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February 28, 2016 27

Extremist Support of Donald Trump

Updated March 2, 2016

White suprema­cists have been enthu­si­as­tic sup­port­ers of Don­ald Trump since he announced his can­di­dacy for pres­i­dent in June 2015 with big­oted remarks about Mex­i­can immi­grants. Sub­se­quent remarks from Trump about ban­ning Mus­lim immi­gra­tion to the U.S served to solid­ify that sup­port. White suprema­cists believe that Trump is voic­ing their own xeno­pho­bic and big­oted views toward immi­grants and non-whites.

David Duke white beard texe marrs site

David Duke

David Duke, a racist and anti-Semite and the most noto­ri­ous bigot in Amer­ica, urged his sup­port­ers to back Trump. On his radio show in Feb­ru­ary, Duke said that “vot­ing against Trump is really trea­son to your her­itage.” Duke even told his lis­ten­ers to vol­un­teer for Trump dur­ing the elec­tion. He added that he hoped that Trump “does every­thing we hope he will do.”

One of Trump’s biggest sup­port­ers is neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin who runs the Daily Stormer web­site. The site is filled with vir­u­lently racist and anti-Semitic arti­cles. In July 2015, Anglin wrote an arti­cle that praised Trump for his com­ments on Mex­i­cans. Anglin asserted, “The Trump Train has left the sta­tion and is run­ning non-stop to total vic­tory over the bar­bar­ian hordes of Mex­ico. Because there is one issue which mat­ters beyond all other issues and that is the inva­sion of White coun­tries by non-whites.”Anglin adds that “the amount of good” that Trump has done “is immea­sur­able.” Anglin now refers to Trump as “our glo­ri­ous leader,” and extols Trump at every turn.

White suprema­cist William John­son, head of the Amer­i­can Free­dom Party does more than talk about sup­port­ing Trump. He has actu­ally cre­ated the Amer­i­can National Super PAC, which has paid for a series of robo­calls sup­port­ing Trump for pres­i­dent. The calls have gone out num­ber of states, includ­ing Iowa and New Hamp­shire. New robo­calls are sched­uled for Ver­mont and Min­nesota which tell vot­ers not to “vote for a Cuban.” The calls go on to say that the “white race is dying out in Amer­ica and Europe because we are afraid to be called ‘racist.’” John­son has long courted the more hard­core mem­bers of the white suprema­cist move­ment, includ­ing racist skinheads.

Jared Tay­lor, a white suprema­cist who runs the Amer­i­can Renais­sance web­site is another enthu­si­as­tic sup­porter of Trump. The Amer­i­can Renais­sance site fea­tures arti­cles that pur­port to demon­strate the intel­lec­tual and cul­tural supe­ri­or­ity of whites. Tay­lor has writ­ten a num­ber of arti­cles endors­ing Trump. His voice also appeared on the Amer­i­can National Super PAC robo­calls in Iowa, where he told vot­ers that “we don’t need Mus­lims. We need smart, well-educated white peo­ple who will assim­i­late to our culture.”

Richard Spencer, a white suprema­cist who runs a tiny think tank called the National Pol­icy Insti­tute has posted videos and arti­cles endors­ing Trump for pres­i­dent. Spencer is a sym­bolic of the new white supremacy whereby young racists would rather don suits and ties than a Klan robe to pro­mote white nation­al­ism. In an inter­view, Spencer said that Trump “seems to gen­uinely care about the his­toric Amer­i­can nation that is white people.”

Kevin Mac­Don­ald, a noto­ri­ous anti-Semite and retired pro­fes­sor, has also backed Trump. He has lauded Trump’s com­ments about ban­ning Mus­lim immi­gra­tion and says that elect­ing Trump “may be the last chance for Whites to elect a pres­i­dent who rep­re­sents their inter­ests.” Mac­Don­ald actu­ally tried to raise money for his anti-Semitic pub­li­ca­tion, The Occi­den­tal Quar­terly, by tout­ing Trump’s can­di­dacy. He wrote, “Don­ald Trump’s can­di­dacy is a game changer and has a very real pos­si­bil­ity of suc­cess. In this new cli­mate, mil­lions of White peo­ple are real­iz­ing that it’s entirely legit­i­mate to oppose immi­gra­tion and mul­ti­cul­tur­al­ism. It’s okay to oppose the idea that every last human has the moral right to immi­grate to a West­ern coun­try, or that all peo­ples and cul­tures are equally accept­able as immigrants.”

Matthew Heim­bach, a racist and anti-Semite who co-founded the Tra­di­tion­al­ist Youth Net­work, a white suprema­cist group, has expressed sup­port for Trump. He wrote, “The march to vic­tory will not be won by Don­ald Trump in 2016, but this could be the step­ping stone we need to then rad­i­cal­ize mil­lions of White work­ing and mid­dle class fam­i­lies to the call to truly begin a strug­gle for Faith, fam­ily and folk. For this rea­son alone I will cam­paign for Don­ald Trump because as the say­ing goes ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend’ and that is dou­bly true if that per­son is viewed as an enemy by the Inter­na­tional Jew.”

It has also been reported that the Knights Party, a Klan group in Arkansas, uses Trump and his views as a talk­ing point when ques­tion­ing poten­tial recruits. In an arti­cle in Politico, Rachel Pen­der­graft, a spokesper­son for the group, said that Trump, “has offered KKK mem­bers a prime oppor­tu­nity to feel out poten­tial recruits on their racial attitudes.”

In media inter­views, Don Black, who runs Storm­front, the largest white suprema­cist Inter­net forum in the coun­try, has said that Trump has helped drive traf­fic to his site. In inter­views in Politico and Vice, Black said that Trump had been a boon to the white suprema­cist cause.

Lee Rogers, who runs the neo-Nazi web­site Infos­tormer, refers to Trump as “our leader.” Like Andrew Anglin, Rogers posts viciously racist and anti-Semitic arti­cles on his site and exalts Trump.

Hunter Wal­lace, aka Brad Grif­fin, a white suprema­cist who pro­motes South­ern nation­al­ism offi­cially endorsed Trump for pres­i­dent on his web­site, Occi­den­tal Dissent.

James Edwards, a white suprema­cist who runs the Polit­i­cal Cesspool web­site and radio show, wrote a blog about attend­ing a Trump rally in Mem­phis on  Feb­ru­ary 28 as a rep­re­sen­ta­tive of the press.  Edwards declared that he is vot­ing for Trump and encour­aged his own sup­port­ers to do the same. Edwards added, “With Trump, Amer­ica has a chance to regain her identity.”

As a 501(c)3 non-profit orga­ni­za­tion, the Anti-Defamation League does not sup­port or oppose can­di­dates for polit­i­cal office.


  • F88

    TRS white suprema­cist anti-semites aren’t men­tioned. You goyim need to work harder.

  • Anzi sag hambersc

    The ADL has breached Sec­tion 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Orga­ni­za­tions by quote: “pub­lic state­ments of posi­tion (ver­bal or writ­ten) made on behalf of the
    orga­ni­za­tion in favor of or in oppo­si­tion to any can­di­date for pub­lic
    office clearly vio­late the pro­hi­bi­tion against polit­i­cal cam­paign

    found here — https://www.irs.gov/Charities-&-Non-Profits/Charitable-Organizations/The-Restriction-of-Political-Campaign-Intervention-by-Section-501%28c%29%283%29-Tax-Exempt-Organizations

    Get your lawyers ready ADL you are about to be spooned.

    • how do you fit that among Free speech?

      • Anna­muf­fin

        Stop send­ing me stuff

      • Simon of Trent

        Is noth­ing to do with free speech it’s about being reg­is­tered as a Non Gov­ern­ment Orga­ni­za­tion. There are rules and the ADL is clearly in breech of them.

        • Justin B

          The ADL didn’t oppose Trump or endorse or sup­port any other can­di­date. It wrote an arti­cle and said the sup­port of white suprema­cists and his fail­ure to denounce them is con­cern­ing. This is well within the bounds of accept­able com­mu­ni­ca­tions for main­tain­ing 501(c)(3) tax exempt sta­tus and con­sis­tent with what other orga­ni­za­tions have done with no reper­cus­sions. Go look at some cases.

          • Simon of Trent

            Define for me what is a “White Supremacist”.…

            • Justin B
              • Simon of Trent

                Wikipedia are you kid­ding me — it’s run owned and oper­ated by jews who con­venantly have all races “supremacy” wiki page except a jew­ish one…and here’s why https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t52LB2fYhoY

                • Justin B

                  Lol. Ok, bud. Just look in the mir­ror. Seems you are racist and anti-Semitic too.

                • Simon of Trent

                  The word “racist” was invented by a jew named leon Trot­sky. An anti-Semite is some­one jews hate. Your hate words are weak.

                • Justin B

                  Lol. No hate here.

  • DS

    Use­less, hate­ful, left­ist irre­li­gious Jews in name only. I hope when trump gets elected, he’ll shut down the adl, which defames Amer­ica daily

  • The rise of Hitler!

  • Michael Howard

    I know Mus­lim Broth­er­hood are evil but it is wel­comed in the Dem party. Can ADL be equal oppor­tu­nity eval­u­a­tor and men­tion them once in while? Thank you ADL for stand­ing against defama­tion for all races of any religion.

    • BobFromDistrict9

      Saudi Ara­bia was the source of the 9–11 attacks, and the source or inspi­ra­tion for pretty much all anti-western Islamic ter­ror attacks. Yet they are good friends to Repub­li­cans, and one of the main rea­sons for the antipa­thy toward Iran is in sup­port of Saudi Arabia.

      That far out­weighs any real world Dem sup­port of any other Islamic Group.

  • any­thing on Islam­o­pho­bia here?

  • Gray Lid­dell

    Is it ‘suprema­cism’ or ‘activism?‘
    When other polit­i­cal par­tic­i­pants, be they His­panic or African-american make state­ments in favor of their group, like for exam­ple “La Raza’(the Race)on the part of their group, they are hailed as ‘activists.‘
    But when White peo­ple do it, it is pejo­ra­tively labeled ‘suprema­cism’ by the main­stream press.
    Why the difference?

    David Duke is con­stantly labeled a suprema­cist yet all he wants is the
    abil­ity to orga­nize his peo­ple. His quote from Wik­iquote is enlightening.

    “I’m often called, so often called in the media, it’s like a part of my name
    “white suprema­cist” or what­ever. I’m not one. I don’t want white peo­ple
    to be supreme. I don’t believe, in fact, that we should even have bases
    in 65 coun­tries of the world I don’t think we should be in Iraq. I
    don’t believe we should try to con­trol pol­i­tics of the South Amer­i­can
    coun­tries or the South­east Asia or in Africa, or any­where else in the
    world. But I do think we have a right to pre­serve our own cul­ture, own
    her­itage in our own country. ”

    I am mys­ti­fied, like Har­vard Law Pro­fes­sor Ran­dall Kennedy, who, from a
    1997 Atlantic arti­cle, ‘My Race Problem-and Ours.’ said this about Whites
    orga­niz­ing as a race.

    “I find it dif­fi­cult to accept that it is wrong for whites to mobi­lize
    them­selves on a racial basis solely for pur­poses of white advance­ment
    but morally per­mis­si­ble for blacks to mobi­lize them­selves on a racial
    basis solely for pur­poses of black advancement.”

  • Carol Choe

    Stuff and non­sense! Don­ald Trump has no affil­i­a­tion with these men or orga­ni­za­tions, he has no respon­si­bil­ity for their actions. the ADL is guilty of stereo­typ­ing, and libel, of a can­di­date merely because they dis­agree with him. In this the ADL is guilty of the very actions the kkk, the nazis, fas­cists, all Marx­ist, took to demo­nize and dehu­man­ize those they wished to oppress. Bernie Sanders was pub­licly a mem­ber of the com­mu­nist party, he is endorsed by the cur­rent com­mu­nist party in the USA. Where are the reporters and pun­dits demand­ing he repu­di­ate their endorse­ments, and repu­di­at­ing his actual mem­ber­ship in a polit­i­cal party and ide­ol­ogy that was respon­si­ble for and still excuses the bru­tal mur­ders of at the very least 100 mil­lion inno­cent civil­ians, the major­ity of which were killed because they were Chris­tians who rejected col­lec­tiviza­tion. Why has the ADL not demanded Bernie and oth­ers like him repu­di­ate the dis­ease of Marx­ism, com­mu­nism and social­ism? Your great premise for your orga­ni­za­tion is “never again” I wasn’t aware there were any cod­i­cils to that?

  • John Doe

    The Jews are very intel­li­gent so we should let them show us the way but only with their actions and not their words.

    Israel grants nation­al­ity only to Jews


    Israel’s For­eign Min­is­ter Wants to Pay Israeli Arabs to Leave


    Israel builds fences to keep African migrants out


    Chief Rabbi in Israel says Gen­tiles Exist Only to Serve Jews


  • obidiah_slope

    I’d have thought the ADL would have sup­ported Trump.He intends to build a big wall to keep out unde­sir­ables, just as the Israelis have done, can’t see any con­flict here.

  • Gold­coaster

    ADL needs a new proof­reader. Its Storm­front, not Strom­front. Last paragraph.

    I would also note that I heard no com­plaints about Black Pan­ther and La Raza sup­port for Obama, the BP’s even being inves­ti­gated for voter intim­i­da­tion by the FEC. Not. One. Peep.

    • BobFromDistrict9

      Where do you see the Black Pan­thers being inves­ti­gated by the FEC?

      Give a source that isn’t a right wing pro­pa­ganda source.

  • I don’t see Eric Holder or #Black­Lives­Mat­ter or Hillary Clin­ton on the list… what’s up?

  • J Duke
  • Fathers Ini­tia­tive

    I would give my life for David Duke. He almost single-handedly exposed the hor­rors of World Zion­ism. He pro­vided cita­tions and hard evi­dence to back his claims. But, this is no longer nec­es­sary. Now that I’ve vis­ited Zion­ist web­sites for 3 or 4 years, I’ve seen first­hand the exam­ples which prove his the­o­ries.
    I can’t write an entire arti­cle here. But, I will give 3 exam­ples. (1) Orga­nized Jewry was attempt­ing to start a Civil War in Syria. This was exposed on Dr. Duke’s web­site BEFORE the con­flict in Syria. (2) The Zion­ist role in Mas­sive immi­gra­tion. Although Iron­i­cally, you don’t push for mul­ti­cul­tur­al­ism in Mideast­ern or Mus­lim coun­tries. Why’s that? The rea­son is because you don’t have enough power within these nations. In other words, you prey upon those coun­tries which give the most free­dom to Jews. That’s not a nice thing to do. (3) push­ing an extrem­ist aca­d­e­mic agenda upon our stu­dents. Indoc­tri­na­tion rather than edu­ca­tion. Black His­tory, Gay stud­ies, etc etc. Hmmmm, I’ve noticed that Jew­ish schools pre­fer to keep this dogma out of their schools.