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November 1, 2013 9

White Supremacist Arrested For Shooting Salt Lake City Synagogue

On Octo­ber 30, a fed­eral grand jury indicted white suprema­cist, Macon Michael Open­shaw, 21, on charges related to an early 2012 inci­dent in which he allegedly defaced and dam­aged the Kol Ami syn­a­gogue in Salt Lake City, Utah.macon-michael-openshaw-skinhead

The indict­ment alleges that Open­shaw, of Salt Lake City, was moti­vated by hate when he fired sev­eral rounds at the syn­a­gogue, break­ing win­dows and dam­ag­ing the build­ing.   Author­i­ties charged Open­shaw with a civil rights vio­la­tion and sev­eral gun pos­ses­sion crimes. He has pleaded not guilty.

On Storm­front, a white suprema­cist on-line forum, Open­shaw claimed mem­ber­ship in a local racist skin­head crew. He also claimed alle­giance to the now-defunct Vin­land Folk Patri­ots whose mis­sion, accord­ing to their Web site, was to awaken the white race “to the detri­men­tal and ulti­mately cat­a­strophic real­ity of racial extinction.” 

In his pro­lific on-line pres­ence, Open­shaw uses the numeric sym­bols 14 and 88. The 14 refers to the “14 words,” a white suprema­cist mantra about pre­serv­ing the white race and “88” sig­ni­fies the eighth let­ter of the alpha­bet, “HH,” which stands for “Heil Hitler.” He also uses SWP, a com­mon acronym used by racists to sig­nify “Supreme White Power.”  Addi­tion­ally, Open­shaw has sub­scribed to many white suprema­cist videos on YouTube.

On the white suprema­cist social net­work­ing Web site Newsaxon, Open­shaw praised the Aryan Brotherhood’s use of vio­lence.  He also wrote,“this is a war, the goal, death to zog. even if it means get­ting dirty.”  ZOG is a white suprema­cist acronym for Zion­ist Occu­pied Government.

Open­shaw has a crim­i­nal his­tory, which includes pos­ses­sion of a deadly weapon.

  • Bill Veris

    Although I am not com­ment­ing on this case, this site sucks because I noticed they close down threads reg­u­larly. (code for “I can’t han­dle the truth.”)

    I was right, they do not have an open forums with peo­ple of any kind on any of the issues on their site. This hate group ADL only likes to dic­tate pol­icy like politi­cians liv­ing in ivory tow­ers. If they allowed open forums, they know there argu­ments wouldn’t have any sub­stance. They would lose but I don’t care about their feel­ings because they’ve spo­ken for a cen­tury afar off for a very long time and it’s about time they meet on a panel or dis­cus­sion group and meet­ing their crit­ics! Real peo­ple dis­cuss things. Not doing things “afar off.” Every­one knows the ADL is a BS group.

    Yeah this thread will close or my post will be deleted! (If I brought that up they would say it’s my “para­noia!” or some­thing to that effect. Abra­ham Fox­man would lose his tem­per and walk out of the room or something.

  • Daniel Mul­hol­land

    ADL=Anti-white.The most evil cul­ture and the true ter­ror­ist of the world are the syn­a­gogue of SATAN rev­e­la­tion 2.9 ashke­nazi jew .You had bet­ter wake up peo­ple the roth­schilds israel is com­ing to its ulti­mate slav­ery of the world with its NWO and set­ting up the throne of their Tal­mud Mas­ter Lucifer.Israel is the true ter­ror­ist and amer­ica is israels whore

    • Anti-white is code word for peo­ple like you jus­ti­fy­ing your racism. It’s not working.

      • Bill Veris

        No anti racist is code­word for anti White.

    • NoBig­Gov­Duh

      The peo­ple you vote for are the ones who are anti white, you have allowed your hate to dec­i­mate the lives of mil­lions of the white peo­ple you claim to be in favor of.

  • Nathan Car­rie

    Hey Bill, look right under you at the hate-filled rant­i­ngs of a sad human being and you’ll under­stand why the ADL might feel the need to clean out those comments.

    • Bill Veris

      I am not a sad human being. I am call­ing on the ADL to have a real life open forum discussion.

      One of the first ques­tions would be is why is Abra­ham Fox­man paid so much even though it’s a so-called “human rights” orga­ni­za­tion? Are peo­ple like Abra­ham in it for the money or for mak­ing soci­ety better…?

      Let’s have an open forum. Let’s not close down dis­cus­sion or then I could accuse you of being against free­dom of speech and the truth.

  • NoBig­Gov­Duh

    I am so pissed at these hate groups recruit­ing peo­ple in my gen­er­a­tion then the legal sys­tem will only make sure they come out more vio­lent than actu­ally reha­bil­i­tat­ing them.