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February 21, 2014 17

Farrakhan’s Saviours’ Day In Detroit Preceded By 58 Weeks Of Hate

Prior to this weekend’s annual Nation of Islam (NOI) Sav­iours’ Day con­ven­tion in Detroit, NOI leader Louis Far­rakhan embarked on a weekly online lec­ture series that pro­moted some of the most hate­ful anti-Semitic themes of his career.Farrakhan-the-time-detroit

The series, titled “The Time and What Must Be Done,” con­sis­tently blamed Jews for the slave trade and con­spir­ing to con­trol the gov­ern­ment, media, Hol­ly­wood and var­i­ous Black indi­vid­u­als and orga­ni­za­tions. The videos gen­er­ally received about 20,000–50,000 views each on YouTube.

The last three episodes, which were broad­cast in the weeks lead­ing up to the Sav­iours’ Day con­ven­tion in Detroit, Far­rakhan focused on how the “Syn­a­gogue of Satan,” a phrase he uses through­out the series to describe Jews, con­trols the U.S. gov­ern­ment for nefar­i­ous purposes.

For exam­ple, Far­rakhan said:

“You can­not say you have a covenant through Moses who gave you a law that you are flaunt­ing today with what you are doing through Hol­ly­wood, through music, through the media, through the press, through the news­pa­pers, through your inor­di­nate con­trol of the means by which the peo­ple think and make their deci­sions.

“David — even though he may have made a mis­take — he sub­mit­ted and repented before God. This you false Jews have not done. No. You are not a Jew! I say you’re a so-called Jew. You are Satan mas­querad­ing as a covenanted peo­ple of God. You must be exposed, regard­less of the consequences…”

Farrakhan’s online lec­ture series rep­re­sents one of the Nation of Islam’s most sig­nif­i­cant attempts to incor­po­rate social media into its wide-ranging pro­pa­ganda cam­paign against Jews.

  • Ver­non Muhammad

    The truth hurts and your time to deceive the world is up. Rev­e­la­tions Chap­ter 2 verse 9 iden­ti­fies you so clearly. You say you are Jews but you really aren’t. You show by every word that you say against this man that you really are the Syn­a­gogue of Satan. I’d like to see you tell the world of Chris­tian­ity that their book is false and filled with hate. But then they would see the truth about you as well. I pray that good Jew­ish peo­ple who love the law and the Torah over the Tal­mud will rise against you and give you what you deserve.

  • Yusuf Salaam

    58 weeks of hate to a peo­ple who hate the truth. if any per­son watches the series they could not say he was lying and prove it. The nation of islam has the his­tory of the true haters doc­u­mented in the book “the secret rela­tion­ship between blacks and jews” our peo­ple have not hated you but have looked at you as friends. you how­ever have been the most wicked hater who has planned and con­tin­ues to plan the death of not only black peo­ple but mil­lions around the world. please ADL stop the hate.

  • Yusuf Salaam

    The peo­ple who lis­ten to the ADL obvi­ously don’t read or lis­ten to any­thing the min­ster writes or speaks except sound bites. the ADL sup­ports Isreal which is noth­ing more than a pariah of a coun­try that con­tin­ues to kill inno­cent peo­ple in pales­tine every­day after they stole the pales­tin­ian land. if the ADL could sup­port that then what does that say about the ADL except that they sup­port mur­der and robbery.

  • Yusuf Salaam

    “the secret rela­tion­ship between blacks and jews” doc­u­ments just how wicked the adl and the so-called jews have been to black peo­ple. from cre­at­ing laws to hin­der our progress, from being the chief slave own­ers (which is the foun­da­tion of jew­ish wealth includ­ing peo­ple like the rothchilds) the ADL, and south­ern poverty law cen­ter are threats to amer­ica not the lit­tle nation of islam which has no record of dis­rupt­ing white advance­ment at any given time. we have your record and it is a dirty one.

  • Yusuf Salaam

    min­is­ter far­rakhan tells his fol­low­ers to study the jews they are suc­cess­ful. sounds more like an admirer than a hater to me. but in the 80s the jews were chant­ing how they wanted far­rakhan dead just as the called for the death of JESUS.

  • Yusuf Salaam

    but thanks you ADL for spread­ing the mes­sage about the time and what must be done. you might mean it for bad but every knock is a boast. remem­ber in the 80s when your media tried to shed neg­a­tive light on the nation? you were lead­ing peo­ple to the nation. Light is light is light. Allah got you in his grasp now.

    • D.G. Williams

      @Yusuf Salaam. I pity you. Fararkhan brings no peace to this world. He preaches intol­er­ance, hatred, and cre­ates darkness,

      • Just Amin

        @d.g. Williams Min. Far­rakhan only teaches free­dom jus­tice and equal­ity the rea­son it pains you so because in order for blacks to have free­dom jus­tice and equal­ity the world must share their por­tion of bounty with us.….we black peo­ple are intol­er­ant of the scraps we are given we hate the lies we’ve been told and as a man of color I say black is beau­ti­ful let’s pro­mote dark­ness its the white­ness that needs to be taken down a notch!!!!.…..very soon the day will come the dry bones wilel awaken and on that day i will pity you and all of you who mean to do the bid­ding of satan..GOD IS HERE 6000 years are over!!!!!!

  • Ver­non Muhammad

    The term Syn­a­gogue of Satan does not refer to Jews. It refers to those imposters with evil intent in their hearts and minds who call them­selves Jews but are noth­ing more than Liars. They manip­u­late whomever and when­ever they get the chance. They vehe­mently oppose Eco­nomic Empow­er­ment and Self-Determination among Black peo­ple and inter­fere with those efforts wher­ever they occur. That’s a tell­tale sign. To those char­ac­ters may your inten­tions recoil on you 10 fold. But to those who love the laws of Moses and the Torah I say Shalom.

    • Mario Augusto Puga Valera

      Sorry, but it’s pretty obvi­ous what Far­rakah (just like Texe Marrs, Ted Pike, Tito Martínez and other pro­fes­sional judeo­phobes) mean with the term “Syn­a­gogue of Satan”. He fools no one.

  • Harvela

    The Jews have been a guid­ing light to the nations for 3,000+years . They will be around long after the anti­semite Far­rakhan has departed this mor­tal coil . Noth­ing will rec­om­mend this evil man . His legacy is hate and men­dac­ity .
    Trust me , he will be forgotten

    • Just Amin

      Min Far­rakhan will NEVER die just as abra­ham moses jesus prophet muham­mad (PBU them all) …he and his mes­sage are eter­nal and as long as their is suf­fer­ing in the world their will be a farrakhan.……in his absense I AM FARRAKHAN.….…MY CHILDREN ARE FARRAKHAN THEIR CHILDREN WILL BE FARRAKHAN.……SO BE SILENT harvela.….for you know not what you speak!!!!

      • Harvela

        Read your his­tory . Mil­lions of your ances­tors were sold into slav­ery cap­tured by the Mus­lim Arab slave traders who rav­aged Africa for hun­dreds of years .
        Far­rakhan will go the way of all men . Within a gen­er­a­tion he will be for­got­ten unloved and unla­mented .
        His legacy is hate and men­dac­ity . Sad that you should be enthral to evil such as this but not surprised .

  • faatimah217

    Never once in this arti­cle was the Hon Min Louis Far­rakhan referred to as a Liar! Because the ADL is well aware that every­thing Far­rakhan has been expos­ing is true and fac­tual and can be and has been proven in no limit of time! Satan does not want his cover exposed so he can con­tinue deceiv­ing the whole world but the time of weak­ness is over. We as black, Latino, Asian, Native Amer­i­can, white and oth­ers will stand with Far­rakhan on the truth that he speaks despite the ADL’s attempt to detur us from doing so! This is a new gen­er­a­tion, a fear­less one! God and His Christ is real and they con­trol the hearts and minds of peo­ple! So we will con­tinue hear­ing from Farrakhan!

    • Just Amin

      Go Head!!!!

  • ChiefNeef

    Before you read this arti­cle think­ing every­thing you read is true, please research & learn your his­tory for your­self. You don’t have to con­vert, like, nor sup­port the NOI but it is wise to not be fooled by the media. Real­ity is that any true Jew would be highly offended that Zion­ist are using their name and reli­gion to do evil works. Knowl­edge & Wis­dom is power. It is greater than gold. (Irony) lol

  • Ra Muham­mad

    A race that has no regards of chil­dren women and men. Run and shoot them over with tanks. Use Human life as shields.Everywhere the soul of your feet have touched you’ve caused havoc. A so-called Jew steals. They way of Anti-Semetism was cre­atd through Islam not by so-called Jews. The mil­lions of acres so-called black had at Procla­ma­tion? Who took that?, and haven’t gave it back to us. So thank you Goldstein’s, Silverman’s, an the inside corruptions.