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February 6, 2012 Off

Dallas Nation of Islam Leader Calls Jews and Asians “Blood Suckers”

Jef­fery Muham­mad, the Nation of Islam’s (NOI) long­time leader in Dal­las, has charged that Jews and Asian-Americans are among those that have exploited African-Americans for decades. Muham­mad, min­is­ter of the NOI’s Mosque 48, report­edly said that Asian-Americans “are just the lat­est in a long line of peo­ple who have come to this coun­try — like Jews, Ital­ians, Indi­ans and now Asians — who have sucked the blood of and exploited the black com­mu­nity.”

Muhammad’s com­ments were made amidst increas­ing ten­sions result­ing from sev­eral racially-charged inci­dents at the Dia­mond Sham­rock Kwik Stop in South Dallas.

Muham­mad has also taken his cam­paign against the store to Twit­ter, where he has reit­er­ated his anti-Asian remarks on mul­ti­ple occa­sions, includ­ing in a Feb­ru­ary 6 post that read, “Asians want to know if we are tar­get­ing all Asian busi­ness. We know Asians have tar­geted Black com­mu­ni­ties to exploit. The JIG IS UP.”

While the inci­dents have prompted con­cerns from other com­mu­nity orga­ni­za­tions as well, Muhammad’s ref­er­ence to “blood suck­ers” to describe the rela­tion­ship between African-Americans and other minor­ity groups, espe­cially Jews, is right out of the NOI playbook.