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June 1, 2015 18

Anti-Semitic Pastor Steve Anderson Promotes Holocaust Denial

Steve Ander­son, the anti-Semitic pas­tor of the Faith­ful Word Bap­tist Church in Tempe, Ari­zona, denies the Holo­caust in a video he posted to YouTube last week, claim­ing that the mil­lions of Jews who were gassed and burned in ovens sim­ply died of hunger and dis­ease due to forced labor and war.

Steve Anderson

Steve Ander­son

In addi­tion to argu­ing that it would be impos­si­ble for the Nazis to have cre­mated a mil­lion Jews at Auschwitz, Ander­son claims that the slave labor­ers there got com­pen­sated for their work and could buy items at a com­mis­sary. He fur­ther asserts that Jews were able to play on a soc­cer team and act in musi­cals and plays at Auschwitz.

Ander­son also pro­motes other anti-Semitic claims. He asserts that Hitler and Zion­ists had the same goal of get­ting Jews to leave Ger­many and then accuses the Zion­ists of work­ing with the Nazis so that Jews would go to Pales­tine. He alleges that the Jews lied about the Holo­caust so that the state of Israel could be cre­ated and asserts that Jews stole the land from Arabs and then put them in “a giant con­cen­tra­tion camp known as Gaza.”

This video is also a pro­mo­tion piece for Anderson’s anti-Semitic film “March­ing to Zion.” The film, released in March 2015, refers to Judaism as the “syn­a­gogue of Satan” and claims that Jews are fol­low­ers of the Antichrist. He also asserts that Jews who deny that Jesus is the Mes­siah would lie about the Holo­caust. He argues, “Why would it sur­prise you that the peo­ple who deny the Christ, who deny that Jesus is the mes­siah, would lie to you about some­thing else?”

Ander­son warns that the “real Holo­caust” for the Jews will occur if they don’t accept Jesus as the Mes­siah. He says, “The real burnt offer­ing is going to be when all of these Jews that don’t believe in Jesus Christ go to hell for eter­nity. That’s the oven that they ought to be wor­ried about.”

At the end of the video, Ander­son rec­om­mends that his view­ers read a Holo­caust denial book writ­ten by Vic­tor Thorn, a writer for Amer­i­can Free Press, an anti-Semitic conspiracy-oriented news­pa­per. With this Holo­caust denial video, Ander­son demon­strates that he is increas­ingly embrac­ing anti-Semitic ideologies.

  • ryan g

    I didn’t hear pas­tor Ander­son say any­thing anti-Semitic in the video or march­ing to Zion. anti-semitism is when some­one is a racist towards or hates Jews, he never said any­thing like that. I may not like the Jew­ish reli­gion but I have no hatred toward Jew­ish peo­ple. does this make me an anti-Semite? I think not!

    • Eoin Mal­oney

      But claim­ing that Jews lied about the Holo­caust is kind of anti­se­mitic. It’s about the same as claim­ing that all the black peo­ple are lying about slavery.

      • El Cid

        Ques­tion­ing a his­tor­i­cal per­spec­tive doesn’t make him an anti-Semitic. Just like ques­tion­ing mod­ern his­tory regard­ing the ori­gins of slav­ery doesn’t make one a racist.

        • Eoin Mal­oney

          You can ques­tion the ori­gins of slav­ery all you want. But it unde­ni­ably happened.

          • El Cid

            Eoin, can’t you read?
            Okay you tell me the ori­gins of slav­ery and I bet that I can come up with a far dif­fer­ent his­tor­i­cal per­spec­tive.
            But first you must under­stand the word “ori­gins”. And btw, just because my ori­gins per­spec­tive is dif­fer­ent from your per­spec­tive, does not make me a racist. Jeez!!!
            The Jews lied about the res­ur­rec­tion, so is there a chance that they lied about other things as well. Yes!!!
            After I saw this arti­cle on FB I looked this guy Ander­son up and did my own research and due dili­gence. I sug­gest that you do the same:

          • El Cid

            Just to help you out a lit­tle: slav­ery did not orig­i­nate with black peo­ple. And if you are very lim­ited in your his­tory, slav­ery did not orig­i­nate in Amer­ica.
            Again, I felt that I needed to help you out just a lit­tle bit, espe­cially if you are a prod­uct of the gov­ern­ment pub­lic school system.

  • Jick­ster 1918

    Noth­ing anti any­thing with the guy except one thing, he spreads truth. It’s crazy that there has to be a mil­lion dol­lar group to defend one even ques­tion­ing a sub­ject if that sub­ject is really true now isn’t it.… One should be able to ques­tion any­thing with­out fear of reprisal from the ADL unless the ADL is defend­ing lies or half truths.

  • 777jjj

    Keep spread­ing truth, Pas­tor Steven Anderson!

  • Jamie & Steven ♡

    Keep it up Pas­tor! You are doing the right thing & all those who aren’t saved will burn for reject­ing Christ! You have mine and many other’s sup­port in this!

  • Justin Tri­cia Hiebert

    Keep preach­ing the truth Pas­tor Ander­son! What a bunch of lies are in this waste of words. It is main­stream fact what P.A. stated, look it up for yourself.

  • Seth Bog­danove

    Hasn’t this guy read “Night” by Elie Weisel? “Man’s search for Mean­ing” by Vik­tor Frankl? Heard any of the thou­sands of first-hand accounts by Holo­caust sur­vivors? Seen any of the pho­tos and footage ordered by Gen­eral Dwight D Eisen­hower in case any­one denied this happened?

  • John Wil­son

    Who ever wrote this arti­cle is an idiot and obliv­i­ous to the truth. I saw both videos and any sane per­son can look into what Pas­tor Ander­son is say­ing and see its true. This world con­tin­ues to get more depraved and com­pletely lost as time goes by.

  • Susan Straub

    There are far too many holes in the Holo­hoax damn and the Truth is pour­ing out from every direc­tion. I doubt the ADL, along with its sub­ver­sive part­ners in fraud, can employ a big enough army of attack dogs to plug all those holes. Watch­ing the decep­tion crum­ble as the Truth unfolds daily is an aston­ish­ingly beau­ti­ful expe­ri­ence. Sorry ADL, there are too many peo­ple world­wide who are aware of the moun­tain of his­tor­i­cal decep­tion, and we are work­ing hard to expose it to oth­ers. In other words, we are too many holes to plug.

  • It is refresh­ing to find peo­ple stand­ing up for what the New Tes­ta­ment teaches instead of fol­low­ing those who pro­mote a Judeo-Christian false theology.

  • David Christie

    Why is that anti-Semitic? If he’s mis­taken about the his­tory — that’s called an error. See­ing every­thing through your racial prism — smear­ing him as an “anti-Semite” sim­ply exposes you as a pack of Para­noid Racist Kooks and Crack­pots. But, then again, that’s what the ADL is really all about. .

  • Joshua Bezy

    1 John 2:22
    Who is a liar but he that deni­eth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that deni­eth the Father and the Son.
    Its not anti– semi­tism , its bible
    Keep work­ing hard, Pas­tor Anderson

  • El Cid

    Just because he ques­tions a his­tor­i­cal per­spec­tive doesn’t make him anti-Semitic.

  • foghorn leghorn

    I say I say! The accepted nar­ra­tive is not to be ques­tioned! Anti-semite! Anti-semite! I’m telling Mom!