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September 11, 2014 80

Anti-Semite Christopher Bollyn Scheduled to Attend 9–11 Events in California

Christo­pher Bol­lyn, an anti-Semitic con­spir­acy the­o­rist who focuses on the 9–11 attacks, report­edly will be mak­ing sev­eral appear­ances at 9–11 events in Cal­i­for­nia. Bol­lyn was one of the ear­li­est pro­mot­ers of anti-Semitic 9–11 the­o­ries blam­ing Israel and Jews for the attacks.


Christo­pher Bollyn

On Sep­tem­ber 11, Bol­lyn will have a table at the “9–11 Truth Film Fes­ti­val” in Oak­land. Two days later, on Sep­tem­ber 13, Cal­i­for­nia attor­ney Bruce Leichty will host Bol­lyn at an event in San Dimas. Bol­lyn will also speak on Sep­tem­ber 14 at an event hosted in San Diego, spon­sored by San Die­gans for 9/11 Truth.

The San Dimas event is par­tic­u­larly trou­bling due to the host behind the event. Leichty is a prob­lem­atic fig­ure who has defended a num­ber of Holo­caust deniers, includ­ing Ernst Zun­del, who is impris­oned in Ger­many for deny­ing the Holo­caust. Leichty also rep­re­sented 9–11 widow Ellen Mar­i­ani in law­suits against var­i­ous enti­ties she held account­able for her husband’s death. In motion papers, Leichty appar­ently used research from Bol­lyn to make spu­ri­ous accu­sa­tions against a Jew­ish judge on the case. In May 2012, the United States Court of Appeals sanc­tioned Leichty and Mar­i­ani for mak­ing friv­o­lous argu­ments before the court and also high­lighted the anti-Semitism reflected in the papers filed by Leichty.

In addi­tion to host­ing this event, Leichty and Bol­lyn have other con­nec­tions, as well. A Sep­tem­ber 7 press release about the San Dimas event states that Bol­lyn “served as chair of the Ellen Mar­i­ani Legal Defense Fund” and that Leichty believes that Bol­lyn is doing “ground-breaking work that no one else is doing” around the issue of 9–11.

Bol­lyn has focused most of his research on 9–11 and has con­tin­ued to make the claim that the ter­ror­ist attacks were orches­trated by Israel and the Jews. In Bollyn’s 2012 book, Solv­ing 9–11: The Decep­tion that Changed the World, he writes, “The ‘false flag’ ter­ror­ism of 9–11 is a mon­strous Jewish-Zionist crime of our time.  The true cul­prits of this heinous crime are clearly being pro­tected by a gang of like-minded Jew­ish Zion­ists in the high­est posi­tions of the U.S. government….”

Bol­lyn has also writ­ten numer­ous other arti­cles on his web­site that accuse Jews of con­trol­ling the media and gov­ern­ment. Bol­lyn has attended Holo­caust denial con­fer­ences in the U.S. and one in Rus­sia in 2002.  He is a for­mer writer for the anti-Semitic conspiracy-oriented news­pa­per Amer­i­can Free Press and its pre­de­ces­sor, The Spot­light, both pub­lished by anti-Semite and Holo­caust denier Willis Carto.  Amer­i­can Free Press fired Bol­lyn in 2006, after accus­ing him of sub­mit­ting false sto­ries and of dis­loy­alty to the paper.

In 2007, Bol­lyn was found guilty of mis­de­meanor aggra­vated assault and resist­ing arrest, after a con­fronta­tion with police offi­cers in front of his home in the Chicago area.  He never appeared for sen­tenc­ing and has since is pre­sumed to be liv­ing in Europe with his wife, a Swedish cit­i­zen, and children.

  • D. G. Williams

    What is wrong with peo­ple? Are peo­ple really this evil, insane? I can’t blame it on igno­rance or stu­pid­ity, because they are edu­cated, they can see, they can hear. and they can read. Evi­dence is there to prove the Holo­caust; we have eye wit­nesses, pho­tos, videos, etc. Liv­ing peo­ple where there on site. There is more than ample evi­dence to prove who the per­pe­tra­tors were of 9/ll. Can any­one begin to tell me why peo­ple like Bol­lyn exist?

    • Don’t believe the propaganda

      Who where they , Arabs who lived in caves. Did they have the power to make the Air Force stand down. Did they have the abil­ity put on a train­ing sim­u­la­tion of 30 hijacked planes on same day as 911. Comoooon man. The gig is up. Inside job. Big time.

      • Shari Peter­son

        Of course they did. You heard it from a Zion­ist White House and Zion­ist media don’t you know!!

    • car­los lojo

      well, if you want to know why peo­ple believe the holo­caust wasn’t exactly like it is por­trayed, why don’t you look at WHY they don’t believe it, instead of just say­ing they are “evil”?

      There is a book called “The Hoax of the Twen­ti­eth Cen­tury”.
      Read it, or just skim over it, and learn a lit­tle, instead of just watch­ing his­tory on television

    • Ken

      Maybe you should watch a very good doc­u­men­tary made by an HONEST Jew who also laughs at the Holo­caust Pro­pa­ganda. The video is called “The Truth Behind the Gates of Auschwitz” by David Cole.

      9/11 was most def­i­nitely done by Israel and Zion­ist Trai­tors within our own Government.

      The ADL is a hate group that pro­tects racist Jews and their crimes against human­ity. There are very good rea­sons why Jews have had to be removed from 109 ter­ri­to­ries through­out his­tory. Need to update that num­ber as just last week a town in Guatemala had to kick out their Jews as well.

      • Shari Peter­son

        ADL is also a coor­di­na­tor of the pro­gram to have the Israeli IDF train America’s police forces. Gee, now we know why they are so inex­plic­a­bly bar­baric. And they say it’s the Gen­tiles that are barbaric!!

        • Shari Peter­son

          Fur­ther, match up the map of Greater Israel with the map ISIL bor­ders. :) amaz­ingly sim­i­lar, with ISIL not includ­ing nations already run by Jews — Egypt and Saudi Ara­bia, so no need to bother them.

          Amaz­ing how good ISIL is at achiev­ing Israel’s goals for her. ;)

      • truth­hurts

        “Maybe you should watch a very good doc­u­men­tary made by an HONEST Jew who
        also laughs at the Holo­caust Pro­pa­ganda. The video is called “The
        Truth Behind the Gates of Auschwitz” by David Cole.“
        This is the same David Cole who flim­flammed Hol­ly­wood Repub­li­cans for 15 years as David Stein? He’d still be hid­ing if he hadn’t been outed. Not the actions of a dri­ven, prin­ci­pled per­son. Those are the actions of a con artist…much like Christo­pher Bol­lyn push­ing his 9/11 con­spir­acy theories.

        • causal observer

          You and most famil­iar with David Cole’s saga know the rea­son he was in hid­ing under assumed name was because his life was in dan­ger from the ter­ror­ist orga­ni­za­tion of zion­azi ani­mals , the out­lawed JDL who nearly mur­dered him in the 1990s.

          • truth­hurts

            “the rea­son he was in hid­ing under assumed name was because his life was in danger”

            Horse­shit. He tried to rein­vent him­self because his alibi Jew schtick was get­ting old. If he was in dan­ger then, he’d still be in “dan­ger” and have fled the coun­try now. Hell, if he was “in dan­ger”, he’d have quit pol­i­tics and led the quiet life, not started scam­ming Republicans.

            You’re either a liar or a brain­washed drone.

    • Alexan­der Seredin

      What evi­dence is that? There were less than 2 mil­lion Jews in Hitler occu­pied Europe, so how could he kill six mil­lion of them? As some­one who lived through the period I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Holo­caust hap­pened to ALL Euro­peans, includ­ing some 3 mil­lion Ger­mans who died in the camps for oppos­ing Hitler, and 26 mil­lion Rus­sians who fought Hitler. So, the Holo­caust is an Inven­tion of the Zion­ists, just like the inven­tion of “Jew­ish peo­ple” is accord­ing to Prtofes­sor Shlomo Sand of tel Aviv University.

    • Eye Spy

      where you been stick­ing your neck dur­ing your wak­ing hours. The 6million has been offi­cially (that means joow­ish as they are the only offi­cials run­ning da earth), revised DOWN to 1,5 mil­lion. There were never 6 mil­lion jews in Europe, and there were NO gas cham­bers. Good Now I am wait­ing for the /thought crime’ po=lice to come bang me up). Tea anyone/

    • Jon

      Can any­one begin to tell me why peo­ple like Bol­lyn exist?

      Because we live in a world of grand decep­tions — like the fraud­u­lent ‘War on Ter­ror­ism’. Those who have researched and exposed the Holo­hoax have only suf­fered for their efforts.
      They should be com­mended for their bravery.

    • Shari Peter­son

      Yep and the Amer­i­can Red Cross shows you how many died and it’s not even 1 million.

    • Johnny Canuck

      What is wrong with my Gov­ern­ment? I can’t state my view­point or even ques­tion cer­tain things with­out going to jail. Why do I have to speak in cloaked ref­er­ences on cer­tain sub­jects? This sis true for many coun­tries. So much for “Free” and the abil­ity to say what is on one’s mind, right or wrong. Is that what so many Peo­ple died for — sup­pres­sion of free thought and the abil­ity to ques­tion cer­tain things.

      What a f**king waste of Human lives! Piss on the ADL, aggres­sive bul­lies, not much dif­fer­ent from those they claim did them wrong.

    • USA John

      Peo­ple like Bol­lyn exist to expose the evils of the jews and pull the veil of decep­tion off the minds of the dumbed down by the jew­ish MSM pro­pa­ganda machine.

      • truth­hurts

        “Peo­ple like Bol­lyn exist to expose the evils of the jews and pull the
        veil of decep­tion off the minds of the dumbed down by the jew­ish MSM
        pro­pa­ganda machine.”

        Thank you for con­firm­ing Bollyn’s fans are all Nazi lov­ing trash. Now GTFO to Stormfront.

    • truth­hurts

      “What is wrong with peo­ple? Are peo­ple really this evil, insane? I
      can’t blame it on igno­rance or stu­pid­ity, because they are educated,”

      Only sortof. They’re too old to blame it one home school­ing, but they’re the same sorts of peo­ple: brain­washed with fringe right “lib­er­tar­ian” and “patriot” pro­pa­ganda. Some of them know what they’re doing and don’t care, cuz they really are White Power folks. Oth­ers are patho­log­i­cally mis­in­formed by con­spir­acy conartists.

  • Koolz

    Every­one knows Israel was behind 9/11 you cre­ated the silly Psy­chol­ogy of Anti– Semi­tism to get away with any­thing. Same as the Whole six mil­lion Jews Died. It’s easy Psy­chol­ogy to spot. Shows a weak mind and weak spirit.

    as of your think­ing there is a Holo­caust that is a show­ing a weak­ness of the mind as well because you are believ­ing in Jew­ish Zion­ist Pub­li­ca­tions with out going out and check­ing your­self for facts like this:

    Because Bol­lyn brings com­plete and total truth to every­thing that hap­pened on 9/11 we can even then look at the results. All of which favor Israel and it’s take over of the US.

    • Shari Peter­son

      It appears the decep­tions just aren’t work­ing any­more!! LOL

  • Todd

    When gov­ern­ments make laws that put you in jail for ques­tion­ing some­thing, you can pretty much guar­an­tee it is a lie!

    • Mario Borg

      Well said Todd.

  • Jon

    Todd is cor­rect.
    As a rule of thumb, we should make a point of inves­ti­gat­ing issues or indi­vid­u­als that we are dis­cour­aged from inves­ti­gat­ing.
    The truth does not need laws to pro­tect it.

    It is not anti-Semitic to ques­tion the Holo­caust or poli­cies of Israel.

    If you believe there are at least two sides to every story, you have to weigh all the evi­dence given by both sides. Exam­ine for your­self what peo­ple like Zun­del have to say and the evi­dence they present. Then make up your own mind about who’s telling the truth and who’s lying.

    • truth­hurts

      “It is not anti-Semitic to ques­tion the Holo­caust or poli­cies of Israel.”

      Yes it is, when the only peo­ple doing it are from or net­work with the far racist right who have a polit­i­cal agenda to blame the Jews for every­thing.
      And these peo­ple do not just “ques­tion” the Holo­caust or the “polices” of Israel. They disin­gen­u­ously use this ques­tion­ing as an intel­lec­tual excuse to push anti-semite propaganda.

      Since it sounds like you have no f!cking clue what Holo­caust denial is, or the fact the only peo­ple who “ques­tion” it are racists, here’s a link to Wikipedia:

      Holo­caust denial is the act of deny­ing estab­lished facts con­cern­ing the geno­cide of Jews in the Holo­caust dur­ing World War II.[1][2] Holo­caust denial includes any of the fol­low­ing claims: that the Ger­man Nazi government’s Final Solu­tion
      pol­icy aimed only at deport­ing Jews from the Reich, and included no
      pol­icy to exter­mi­nate Jews; that Nazi author­i­ties did not use exter­mi­na­tion camps and gas cham­bers to mass mur­der Jews; and that the actual num­ber of Jews killed was sig­nif­i­cantly (typ­i­cally an order of mag­ni­tude) lower than the his­tor­i­cally accepted fig­ure of 5 to 6 million.[3][4][5]

      You’re wel­come.

      • Davey Wavey

        @truthout — pay attention…

        ” Ernst Zun­del, who is impris­oned in Ger­many for deny­ing the Holo­caust.” What? This guy is in prison for not believ­ing some­thing or other his­tor­i­cal?? Why? Who cares what he believes? The crime of deny­ing “estab­lished facts?” What about the estab­lished fact that the earth is the cen­ter of the universe…suppose nobody ques­tioned that? What about it turthout?

        You and your ilk are about as right wing as you can get: Believe what we tell you is true or go to jail! The peo­ple who spon­sor such leg­is­la­tion are Jews and so it is Jews telling us what we can believe. And truthout is con­cerned about Jews being “blamed” for every­thing, but Jews are telling Euro­peans what they must believe, what they can laugh at or not, what states they can­not crit­i­cize etc. I’d say, con­sid­er­ing Zion­ism, Jews have a lot to answer for with­out being blamed for “everything.”

        Jews are also telling us who can teach in our uni­ver­si­ties and what they can and can­not say. What about that truthhurts?

        Jews also made an agenda for destroy­ing seven coun­tries in five years, the “plan” or what­ever for the new “Amer­i­can” cen­tury. What about it “truth­hurts?” The neo-con cabal that is mostly Jew­ish, if not all Jewish.

        Jews are also telling us that 1/2 our for­eign aid must go to Israel. Every Amer­i­can tax­payer pays, on aver­age, about $25 a year to Israel. To Israel! Not to the Pope, not to the US mil­i­tary, not to a char­ity but to the state of Israel!! This amounts to about $550 sub­sidy to each and every Israeli or $2000+ a year for a fam­ily of four. Why aren’t Amer­i­can fam­i­lies being sub­si­dized at $2000+ a year, why are Jews in their own “Jew­ish State” being sub­si­dized by work­ing Amer­i­can tax­pay­ers?? It is an outrage.

        Israel, tlhe “Jew­ish State” has flouted inter­na­tional laws left and right, even mar­itime law. The Jew­ish State stole Amer­i­can secrets and sold them to other nations. The Jew­ish State steals other peo­ples land and rights decade after decade with impunity. Jews slaugh­ter gen­tiles in the ME in large num­bers for the crime of not being Jew­ish and, as luck would have it, liv­ing on land cov­eted by…guess who?…Jews! Killing gen­tiles. Arrest­ing gen­tiles. Putting gen­tiles in pris­ons, sub­ject­ing them to tor­ture. How long do you think Amer­i­can gen­tiles, Chris­tians mostly, going to allow Israel to slaugh­ter gen­tiles, to oppress Chris­tians, etc.? And when Amer­i­cans awake from their slum­ber, what will hap­pen to the Jew­ish State, what will hap­pen to Jew­ish Amer­i­cans who have actively sought the best inter­ests of a for­eign gov­ern­ment year after year? I see tri­bunals in the Jew­ish future, don’t you?

        “Blam­ing Jews…”? Well, there’s some­thing to it “truthout.”

        • truth­hurts

          Ref­er­enc­ing Zun­del and pathet­i­cally call­ing an anti racist as “right wing”. Why am I not sur­prised.
          And it’s “truth­HURTS”, not “truthout”.

          “In 1977, Zün­del founded a small press pub­lish­ing house called Samis­dat Pub­lish­ers which issued such neo-Nazi pam­phlets as “The Hitler We Loved and Why” and “Did Six Mil­lion Really Die?”, both promi­nent doc­u­ments of the Holo­caust denial movement.”

          Now I thor­oughly expect to kooks to start explain­ing how the Jews con­trol Wikipedia.…

          • Davey Wavey

            Is he in jail for pub­lish­ing these mate­ri­als? Why in jail? Why can’t peo­ple read this stuff?

            What about doubt­ing that the earth is the cen­ter of the universe?

            No anti-racist would run to sup­port of Israel which is a racist country.

            And name call­ing? Fool­ish, incon­sis­tent ideas should be made of sterner stuff.

          • Davey Wavey

            Why is he in jail? For his beliefs? Is this what you are advocating?

      • Davey Wavey

        Yeah? Sup­pose a Nazi gov­ern­ment decided that any­one who believes that the Great War was lost because of lim­ited Ger­man resources against heavy odds and not because of the betrayal of the peo­ple by back­stab­bing Jews? Any­one ques­tion­ing the estab­lished truth of Jew­ish betrayal goes to Dachau. This is com­pletely anal­o­gous. A ques­tioner could be pre­sented with the estab­lished facts of Jew­ish betrayal. So, even if he/she sug­gests that America’s entry into the war really brought about defeat, then the Nazi state would say that this entry was the hand­i­work of Jews who demanded Pales­tine in exchange for America’s entry.„ etc. etc.

        Do you sense any­thing amiss with jail­ing some­one on the “truth” of the holo­caust? If you do, then why do you defend it?

      • Jon

        “Denier” is a pejo­ra­tive term to dis­suade peo­ple from inves­ti­gat­ing the evi­dence against the offi­cial ver­sion of the Holocaust.

        How would you char­ac­ter­ize some­one (Gen­tile) who doesn’t believe the offi­cial Holo­caust story, but has been hap­pily mar­ried to a Jew for 25 years ?

      • Jon

        How much have you exam­ined the evi­dence against the offi­cial story ?

  • Alexan­der Seredin

    “Anti Semite” Bolyn iks not.simply there is not a drop of semitic blood in 99% of the Jew­ish peo­ple. So, shove off.

    • Shari Peter­son

      Anti-semitic hatred is what pre­cip­i­tated Israel slaugh­ter­ing over 2,000 SEMITIC Gazans.

      • Davey Wavey

        “Hatred”? I don’t think so. If ever a peo­ple would have the right to hate another peo­ple, it would be the Pales­tini­ans after decades of mur­der, theft, and abuse at the hands of Zion­ists,. But hatred did pre­cip­i­tate any­thing — Pales­tini­ans are sim­ply defend­ing their homes which were stolen from them. That theft and dis­pos­ses­sion is what moti­vates Pales­tini­ans. Zion­ists can only react and try to make the world believe that it is just irra­tional hatred. It is not, it is entirely ratio­nal to defend one’s prop­erty from thieves. That’s every­thing that mat­ters in the Israel thing, not anti-semitism, which again doesn’t really exist. Anti-semitism is, in every instance of such slan­der, a state­ment of who the Jews hate, and noth­ing else. It is a slan­der that serves Jew­ish inter­ests, and such inter­ests do exist.

  • Geor­gio

    “The Sec­ond World War is being fought for the defense of
    the fun­da­men­tals of Judaism.” — Rabbi Felix Mendle­sohn, Chicago
    Sen­tinel, Octo­ber 8, 1942.
    Real sad part is–so was WWI-creation of a home­land for the Jews-as if USA Canada UK Ger­many Rus­sia Dutch Swe­den was not enough space for these ani­mals.
    Just imag­ine if the oil gas runs out in the mid­dle east–and the Ashke­nazies liv­ing in Pales­tine decide to move all in USA :^(

    • Shari Peter­son

      For all intents and pur­poses they did.

    • Vox

      No, they’d rather live where they want and can pros­per away from the “War on Whites” a.k.a. Diver­sity they’ve instilled in the USA pro­mot­ing black on White vio­lence when­ever and wher­ever they can and run AmeriKwa from afar .a.k.a. Tel Aviv.

  • Eye Spy

    ADL time to give up the ghost

  • Steve

    LOLLOL…anti-semitic indeed. Don’t these fools real­ize we are way past these ridicu­lous accu­sa­tions. They have no effect on think­ing peo­ple who real­ize it’s sim­ply a fraud.

  • argonne18

    After Israel and the zion­ists bru­tally mur­der 2000 Gazans in a few weeks, the ADL has the unmit­i­gated gall to crit­i­cize Bol­lyn who does noth­ing but put forth log­i­cal argu­ments. The Zion­ists can­not tol­er­ate truth­ful ques­tion­ing. They will assas­si­nate the person’s char­ac­ter, or actu­ally assas­si­nate them, or try to ruin them. Any­thing but engag­ing in fac­tual inter­change. Like cock­roaches, they scurry for cover when the light turns on.

    • Davey Wavey

      ADL is in the BUSINESS of CREATING ANTI_SEMITISM and they do a very good job of it.

  • Steve

    It should be also pointed out that the holo­caust is a com­plete hoax and that Hitler attempted a peace­ful solu­tion to the Danzig Cor­ri­dor impasse by propos­ing sev­eral very fair solu­tions to the Poles. All these attempts were sab­o­taged by the West­ern pow­ers and the Zion­ist Lon­don Bankers in order to drive Hitler to war and destroy his Ger­man eco­nomic miracle.

    • truth­hurts

      “It should be also pointed out that the holo­caust is a com­plete hoax and that Hitler attempted a peace­ful solution ”

      Wow. You’re com­ment got 9 upvotes! 9 pieces of Nazi trash online!

      • Davey Wavey

        “truth­hurts” I don’t say the H is a com­plete hoax. I do say that it was not quite what Zion­ists say either. The pogrom against Jews at the time were not dif­fer­ent in kind really from Israel’s pogrom against Pales­tini­ans. It stemmed from the same goal namely to have a “pure” state, unsul­lied by Jews (in Europe) and by Pales­tini­ans (in Israel.) The Jews can­not set up mass mur­der but they can and do dec­i­mate the Pales­tin­ian peo­ple, their basis for life, their chil­dren, their prop­erty relent­lessly over decades with the goal of elim­i­nat­ing them entirely. This is no pret­tier than the H. The Jews who rely on diverse demo­c­ra­tic soci­eties to pro­tect them, as in France or the US, do not offer the same diverse soci­ety to oth­ers. A Jew can be a French­man, but a French­man can’t be a Jew (i.e. Israeli cit­i­zen). Why is that “truth­hurts”? Tell me the truth.

  • Johnny Canuck

    How could Mr. Bol­lyn be “anti-semite” when most of the peo­ple in ISIS-RA-EL are not of semite ori­gin, but rather Ashkanazis from what was called Khazar. They adopted the Judaic reli­gion, cul­ture and belief-system in the 9th Cen­tury AD.

    Zion­ists are con­stantly pulling the “anti-semite” card, when it is they who are the racists and “anti-semites”. The Peo­ple of Pales­tine are the true Semi­tes, the Zion­ists are liars and fakes, try­ing to re-write His­tory, but their sto­ries no longer ring a bell. They are usurpers of all that was Judaism. Fakes, phonies, liars, thieves and mur­der­ers, that is what occu­pies Pales­tine as of now.

  • hsxnl

    So, the Anti-Defamation Leage, defames Bol­lyn to be an anti-semite? Crit­i­ciz­ing Israel and Zion­isme has noth­ing to do with anti-semitisme! And this writ­ing is pure evil!

  • escape­fro­moba­mas­tan

    He’s the man!

  • Nuclear Free NZ

    Be care­ful what you absorb from Bol­lyn, he has pushed the dis­in­for­ma­tion that there was no plane crash at the Pen­ta­gon. If you need help with that fact you could start with Mike Riveros page on it:

    • truth­hurts

      Um yeah. He’s also the inven­tor of the Space beams the­ory he unveiled in 2002 at a rightwing racist shindig :
      ” Bol­lyn sug­gested that the Trade Cen­ter tow­ers might have been zapped
      with a “dis­in­te­gra­tion ray.” The fine dust would be the log­i­cal out­come
      of such a ray.“
      Years before Judy Wood, prov­ing Wood was a pasty recruited to front this con­spir­acy insanity.

      Rivero is another anti-semite conartist:
      “Right Wing Propagandists

      by Fight the Right
      Tues­day Decem­ber 10, 2002 at 01:05 PM

      Rivero, What Really Hap­pened, Go off, Dan­de­lion,
      Gor­don Thomas are essen­tially all part of an inbred and inces­tu­ous
      net­work of Right Wing pro­pa­gan­dists and dis­in­for­ma­tion artists.

      They included not only the stan­dard Hard Right out­lets like News­max but also Chris­t­ian Fas­cist mou­pieces like Dandelion.

      Their polit­i­cal func­tion and agenda in gen­eral is to act as a phony
      oppo­si­tion or Tro­jan Horse media specif­i­cally tar­get­ted towards those
      peo­ple who ques­tion the offi­cial story. If you study the dis­in­for­ma­tion
      put out by these pro­pa­gan­dists, you will see a sim­i­lar pat­tern in that
      they ques­tion the offi­cial story or ver­sion of events–only to care­fully
      spin the issue in a way which just so hap­pens to rein­force their own
      Right Wing agen­das and polit­i­cal campaigns.

      In par­tic­u­lar with respect to 9–11, most of the sites have tried to seize
      upon obvi­ous holes and lies in the offi­cial story about 9–11 in order to
      direct and deflect blame AWAY from the Bush Regime and Amer­i­can State in gen­eral towards some for­eign bogey­man or patsy.

      The bot­tom line is that these pseudo-alternative media out­lets set up
      by the Right Wing have the effect of being clas­sic CIA style psy­ops
      oper­a­tions. They ques­tion the offi­cial story, only to steer and focus
      atten­tion away from the more fascis­tic polit­i­cal fac­tions which sup­port
      the Amer­i­can military-corporate com­plex onto a suit­able “enemy” for­eign
      or domestic.”

      They say “psy­ops”, but it’s just a good old fash­ioned con­fi­dence game. the stakes being money and pol­i­tics. Hav­ing some clown sug­gest pro­fes­sional anti-semite con­spir­acy loon Rivero is some­how more cred­i­ble than Nazi friendly con­spir­acy loon Bol­lyn is laughable.

      Just look at his Face­book account:

      Rivero plays they game where he doesn’t put anti-Semite pho­tos up, but lets him­self be tagged in them. Rivero is also friends with White Power shmoozer Kevin Barrett:

      • Jon

        I agree that Rivero is a shill, but he’s not an anti-Semite.
        If I’m not mis­taken, he’s in fact, part Jew­ish. He just (rightly) con­demns the poli­cies of Israel.

        And please don’t throw out that “self-hating Jew” bull.

        As for Bol­lyn orig­i­nat­ing the ‘dis­in­te­gra­tion ray’ the­ory, your link doesn’t work and I could find no ref­er­ence to the pas­sages you quoted. AFAIK, that the­ory belongs to Judy Wood.

        We know 9/11 was an inside job and cer­tainly Mossad was involved. Israel is great at get­ting the U.S. to fight their battles.

        Ulti­mately, though, Zion­ism is a tool of the NWO. The aver­age Jew is just as much a vic­tim of the NWO as every­one else.

        • truth­hurts

          This link works fine:


          Intel­li­gence Report, Fall


          Issue Num­ber:

          ‘Risk­ing Their Freedom’

          A group of ‘inter­na­tion­ally renowned schol­ars’ probes 9/11. And, to the sur­prise of no one, iden­ti­fies a famil­iar enemy.


          Either something’s wrong with your machine or you’re being less than honest.

          ” AFAIK, that the­ory belongs to Judy Wood.”

          Yes, you are meant to think that. That’s why Bol­lyn quote was included above:

          “Bol­lyn sug­gested that the Trade Cen­ter tow­ers might have been zapped
          with a “dis­in­te­gra­tion ray.” The fine dust would be the log­i­cal out­come of such a ray.” The arti­cle con­tin­ues:
          “Partin chimed in, say­ing it actu­ally would have taken two dis­in­te­gra­tion rays to do the job.”

          Try to keep up. I real­ize the peo­ple who set this scam up are sur­prised the evi­dence still exists after 12 years, but that doesn’t explain why you’re pre­tend­ing to be blind.

          There are no “shills”. There are no “agents”. There is no “NWO”. It’s all a right wing con­spir­acy con.

          You’re wel­come.

        • truth­hurts

          Hey, are you still pre­tend­ing that splc link isn’t working?

          • Jon

            Sorry, it didn’t work in my Fire­fox, but did work in Safari. I don’t need to pre­tend any­thing here.

            In 10 years of research, that’s the first ref­er­ence I’ve seen that Bol­lyn orig­i­nally sug­gested the ray the­ory.
            If you think Bol­lyn and Wood are both kooks, why would it even mat­ter which one came up with it ?

            To know the exact method of destruc­tion is not as impor­tant as know­ing that the offi­cial ver­sion doesn’t hold up to scrutiny.

            You say there’s no NWO ? Then what do world lead­ers mean when they use that term ?

          • Jon

            BTW, am I mis­taken to assume that Mor­ris Dees and Joseph Levin Jr, founders of SPLC are Jewish ?

            Is cur­rent Pres­i­dent, Richard Cohen Jew­ish ?
            What about the rest of the staff ?

      • causal observer

        It’s the other way around — Mike Rivero is a real semitic jew unlike the true anti-semites , the Khaz­ar­ian Ashke­Nazi, pos­ing as jews and geno­cid­ing Pales­tin­ian semites.

        • truth­hurts

          Yeah, Rivero is a Jew who lets friends tag him in Anti Jew­ish bs at Facebook.…RIIIIIIIght

          • Guest

            Many of the arti­cles reveal­ing the Israeli decep­tion are Jew­ish. Some are on talk shows. Oth­ers own web­sites and pub­lish arti­cles. Cor­rup­tion has no place in this world. It must be abol­ished or the weak become the vic­tims as a con­se­quence of fail­ure of a soci­ety. Not many peo­ple can tol­er­ate wit­ness­ing this. You need to stop and think for a minute about where we are headed. We are all on the same ship.

    • Jon

      The only evi­dence of a plane are small pieces that may have been the rem­nants of a drone. There is no vis­i­ble evi­dence of a large pas­sen­ger jet crash at the Pen­ta­gon or Shanksville.

      Do you believe Mike Wal­ter when he says HE SAW the wings fold back into the fuse­lage, allow­ing the 150′ wide plane to fit through a 16′ diam­e­ter hole ?

      Why hasn’t the Pen­ta­gon released a clear image of the plane ? Is it plau­si­ble that no cam­era would have caught it ?

      Rivero and Alex Jones say the Pen­ta­gon will release the pics one day to dis­credit the truth move­ment. Its been 13 years.
      How much longer before they release the pics ?

  • Brian

    Of course israel did it. Why wouldn’t they? Yip­pin Yahoo said 911 was good for israel.…. attack­ing the USS Lib­erty was good for israel until they were caught red handed and lying.

    Those who think israel is a friend to the USA have a hole in their head. israel, and you may as well say all zio / neo / lib­eral jews have shown their love for the USA and her gen­tiles. I won’t bela­bor the issue; any­one who is not fright­ened by what they may find scru­ti­niz­ing 9/11 will find jew­ish fin­ger­prints all over the place .…. and a few trai­tors from this coun­try too.

  • USA John

    Leichty and Bol­lyn are two of the few true fight­ers for truth and jus­tice. Bol­lyn even sur­vived Jew­mer­i­can gov­ern­ment assas­i­na­tion attempt.

  • hot­stiks

    I must com­mend the ADL for not cen­sor­ing the over­whelm­ingly neg­a­tive com­ments to this arti­cle. A Chris­t­ian Zion­ist site like WND, or the Zion­ist “Amer­i­can Thinker”, would remove the com­ments and ban the com­menter. Or is it that they just don’t give a c**p regard­ing com­ments? That said, to call Bol­lyn anti-Semitic is akin to call­ing Pol­lard an Amer­i­can and patriot.

    • truth­hurts

      So you think the com­ments sup­port­ing Bol­lyn are neg­a­tive, but you’re attempt­ing to excuse Bol­lyn?
      Con­cern Troll: 3/10

  • Frank

    what a grotesque irony, you lying hyp­ocrites of the so-called ‘anti-defamation-league’are the cham­pi­ons of defama­tion and slan­der, your gig is up, the global mind knows, the fact which is the most mind­bog­gling in this sur­real panop­tik­lum of lies and deceit, don’t you real­ize how dam­ag­ing your stance on 911 is, why doesn’t the jew­ish com­mu­nity do the moral thing and dis­tance itself from the crimes and ter­ror of israel and zion­ism, or presses for his­tor­i­cal truth, or jus­tice for the Pales­tini­ans -
    where are the decent jews with a con­science when truth is con­cerned?
    With truth being the object of the supe­rior man, we are not left with many options when the jew­ish ‘cul­ture’ so obvi­ously con­sists of deceit and duplic­ity, self-centered nar­cis­stic delu­sions of supremacy and other peo­ples’ stolen myths, reli­gious sym­bols and cul­tural iden­ti­ties.
    And, by the way, to sup­port the true descen­dents of the hebrews and israelites , the native semitic peo­ple of Palestine,Lebanon and Jor­dan in their strug­gle against mostly no-semitic eastern-european impos­tors which are noth­ing but fal­si­fiers of his­tory, landthieves,well-poisoners and child­killers is actu­ally as pro-semitic as you can pos­si­bly get!

    • Jon

      Great post, Frank, espe­cially your open­ing line. So true!

      There ARE Jews that speak out against the Zion­ists and the inhu­mane poli­cies of Israel. I’m sure there would be lots more, but because the tribe is so closely knit, the aver­age Jew is con­sid­er­ably more cul­tur­ally brain­washed than the aver­age Gentile.

      I’ve been close to Jews most of my life and have observed that they are under tremen­dous pres­sure to con­form even when the fam­ily is not par­tic­u­larly reli­gious.
      But, in gen­eral, the Jews I’ve known have been good-hearted, and gen­er­ous, despite the indoc­tri­na­tion they’ve suffered.

  • Zion­Proud

    Wow, this one really brought out the con­spir­a­to­r­ial Jew-hating lowlifes. They blame “the Jews” for every inad­e­quacy they per­ceive in their piti­ful lit­tle lives. The lies they spew would be amus­ing if they weren’t so dan­ger­ous. Thank you, ADL, for fight­ing against this old­est, most deadly of hatreds.

  • christo­pherbsd

    If you point out that Israel attacked the USS Lib­erty in 1967 killing 34 Amer­i­cans in what should have been an unpro­voked act of war — you are an anti-semitic con­spir­acy theorist.

    If you dis­agree with Israelis mur­der­ing Pales­tini­ans and the occu­pa­tion their land — you are an anti-semitic Jew hat­ing Nazi.

    If believe Israel should com­ply with the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons like every­body else and stop hid­ing their Nuclear Weapons pro­gram while hyp­o­crit­i­cally demand­ing the same from it’s neigh­bors, YOU are of course an anti-Semite!

    In fact …dis­agree with Israel on any­thing … YOU are an anti-Semite.
    Peo­ple how­ever . . are awak­en­ing to the hypocrisy of that label that has been giv­ing Israel the license to behave badly.

    It doesn’t work anymore.

  • truth­hurts

    It’s tru­ely an awe inspir­ing sight…how the Teabagger/Ron Paul/Nazi/911Conspiracy crowd has risen to the occa­sion to defend Bol­lyn and his Nazi apol­o­gism. Thanks for remind­ing the rest of us you clowns still exist, and are still polit­i­cally active.

    Sup­port your local ANTIFA/ANTI RACIST ACTION:

    • truth­hurts

      And in 7 hours NO ONE has denied Bollyn’s sup­port comes from the ‘Teabagger/Ron Paul/Nazi/911Conspiracy crowd’.

      Thanks for playing.

      • Jon

        It doesn’t mat­ter where Bollyn’s “sup­port” comes from.
        The truth is the truth.

  • Gyre54

    Good for him. Let the first amend­ment live, rather than let­ting Jews attempt to smother it when they don’t like the pos­si­ble effects of free speech.

    • truth­hurts

      Curi­ous, where did you hear about this ADL arti­cle?
      Also, spread­ing hate, lies and fraud is not “free speech”.

      • Jon

        To equate non-belief in the Holo­caust with spread­ing hate is… Well, lets just say that peo­ple are see­ing past that trick. It doesn’t work.

        • Jon

          The fact that tricks like that aren’t work­ing any­more is why Zion­ists are push­ing for laws to dis­cour­age inves­ti­ga­tion. The fact that such laws have been passed in many coun­tries is a tes­ta­ment to the undue influ­ence of the Jewish/Zionist lobby.

  • 777American

    I’m mostly Ital­ian but I don’t defend the Mafia killing inno­cents to increase their power no mat­ter who they harm. Peo­ple who call them­selves Jews should not be defend­ing Mossad mem­bers, Larry Sil­ver­stein and the other ter­ror­ists who com­mit­ted 9/11. And it is not anti-semitic to call a lying, mur­der­ing, thief, a lying, mur­der­ing, thief.

  • Jon

    Not that it mat­ters much, but Bol­lyn, in a 2002 arti­cle, claims a Ger­man physi­cist sug­gested the laser beam destruc­tion of the tow­ers.
    I’ve not found the inter­view to get the physicist’s name, but I just want to clar­ify that con­trary to truth­hurts’ com­ment, Bol­lyn was not the inven­tor of the the­ory, he was merely report­ing about it.

    • Som­body

      >Not that it mat­ters much, but Bol­lyn, in a 2002 arti­cle, claims a Ger­man
      physi­cist sug­gested the laser beam destruc­tion of the tow­ers.
      not found the inter­view to get the physicist’s name, but I just want to
      clar­ify that con­trary to truth­hurts’ com­ment, Bol­lyn was not the
      inven­tor of the the­ory, he was merely report­ing about it.

      So “truth­hurts” was wrong about Bol­lyn invent­ing it, but you’re con­firm­ing it was invented in 2002 and NOT by Judy Wood?

      • Jon

        Cor­rect. I think truth­hurts just mis­read the SPLC arti­cle which said Bol­lyn SUGGESTED the tow­ers MIGHT have been zapped by a ray.

        Judy’s asso­ciate, Andrew John­son con­firmed to me that Judy never claimed to be the first. He thought it was Icke who first sug­gested it in his 2002 book “Alice in Won­der­land and the World Trade Disaster”.

        Regard­less of who first sug­gested it, it was obvi­ously Dr. Wood that fleshed it out.

        That the Mil­i­tary Indus­trial Com­plex pos­sesses and sequesters advanced tech­nol­ogy seems self-evident to me. The only ques­tion is “how advanced?”. I don’t think the idea of an energy weapon being used on 9/11 is very far out at all.