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August 15, 2014 5

New Black Panthers Inflame Michael Brown Incident In Missouri

The lead­ers of the New Black Pan­ther Party (NBPP), the largest orga­nized anti-Semitic and racist Black mil­i­tant group in Amer­ica, trav­eled to Fer­gu­son, Mis­souri, inflam­ing the already tense sit­u­a­tion fol­low­ing the fatal shoot­ing of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by

The NBPP’s lead­er­ship, includ­ing Chair­man Hashim Nzinga, Chief of Staff Chawn Kweli, and for­mer Chair­man Malik Zulu Shabazz arrived in Fer­gu­son ear­lier this week and held press con­fer­ences, set up a “field legal office,” and inter­acted with the victim’s fam­ily, pro­test­ers and law enforcement.

State­ments from NBPP lead­ers prior to and dur­ing their pres­ence in Fer­gu­son  have fea­tured calls for vio­lence against police. Shabazz wrote on Face­book yes­ter­day that if the name of the offi­cer who shot Michael Brown is not released, he will release the officer’s name and address to “give the demon­stra­tors a clearer target.”


Nzinga addressed the NBPP on the August 11 online broad­cast of Black Power Radio titled “Mur­der In Mis­souri– Michael Brown And Blood Thirsty Pigs– The Bat­tle Is On!” Nzinga claimed that white Amer­i­cans are com­mit­ting “geno­cide” against Black males: “The Black male is being exterminated…The ones who are not being exter­mi­nated, they’re push­ing them to be gay and fags so they won’t be pro­duc­tive on repro­duc­ing babies. This is about genocide.”

Nzinga injected anti-Semitism into the dis­cus­sion, blam­ing the recent inci­dent on the sup­pos­edly Jewish-controlled media. “Jews’ media and the Jews’ TV, they have made it look like we’re the vil­lains of Amer­ica…” said Nzinga. He also blamed vio­lence in Chicago on Mayor Rahm Emanuel who he described as “a Jew, and that Jew is a mas­ter at propaganda.”

Addi­tion­ally, Nzinga described sup­port the NBPP has received from St. Louis based media and real estate mogul Michael V. Roberts. “Our bil­lion­aire friend Mike Roberts, I’ve been on the phone with him all week. He will be bring­ing us in again,” said Nzinga.

Kweli, the host of the often racist and anti-Semitic Black Power Radio, expressed sim­i­lar sen­ti­ments to Nzinga’son the August 11 broad­cast, describ­ing police actions in the after­math of the shoot­ing in Fer­gu­sonas “state-sponsored ter­ror­ism against our peo­ple” and as “a war.”

In the same broad­cast, Shabazz sug­gested the next tac­tic for police in Fer­gu­son is to set up con­cen­tra­tion camps. “The SWAT team is out and all the plans and the plots of the con­cen­tra­tion camps are out,” he said.

The NBPP com­monly takes on racially-charged issues under the guise of cham­pi­oning civil rights as they also did in the after­math of the Trayvon Mar­tin inci­dent. The group’s demon­stra­tions, con­fer­ences, and other events often blend inflam­ma­tory big­otry with calls for vio­lence, tar­nish­ing its efforts to pro­mote Black pride and consciousness.

  • Sonny Of The Meek

    Shabazz video still on web call­ing for the killing of “Cracker Baby’s”

  • Annabelle Pet­tyjohn

    The Jews formed the first Black Pan­ther Party. David Horowitz.

  • myr­tle

    I don’t under­stand why black peo­ple act like they don’t under­stand what’s hap­pen­ing, all the backs elite, includ­ing Nel­lie, al Sharp­ton, messy Jessie are faces for white supremacy so black peo­ple wont form a rev­o­lu­tion and kill their peo­ple like they ill our peo­ple. They don’t care about you protest­ing as long as you are not killing their white boys. If black peo­ple are not will­ing to die and take back what we deserve, the white supremacy are going to keep on killing all the black males they cant tern Gay. Black peo­ple need to wake up those peace­ful marches don’t mean a Dam to white supremacy. They have the army ready to kill you black peo­ple because they are try­ing to pro­tect that white police mur­derer ( who is a Klan), just like the whole white police force is the ” Klan. So you are wast­ing your time because they run the crim­i­nal jus­tice sys­tem. No evi­dence need to prove he shot that young man in exe­cu­tion style. But we all know white supremacy has no value when it comes to a black per­son life. If the Black race don’t come together and form a rev­o­lu­tion army, black peo­ple are going to b ter­mi­nated of the face of the earth. Every Black Leader that tried to form a rev­o­lu­tion army with the Black race was mur­dered. So these so call lead­ers like Al Sharp­ton, Jessie Jack­son, are agents for the white man, as long as they have been so called lead­ers why isn’t their any changes in the black com­mu­ni­ties, they and other black lead­ers don’t care, and go along with that white man, because they feel the white man has excepted them, but the truth is,after they fin­ish using them to help white supremacy to destroy black peo­ple, the white supremacy will ter­mi­nate those black fools tool, because if they was a threat to white supremacy they would have been dead, or would have had sev­eral death attempts. They only come out when some­thing like Michael and Travon tar­get, but never in the com­mu­ni­ties try­ing to help these young men in the black com­mu­ni­ties, because they don’t care. We need some new Black Lead­ers, such as Khalid Muham­mad , Mal­colm X, Mar­cus Gar­vey, Pratt, and all other real Black lead­ers who was mur­dered because they were lead­ing the peo­ple on the right path to redemp­tion, which their is no redemp­tion with­out the shed­ding of Blood”. So black peo­ple stop being scared to die for a good cause, let­ting white super­mancy keep killing our chil­dren, this is a worth­less way to die.

  • Big­foot Steve

    “The Black male is being exterminated…

    By other black males. But shhh.…don’t tell anyone

  • cafee lat­tee latisha

    Black offi­cers were offered to patrol Black neigh­bor­hoods, they refused it. Are they White suprema­cists too?
    White police doing the work that nobody wants to do and then they are the bad guys!