “Flagging” mechanism for complaints which is widely used on the experienced platforms run by Google and Facebook.

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