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July 3, 2012 8

Farrakhan Leads Audience in Anti-Semitic Tirade

Nation of Islam (NOI) leader Louis Far­rakhan used his plat­form at the NOI’s Mosque Maryam in Chicago on Sun­day to lead his audi­ence in an anti-Semitic tirade.

Towards the end of his remarks, Far­rakhan made a bizarre com­par­i­son between the study of ants and white peo­ple. “The Hon­or­able Eli­jah Muham­mad says to study [white peo­ple]. They’re suc­cess­ful. They make no excuses for their fail­ures. They work hard in a col­lec­tive man­ner like the ant….Their long coevo­lu­tion with other species has led to mimetic, com­men­sal, par­a­sitic, and mutu­al­is­tic relationships.”

He then brought Jews into the comparison:

Go back to the Secret Relationship[Between Black and Jews] …White peo­ple are wise and the wis­est of white peo­ple are the mem­bers of the Jew­ish community…They are wise and they are the guards of their own world. Are you mad with me for say­ing that? [Audi­ence: “No sir!”] You can’t go nowhere in their world with­out pay­ing obei­sance to them.

Far­rakhan then engaged in a dis­turb­ing call-and-response with his audience:

Far­rakhan: How many of you are lawyers? Only have one in the house? No won­der we go to jail so much, brother. But at the top of the law pro­fes­sion, who are the top in law?
Audi­ence: Jews.
Far­rakhan: Sorry I didn’t hear you.
Audi­ence: Jews!
Far­rakhan: Any doc­tors in the house? Ain’t got no doc­tors? Oh there’s one way in the back. At the top of the med­ical pro­fes­sion, the top in that are mem­bers of the Jew­ish com­mu­nity. Any­body in media? Who’s the top in that field?
Audi­ence: Jews.
Far­rakhan: Any­body a rap­per in the house? There’s rap­pers. You can rap, ain’t noth­ing wrong with that, but at the top of that are those that con­trol the indus­try. Any of you have Hol­ly­wood ambi­tions, Broad­way ambi­tions… Who’s the top of that?
Audi­ence: Jews.
Far­rakhan: Same peo­ple! They’re mas­ters in busi­ness. Well I’m not a busi­ness­man I’m a banker. Well who’s the mas­ter of the bankers?
Audi­ence: Jews.
Far­rakhan: TALK TO ME!
Audi­ence: Jews!
Far­rakhan: You don’t dis­credit them because they’re mas­ters, you dis­credit them by the way they use their mastery.
Audi­ence: [applause]
Far­rakhan: Now, I close.
  • Anony­mous

    So, are you say­ing that you dis­agree, and that Jews are not at the top of the law, med­i­cine, bank­ing, media, and enter­tain­ment pro­fes­sions? Imag­ine if he gave the same speech in your Syn­a­gogue. There might be only one rap­per but the rest would be doc­tors, lawyers, bankers and media pro­fes­sion­als.

  • Nice job anony­mous at per­pet­u­at­ing a really big­oted and anti­se­mitic myth. Do your research. This argu­ment has been made through­out the ages. Any idea what all the Jews forced in to ghet­tos did for a liv­ing? Just look up a Wikipedia post­ing under Jew­ish Supremacy or Polit­i­cal Influ­ence. Also con­sider our strik­ing 2% of the pop­u­la­tion. Really…think about it.

  • Regard­less of what the “Jews” are doing, they’ve reached these posts because of their hard work and ded­i­ca­tion to their fam­ily, their teach­ings, and bet­ter­ing them­selves in this world, while mak­ing this world a bet­ter place!! EVERYONE should strive for such ideals!! Should one be racist against the Asians, or the East Indi­ans, etc..because they are pro­gress­ing in their fields!!?!
    Jews have always been the ‘scape goats’ of the nations and for what?! want­ing to bet­ter them­selves in their respec­tive stud­ies, want­ing a good life for their chil­dren, want­ing to make a dif­fer­ence in the world!?! Shame on all who preach and believe in Anti-Semitism!!!
    In the end, it’s G-d that these hate­ful peo­ple will have to answer to.…..

  • JB

    Regard­ing the fact that “Jews con­trol Hol­ly­wood”… I called ADL Chair­man Abe Fox­man [and he said] ..“That’s a very dan­ger­ous phrase, ‘Jews con­trol Hol­ly­wood.’ What is true is that there are a lot of Jews in Hol­ly­wood,” he said. Instead of “con­trol,” Fox­man would pre­fer peo­ple say that many exec­u­tives in the indus­try “hap­pen to be Jew­ish,” as in “all eight major film stu­dios are run by men who hap­pen to be Jewish.”

    —-Joel Stein’s LA Times arti­cle (Dec. 19, 2008)

  • So???

  • Anony­mous

    Read the book, The Jew­ish Phe­nom­e­non, it agrees with the Minister’s words. These so-called news out­lets never report the good work of the Min­is­ter within the Black com­mu­nity. In this lec­ture he was teach­ing the impor­tance of hard work and unity and he cor­rectly ref­er­enced Jew­ish peo­ple as an exam­ple and now that is anti-Semitic. Puhleeeze!!!

  • Anony­mous

    Lis­ten, Far­rakhan is no bigot or anti-semite. He was only telling the truth. As a chris­t­ian, and yes I am black I know Jew­ish peo­ple are always at the top of their game. The Torah and Bible, both of which I believe in proph­e­sied this-that he would bless Israel’s descen­dants above all nations because they are God’s cho­sen peo­ple. Oh,and I con­sider myself to be Jew­ish as well because all true chris­tians are con­sid­ered spir­i­tual Jews. Yes, I still know hard work plays a great part in anyone’s suc­cess. I don’t think Far­rakhan meant it negatively.

  • Ariella1974

    Far­rakhan is a bigot. I’ve had to lis­ten to him for years, and is tirade is a joke. His atti­tudes about Cau­casians, Jews.… Look him up, he’s a racist pure and sim­ple. And the rea­son there weren’t many doc­tors or lawyers there was most likely because they know Farrakhan’s rhetoric and don’t buy into it. His sam­ple is bias.