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July 10, 2013 5

David Duke Solicits Funds To Distribute New Anti-Semitic Book

For­mer Klan leader and anti-Semite David Duke says on his web­site that he is try­ing to pub­lish a new book that paints Jews as mass mur­der­ers who com­mit­ted geno­cide against Rus­sians and Ukraini­ans dur­ing the Russ­ian Revolution. david-duke-new-book

On July 6, 2013, Duke claimed that he had raised enough money from read­ers of his web­site to pub­lish the book titled The Secret Behind Com­mu­nism. Duke posted the book’s intro­duc­tion on his web­site in an appar­ent effort to elicit more funds for print­ing, dis­trib­ut­ing and pro­mot­ing the book.

In the intro­duc­tion, he claims that Jews were behind the Russ­ian Rev­o­lu­tion and were respon­si­ble for mur­der­ing tens of mil­lions of peo­ple. He writes, “Upon achiev­ing total power, [Jews’] deep psy­cho­pathic, racist hatred became man­i­fest in the great­est human slaugh­ter of all time.” The intro­duc­tion is typ­i­cal of his anti-Semitic dia­tribes. He often pro­motes con­spir­a­to­r­ial depic­tions of Jew­ish power and Jew­ish hatred for non-Jews, a com­bi­na­tion he refers to as “Jew­ish supremacism.”

Duke argues that the alleged mass killing of Ukraini­ans by Jews far exceeded the Holo­caust.  Invok­ing clas­si­cal anti-Semitic myths, he claims that the pub­lic focuses on the Holo­caust and not the Ukraine because Jews con­trol the media, acad­e­mia, gov­ern­ments and Hollywood.

In addi­tion to blam­ing Jews for the mass mur­der of Ukraini­ans and Rus­sians, Duke attacks Zion­ism. He asserts that modern-day Israelis learned about “eth­nic cleans­ing” from Jew­ish Bol­she­viks. He writes, “The eth­nic cleans­ings and mur­der­ous ways of the Jew­ish trib­al­ists in Rus­sia are being repeated in the Zion­ist eth­nic cleans­ing of Palestine.”

Duke ded­i­cated his book to Alexan­der Solzhen­it­syn, the renowned Russ­ian writer who unfor­tu­nately expressed anti-Semitic views in some of his works. Duke states in the book’s intro­duc­tion that he lib­er­ally uses Solzhenitsyn’s writ­ings on the Russ­ian Rev­o­lu­tion to pro­vide the con­text for his new book.

Duke is also try­ing to raise funds for another anti-Semitic book he is writ­ing, The Zion­ist Con­spir­acy. Duke released a pre­view of one chap­ter of the book, in which he argues that Jews do not have a higher intel­li­gence level than non-Jews, and thus their “over­rep­re­sen­ta­tion” in Ivy League schools, such as Har­vard, can be attrib­uted to anti-white dis­crim­i­na­tion against “more qual­i­fied” European-Americans and Asian-Americans. 

  • Lub­bock­Pa­triot

    Typ­i­cal jew tac­tics: attack Dr. Duke but offer ZERO rebut­tal to the facts that he presents in his new book. Even jews acknowl­edge the mur­der­ous role played by their co-religionists in Soviet Rus­sia: http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3342999,00.html

    Your move, Abe.

    • Mario Augusto Puga Valera

      What those racist morons don’t like us to know is that cor­re­la­tion doesn’t equal cau­sa­tion. The fact that there were jews work­ing for the URSS doesn’t mean that Com­mu­nism is the result a Jew­ish con­spir­acy. Unless “Dr.” Duke presents some seri­ous evi­dence, there’s lit­tle to no rea­son to take his claims seriously.

      • Eric

        He does present ‘some seri­ous evi­dence’, of which most is from Jew­ish sources.

        But you don’t know that , because you’re too big­oted to read his books.

      • Wil­fred

        He does present some ‘seri­ous evi­dence’; much of it from Jew­ish sources. You’ll never know that though, since you’re too big­oted to read his books.

  • Mario Augusto Puga Valera

    The only thing left for “Dr.” Duke is to endorse “Dr.” Ryke Hamer and his Ger­man New Med­i­cine. He would rather like the con­spir­a­to­r­ial, anti­se­mitic approach of Hamer.