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February 25, 2014 7

Farrakhan Compares Himself To Henry Ford In Detroit

Update – March 5, 2014: Far­rakhan deliv­ered “Part 2” of his Sav­iours’ Day address on Sun­day in Chicago, empha­siz­ing his view that “Satanic Jews…control every­thing and mostly everybody.”

Speak­ing to an audi­ence of 18,000 at Detroit’s Joe Louis Arena yes­ter­day, Nation of Islam (NOI) leader Louis Far­rakhan com­pared him­self to Henry Ford and made alle­ga­tions – both explicit and implicit – about Jew­ish con­trol over African-Americans and var­i­ous industries.farrakhan-detroit-henry-ford-saviours-day-2014

Dur­ing his keynote address at the NOI’s annual Sav­iours’ Day con­ven­tion, Far­rakhan likened him­self to auto mag­nate Henry Ford, who pro­moted anti-Semitic con­spir­a­cies in the 1920s in a series (and book) called The Inter­na­tional Jew: the World’s Fore­most Prob­lem. Far­rakhan called Ford “a great man who was called an anti-Semite” and added, “I feel like I’m in good company.”

Far­rakhan alleged that Jews manip­u­late the media and pub­lish­ing indus­tries to destroy the rep­u­ta­tions of African-Americans. He explained, “See, they write our his­tory and feed it back to us.” Far­rakhan retold a story about a meet­ing with for­mer chair­man of the Sea­gram Com­pany Edgar Bronf­man, in which he por­trays him­self as stand­ing up to the wealthy Jew­ish busi­ness­man who sup­pos­edly flaunted his wealth, power, and abil­ity to “make The New York Times” print what­ever he wanted.

Jew­ish con­trol over the African-American com­mu­nity, as well as var­i­ous indus­tries, has been a com­mon theme in Farrakhan’s weekly online ser­mons lead­ing up to Sav­iours’ Day. In those ser­mons, he com­monly refers to Jews as “Satanic” or as the “Syn­a­gogue of Satan.”

Dur­ing his speech yes­ter­day, Far­rakhan said, “See, Satan is in con­trol of Hol­ly­wood. Satan is in con­trol of tele­vi­sion. Satan is in con­trol of media.  Satan is in con­trol of money. Satan is in control.”

Copies of the anti-Semitic book The Syn­a­gogue of Satan, writ­ten by Assis­tant Edi­tor of the NOI’s Final Call news­pa­per, Asha­hed Muham­mad, were sold through­out the 4-day con­ven­tion. The book, whose over­ar­ch­ing theme is that unknown to most, the world is being manip­u­lated and cor­rupted by Satanic pow­ers led by Jew­ish elites, has been heav­ily pro­moted by the NOI since 2005.ashahed-muhammad-synagogue-of-satan

Far­rakhan spent por­tions of his keynote address call­ing for a sep­a­rate Black judi­cial sys­tem that would try white peo­ple: “I’m going on record with this today…We have to have our own courts.  You failed us. Well, hell on you! We’re gonna try them in our court.” Far­rakhan also said Blacks should not feel like they need white peo­ple for any­thing. “You wasn’t born with no white peo­ple. You pre-date them. They weren’t in your life until recently. So how come you think you can’t get along with­out them?”

Farrakhan’s keynote address was attended by sev­eral pub­lic offi­cials, includ­ing Con­gress­man John Cony­ers, for­mer Con­gress­woman Car­olyn Cheeks Kil­patrick and Detroit City Coun­cil Pres­i­dent Brenda Jones. Cony­ers was in atten­dance for Farrakhan’s May 2013 anti-Semitic ser­mon that Cony­ers later con­demned as “unac­cept­able racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic.”

  • Mario Augusto Puga Valera

    There’s no “Syn­a­gogue of Satan”. Rather, there is appar­ently, a “(coun­ter­feit) Mosque of Satan”, the Nation of Islam.
    How many Louis Far­rakah we have in the world?

    • Shimah Muham­mad

      Yes there is a Syn­a­gogue of Satan and you are cor­rect, there is a Mosque of Satan and a Church of Satan as well. Peo­ple who manip­u­late the truth in reli­gion to accom­mo­date their own per­ver­sion but I assure you the Mosque of Satan is not resid­ing in the Nation of Islam.

      • Just Amin

        Thats right!!!!

    • Sha­kee­lah Muhammad

      There is only one Louis Far­rakhan , but he has planted this truth given to him in the minds of black women and men all of this world as well as oth­ers . He has no rea­son to lie , when you are backed with a true and liv­ing god and his exhaulted Christ you have no rea­son to lie nor fear any­one . The devil is a lie and he knows what time it is , so don’t mis­take this arti­cle for the truth . Surely satan deceived the whole world and if you choose to go against Far­rakhan you will surely fail and die .

  • Frank X

    After read­ing this blog, I do not fine one lie told by Min­is­ter Far­rakhan and Ialso see you don’t call him a liar, but yet you try to take his words and make them seem as if what he said was in a way hate­ful. He stated that jews con­trol the media, and what this blo does is prove him true. Also on the weekly brod­cast you men­tion he has asked for a pub­lic debate between the Adl and N.O.I. which the ADL has failed to respond but con­tinue to take shots in the dark at a man they fear for spead­ing the truth. We are liv­ing in the time where the truth must be known and the liar revealed. Is this why you con­tinue to hide in dark­ness for fear of being exposed?

  • donna muham­mad

    Thank you for this arti­cle, for every knock is a boost. You have engaged even more peo­ple to look deeper into what the Hon­or­able Min­is­ter Louis Far­rakhan is teach­ing regard­ing the truth of the Secret Rela­tion­shib between Blacks and Jews (FinalCall.com), as well as going back to read Mr. Ford’s very accu­rate por­trayal of the Inter­na­tional. It is laugh­able to imply that Jews do not con­trol media — and I say “imply” because you never say Min­is­ter Far­rakhan is lying, you know he is not so you seek to mis­lead peo­ple through the manip­u­la­tive use of words — when you can sim­ply read the cred­its as they roll by and see all the names of those at the helm. So again, thank you for direct­ing more peo­ple to see the full words of Min­is­ter Far­rakhan, him­self and thank you for the pro­mo­tion of Ashahed’s pub­li­ca­tion “the Syn­a­gogue of Satan” you can’t buy this kind of publicity :)

  • Jab­bar

    The Zion­ist call them­selves Jews to pro­tect them­selves from those who expose their evil deeds. The Zion­ist use the label Anti-Semite to deceive the igno­rant. The Euro­pean Jews are not Semi­tes and the masses are wak­ing up to that truth.