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July 9, 2014 9

Michigan Anti-Immigrant Activist Behind Central American Child Protest


Tamyra Mur­ray

On Mon­day, July 7, anti-immigrant activists took to the streets in the small town of Vas­sar, Michi­gan, to protest the pro­posal to trans­fer chil­dren and moth­ers flee­ing vio­lence in Cen­tral Amer­ica to their town. The protest resem­bled the ones in Mur­ri­eta, Cal­i­for­nia, which received national atten­tion due to the ugly cli­mate and extreme rhetoric gen­er­ated by the protesters.

The orga­nizer of the protest in Vas­sar was Tamyra Mur­ray, a long-time anti-immigrant activist with numer­ous extreme anti-immigrant ties. Mur­ray announced her plans to hold a protest on her Face­book page and encour­aged activists to join her. Her protest announce­ment also con­tained the same extreme anti-immigrant rhetoric voiced by Patrice Lynes, the orga­nizer of the Mur­ri­eta protests. Mur­ray wrote, “What dis­eases are being imported into the US that have already been erad­i­cated here? Many of these ‘chil­dren’ belong to dan­ger­ous gangs and drug cartels.”

Before the protest, Mur­ray announced that anti-immigrant activists from across the state of Michi­gan would be in atten­dance. The same was the case in Mur­ri­eta, where a num­ber of anti-immigrant activists flocked to join the protests from all over South­ern California.

Mur­ray is a state advi­sor for the extreme anti-immigrant group Fed­er­a­tion for Amer­i­can Immi­gra­tion Reform (FAIR). She is a reg­u­lar attendee at FAIR’s annual “Hold Their Feet to the Fire” event in Wash­ing­ton, D.C. In 2011, Mur­ray spoke at an anti-immigrant “Pro­tect Amer­i­can Jobs Rally” in her home state of Michi­gan. Anti-immigrant politi­cians with ties to FAIR also spoke at the event. In Sep­tem­ber 2013, Mur­ray, along with FAIR field rep­re­sen­ta­tive Robert Naj­mul­ski, was listed as a speaker at a “Cit­i­zens Ris­ing Against Ille­gal Immi­gra­tion” event in Chester, Ohio.

Mur­ray is also a liaison/public speaker for U.S., Inc., a Michigan-based extreme anti-immigrant umbrella orga­ni­za­tion founded by racist John Tan­ton, the founder of the modern-day anti-immigrant move­ment. Tan­ton also founded FAIR in 1979. U.S., Inc. runs a num­ber of “projects” includ­ing Tanton’s pub­lish­ing house, the Social Con­tract Press, which pub­lishes racist books, such as Jean Raspail’s Camp of the Saints, and sells books by racists such as Sam Fran­cis, Wayne Lut­ton and Peter Brimelow.

Despite efforts by the anti-immigrant move­ment to por­tray the protests in Michi­gan and Cal­i­for­nia as spon­ta­neous responses by res­i­dents, the evi­dence sug­gests that in both cases, long­time anti-immigrant activists with close ties to the move­ment played a major role in both events.

  • Olen Rush

    I nor­mally sup­port ADL but the arti­cle really inac­cu­rately por­trays the close­ness of rural com­mu­ni­ties in Michi­gan. Vas­sar and Franken­muth are in farm­ing areas. I grew up not far from there. The school dis­tricts abut each other and I would con­sider some­one from Franken­muth pretty much a local in Vas­sar. Many fam­i­lies in both are related, etc. In rural areas such as I grew up in, I lived 7 miles from my town/village and 10 from the county seat. I could have went to any of 3 schools, etc, and chummed around as much with folks from the county seat as my own town. So, the argu­ment that Ms Mur­ray is some­how swoop­ing in from afar does not make very much sense, and looks out­right decep­tive in intent.

  • Tree hug­ger

    We are a coun­try of immi­grants. The issue here is ILLEGAL immi­gra­tion. We have mil­lions of chil­dren that are cit­i­zens of the United States who do not know where their next meal is com­ing from. There are thou­sands of chil­dren in our fos­ter care sys­tem await­ing adop­tion. The 3.7 bil­lion dol­lars our pres­i­dent wants to send to central/south amer­ica should be used to help our coun­try to help our children.

  • Rich

    These young ille­gal immi­grants belong in their own home country’s with their fam­i­lies. They are being used as polit­i­cal pawns

  • jkimbr

    SO HOW MANY ille­gals do you think Amer­i­cans can pay to house, feed, edu­cate? An infi­nite num­ber? If not, how many? Why is say­ing that we already have enough of our own poor peo­ple to take care of “extreme”?

  • tamyra l. murray

    Olen rush you hit the nail on the head„„Frankenmuth/reese/vassar, all the same.…close in prox­im­ity and it is one community.…my kids go to vas­sal schools.…so what if I get mate­ri­als from US inc.…some arti­cles are good some aren’t so good.….ALSO I vol­un­teer as a state advi­sor to FAIR.…that is NO PAY because it is some­thing I believe in.…I am tired of ille­gals getitn the con­struc­tion jobs and tak­ing away from our own guys.…The above arti­cle has no men­tion of the thou­sands of vet­er­ans that have no hous­ing and no food .…Wha about them? they fought for our coun­try don’t we owe it to them to take care of them before some ille­gal law break­ers? Amer­ica is the friend­liest nation in the world when it comes to allow­ing ppl to come here the legal route.….

  • Melissa Arm­strong