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August 27, 2013 9

Kinism: A White Supremacist Religious Movement Makes Gains

A racist and anti-Semitic reli­gious move­ment called “Kin­ism” is attract­ing young white suprema­cists in their 20s and 30s.  The adher­ents of Kin­ism pro­mote their own extreme ver­sion of Chris­tian­ity, insist­ing that the Bible con­dones the sep­a­ra­tion of the races. Kin­ists believe that whites should live with their own eth­nic kind or kin.kinism-anti-semitic-racist

Although Kin­ists insist that they are not racist, their pri­mary goal is to pre­serve the white race. Kin­ism orig­i­nated around 2001 with a group of peo­ple asso­ci­ated with the neo-Confederate League of the South.  The reli­gion gained more fol­low­ers a few years later as adher­ents began pub­li­ciz­ing Kin­ism on web­sites and blogs.

Today, young Kin­ists are using web­sites, blogs and pod­casts to try to attract more peo­ple to the reli­gion by pro­mot­ing it as a nor­ma­tive part of Chris­tian­ity that sim­ply focuses on lov­ing one’s own kind. Kin­ism may appeal to a grow­ing num­ber of white suprema­cists who are look­ing for a reli­gious foun­da­tion to jus­tify their racism and anti-Semitism.

For more infor­ma­tion, see: Kin­ism: A Racist and Anti-Semitic Reli­gious Move­ment.

  • michael­CfromSC

    Notice how ‘racist’ now means you are against your own race’s geno­cide. So, you have sup­port your own geno­cide if you are White in order not to be ‘racist.’ lol The ADL just hates White people.

  • Eric Thor­volds­son

    “Kin­ists believe that whites should live with their own eth­nic kind or kin.” Wait isn’t this what you Jews are try­ing to do in Israel by forc­ing out the Pales­tini­ans and com­mit­ting geno­cide against the peo­ple? “pri­mary goal is to pre­serve the white race” So now the ADL is say­ing that while it is ok for Jews, Blacks, Asians etc. to desire to pre­serve their race but is Whites desire this then we are racists? You are the epit­ome of hypocrisy and yet again you ser­pents show your true colors.

  • ToeKnee BelowKnee

    Kin­ism is his­tor­i­cal Chris­tian­ity as has been prac­tised by all eth­nos / nations of their Chris­t­ian brethren as well as their uncon­verted until as recent as a half cen­tury ago.
    I’ve been post­ing the warn­ing to fel­low Kin­ism prac­ti­tion­ers that there will always be hedo­nist ray­ciss that will ride her gowns train & that it will slow her momen­tum down from regain­ing the bib­li­cal stan­dard she once had which still remains an unques­tion­able truth.

  • Kevin Alaw­ine

    “The ADL said this. The ADL said that. The ADL said that so and so is a hate group.” Why does any­body care what the ADL says? Who assigned them the task of decid­ing and declar­ing the “who’s who” of “haters?”

    The ADL is a hate group. They hate Christ and his fol­low­ers and any­thing and every­thing decent. .

  • Nathanael­Strick­land

    “All in all, except for the repeated incor­rect use of scare-words, I
    liked the piece and will be sav­ing it to send out to peo­ple in the
    future to say, “Look at this; this is the worst even our anti-Christian
    ene­mies could say about us.” If not for the scare-words sprin­kled
    through­out, one could almost take the report as actu­ally pro­mot­ing

  • The Jews have never had a prob­lem with it until white Euro­peans do it.

  • Jake D. Parsons

    Well to my knowl­edge they are not killing prophets and mes­si­ahs, destroy­ing nations, geno­cid­ing Pales­tini­ans, ille­gally annex­ing land, suck­ing infant’s pri­vate parts, cor­rupt­ing and pla­gia­riz­ing books, hold­ing the world in ran­som through debt and usuary, bomb­ing babies, break­ing up fam­i­lies. They are not crim­i­nal and they are White so they are racist and anti-Semetic when they rally against the biggest crim­i­nals in the world for self-preservation?


    Pro­nun­ci­a­tion: /ˈreɪsɪz(ə)m/Translate racism | into French | into Ger­man | into Ital­ian | into Span­ish noun [mass noun]

    belief that all mem­bers of each race pos­sess char­ac­ter­is­tics,
    abil­i­ties, or qual­i­ties spe­cific to that race, espe­cially so as to
    dis­tin­guish it as infe­rior or supe­rior to another race or races: the­o­ries of racism

    dis­crim­i­na­tion, or antag­o­nism directed against some­one of a dif­fer­ent
    race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior:a pro­gramme to com­bat racism

    Spelling help

    Remem­ber that racism and the related word racist begin with rac-.

    So Jews have con­stantly proven to be crim­i­nals of the worst kind. They fol­low the Tal­mud that admits they think they are supe­rior to every other race and every other race is cat­tle (goyim) to be deceived and culled. There is no moral law within the Tal­mud for other races than the Jew. It is for the Jew and the Jew only. Who is the racist?

    • Sec­u­lar

      Let me guess. You are one sin­gle lonely mis­er­able soul with no friends who couldn’t make it in life so you decided to blame your fail­ure on the Jews. How con­ve­nient.
      Oh and let me won­der since you seem so con­cerned about the human right vio­la­tions com­mit­ted by the Israelis. Was hitler Jew­ish or a fol­lower of the lovely bub­bly Jesus. Mosolini and all the rest of the crim­i­nals who destroyed the world didnt they fol­low your sick doctrine ?

  • cathy

    So, it’s ok to let Jews have their own land and their own peo­ple but if whites want to it’s evil? I hope to God that some­one just drops a bomb on Israel. Really. Put all the Jews in Israel and just do away with them. I hate them for delib­er­ately try­ing to destroy the white people.