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May 22, 2013 9

Farrakhan Broadcast Demonizing Jews Airs One Day After Receiving Praise in Detroit

One day after Nation of Islam (NOI) leader Louis Far­rakhan deliv­ered an anti-Semitic speech at the Fel­low­ship Chapel in Detroit and was praised by Detroit reli­gious lead­ers, the NOI broad­cast what appears to be a pre-recorded anti-Jewish rant by Far­rakhan titled “Mak­ing Satan Known.”farrakhan-conspiracy-satan-jews

The rant, part 19 of Farrakhan’s 52-week lec­ture series, echoes Farrakhan’s remarks in Detroit, where he char­ac­ter­ized the Jew­ish peo­ple as “Satanic.” Far­rakhan, who claimed in the May 18 broad­cast that it is his job “to make Satan known,” asks “are we really a hate group or is it that you hate the fact that your lying, your trick­ery, your deceit, your med­dling, your snoop­ing, your trou­ble­mak­ing, your mischief-making, your mur­der of the human fam­ily will be made known?”

Far­rakhan accuses his Jew­ish crit­ics of abus­ing “your power to mis­use, your power to mis­la­bel with the media, your power with Black lead­er­ship, your power with Black preach­ers, your power with Black intel­lec­tu­als, your power with Black sports and enter­tain­ment figures…will the real anti-Semite please stand up?”

“Look at what you’ve done to this coun­try,” Far­rakhan con­tin­ues. “We can show how you rule Hol­ly­wood. We can prove how you are the king of the media. We can show and prove that you own most of the pub­lish­ing houses, that you own most of the record com­pa­nies that have these Black rap­pers in their filthy lan­guage say­ing things against their Black women and glo­ri­fy­ing a life of crime and drugs. You per­mit it. We can show and prove that in your Hol­ly­wood, you place us in such a degraded state.”

“You are the mas­ter of seg­re­ga­tion,” he adds. “You brought that to South Africa, you brought it to Amer­ica and we have suf­fered under Amer­i­can apartheid which you sanc­ti­fied by the Hamitic course…how dare you write us down as the hater when your life in Amer­ica, your life in Africa, your life in the Holy Land is one of seg­re­ga­tion, sep­a­ra­tion, hatred, mur­der, lying, and steal­ing land from the orig­i­nal Palestinians.”

Far­rakhan also makes bizarre alle­ga­tions of Jew­ish finan­cial con­trol of the United States by instruct­ing his lis­ten­ers to look for a hid­den Star of David on the back of the one-dollar bill (image above). He implies a con­nec­tion between this Jew­ish sym­bol and the Satanic sym­bol of 666: “the Star of David, 6 angles, 6 sides, of 60 degrees. Who are you?”

  • slam­pert

    who are these reli­gious lead­ers who praised these atro­cious words?

  • Asad Shah

    Far­rakhan is like the boggey­man to the Jews. Why are the Jew­ish peo­ple scared of this man?

    • Mar­i­onL

      We aren’t scared, just sad that any­one would believe his hate­ful garbage.

  • Truth exposes

    These are lies. Min­is­ter Far­rakhan never said the Jews are Satanic. Lis­ten to the mes­sages, he says that SOME mem­bers of the Jew­ish com­mu­nity are Satanic, the ones who are choos­ing the Tal­mud over the Torah. The Satanic Jews who run the porn indus­try. Why not debate with facts instead of innuendo?

    • sabir abdus-samee

      I agree with that! The only thing Min. Far­rakhan hates is mis­deeds done to his peo­ple. Doesn’t he have a right to defend his people?

  • jane

    Why won’t you come out into the light and talk with the min­is­ter, black peo­ple have suf­fered in this coun­try and con­tinue to live in the val­ley of the shadow of death to this very hour, why are u con­cerned who black peo­ple love and sup­port the jews could give less than a damn , about blacks (swartzers) in this coun­try but u love that the pris­ons are filled with our men, i could go on and on, well the more lies you try to put out about the hon­or­able min­is­ter louis far­rakhan being an anti­Semite and a racists by gods mercy black peo­ple will see u for who you are every word the min­is­ter says is absolute TRUTH.

  • Agnes Kravitz

    I’m hor­ri­fied at these com­ments. The African Amer­i­can com­mu­nity would HOWL if a non-person-of-color used demo­niz­ing state­ments or the big N word to describe African Amer­i­cans. Seems like the worst big­otry comes from other minorites!

  • long wolf

    Who cares!! Louis is now allies with the Sci­en­tol­ogy Group now. Its all about money.

  • Mia

    Black peo­ple com­ment­ing or dia­logu­ing with non Blacks about issues effect­ing our com­mu­nity is futile.There opin­ions do not mat­ter. Far­rakhan is speak­ing truth, and these so-called jews hate to hear the truth about themselves