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December 6, 2012 7

Nation of Islam: Why No Jews In Spielberg’s Lincoln?

With the release of Steven Spielberg’s new movie, Lin­coln, the Nation of Islam (NOI) has found another oppor­tu­nity to pro­mote its anti-Semitic book, The Secret Rela­tion­ship between Blacks and Jews, which alleges dis­pro­por­tion­ate Jew­ish involve­ment in the slave trade.

Con­trary to the estab­lished his­tor­i­cal record, the NOI’s arti­cle, “Spielberg’s Lin­coln: Plenty of Negroes, But Why No Jews?” says Spiel­berg “sus­pi­ciously ignores the crit­i­cal role played by his own Jew­ish peo­ple in the War Between the States…This is not an oversight…[but] to ensure that his race is rep­re­sented with dig­nity and respect.” The arti­cle explains Spielberg’s alleged moti­va­tions, say­ing that he “wants to rein­force the fic­tion that a sin­gle doc­u­ment [the 13th Amend­ment] exon­er­ated Amer­ica and ended for­ever a sys­tem by which his peo­ple grew so wealthy.”

The arti­cle was first pub­lished by the NOI Research Group, which main­tains a web­site cre­ated in March of this year and pro­motes vir­u­lently anti-Semitic con­spir­acy the­o­ries that blame Jews for every­thing from per­pe­trat­ing 9/11 to bring­ing on Hur­ri­cane Sandy’s destruc­tion as divine punishment.

Con­sis­tent with NOI leader Louis Farrakhan’s alle­ga­tions about Jew­ish con­trol of Hol­ly­wood, the NOI Research Group’s arti­cle sug­gests that Steven Spiel­berg has pur­posely crafted the film Lin­coln to over­look Jew­ish involve­ment in what it calls “the Black Holocaust.”

Not only does the NOI hold Jews dis­pro­por­tion­ately account­able for slav­ery, but it also claims that Blacks today con­tinue to be slaves to Jew­ish con­trol of a num­ber of indus­tries. This arti­cle, for exam­ple, describes the “Talmud-based sys­tem that replaced slav­ery in Amer­ica” which allowed “slav­ery to con­tinue unabated in other forms” after the 13th Amend­ment. Other recent arti­cles in NOI’s news­pa­per The Final Call  have made sim­i­lar claims, such as alleg­ing Jew­ish con­trol of Black politi­cians includ­ing Pres­i­dent Barack Obama, as well as a “slave/slavemaster rela­tion­ship between Black enter­tain­ers and enter­tain­ment exec­u­tives who hap­pen to be Jewish.”

  • hwy505

    Louis Far­rakhan, just another punk!

  • DAY-O! Calypso Louie speaketh! Lordy, Lody!! I guess he doesn’t read — 2 good­ies: “Jews, Slaves and the Slave Trade” and “Jews and the Amer­i­can Slave Trade”. Louie loves stoopid!

  • If took haven’t read the book, you have no clue.

  • Mecca Med­ina

    The Nation of Islam, is all wise and right and exact! All praise is do to Allah!

  • Jewish-Americans should be upset that Lin­coln did not show their enor­mous role in Amer­ica. It is time the piv­otal roles of Jews in Amer­ica be rec­og­nized. Whether the actions should be crit­i­cized or praised is a mat­ter of per­spec­tive, but to deny or not por­tray the con­tri­bu­tions of such a influ­en­tial peo­ple is a gross mis-charaterization of history!



  • Vanguard4life

    It amazes me how so many accu­sa­tions are made against The Min­is­ter and the NOI’s truth regard­ing Jew­ish involve­ment in the slave trade, the cor­rup­tion of Hol­ly­wood, media con­trol, etc. but NO BODY who post these arti­cles, blogs what­ever will con­front them? Why hide behind the wall after throw­ing a stone? The MIn­is­ter is speak­ing ABSOLUTE truth!!!!!! When is the ADL going to stop hid­ing and come out and prove that the Mighty Nation of Islam is false in thier find­ings? They can’r because they know that is is ABSOLUTE truth and noth­ing but!!!! I’m ready to see them openly dis­pute The Min­is­ter and the NOI and stop being so cow­ardly. Oh and just a quick F.Y.I, many of the fac­sts in our books comes from Jew­ish scholars!!!