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August 2, 2013 11

Founder Of White Student Union At Georgia State Has History Of Espousing Extreme Views

A fresh­man stu­dent from Alabama, Patrick Sharp recently founded an infor­mal “White Stu­dent Union” on the cam­pus of Geor­gia State Uni­ver­sity in Atlanta. Accord­ing to news­pa­per reports, Sharp, started the group to cel­e­brate white identity. patrick-sharp

In an inter­view with the Atlanta Jour­nal Con­sti­tu­tion, Sharp argued that as whites inevitably become a minor­ity in the United States, they should not back away from express­ing pride in the white race and white her­itage.  His state­ment echoes the views of a num­ber of Amer­i­can white supremacists. 

Later in the same inter­view, Sharp revealed that his inspi­ra­tion for start­ing the White Stu­dent Union was racist Matthew Heim­bach, who founded the White Stu­dent Union at Tow­son Uni­ver­sity in Mary­land in 2012. Sharp viewed videos of Heim­bach, who has been the sub­ject of media atten­tion. A recent short doc­u­men­tary on Heim­bach cre­ated by the alter­na­tive news ser­vice VICE has almost 300,000 views on YouTube.

Heim­bach is no longer the White Stu­dent Union leader at Tow­son, but runs the Tra­di­tion­al­ist Youth Net­work (TYN) with white suprema­cist Matt Par­rott, the for­mer head of the Indi­ana branch of the white suprema­cist orga­ni­za­tion Coun­cil of Con­ser­v­a­tive Cit­i­zens (CofCC) and the white suprema­cist polit­i­cal party Amer­i­can Free­dom Party (AFP).

Accord­ing to Par­rott, TYN is “the first attempt to adapt the Euro­pean New Right’s ideals to the Amer­i­can con­text for street action, and it already includes an impres­sive selec­tion of America’s most active and respected young street activists and pub­lic advo­cates.” The group appears to be mod­eled after Gen­er­a­tion Iden­ti­taire, the youth move­ment arm of the far-right French polit­i­cal party Bloc Iden­ti­taire, led by Fab­rice Robert. The web­site for the Geor­gia State White Stu­dent Union links to TYN, call­ing it “our sis­ter organization.”

Sharp’s online foot­print indi­cates that he shares the ide­ol­ogy of Par­rott and Heim­bach. Sharp’s Face­book page shows that he “likes” a slew of Euro­pean far-right polit­i­cal par­ties, fig­ures and move­ments includ­ing Fab­rice Robert, Gen­er­a­tion Iden­ti­taire and Job­bik, a vir­u­lently anti-Semitic Hun­gar­ian polit­i­cal party that once called for the cre­ation of a list of Jews in Hun­gary who pose a “national secu­rity risk.” 

Sharp also has also posted extreme com­ments on Face­book. In a post­ing dated Decem­ber 1, 2011, Sharp wrote “I hope more Amer­i­cans, and ESPECIALLY Euro­peans begin to wake up to the threat that is Islam. There is no place for Islam in the West.” In another post dated Feb­ru­ary 8, 2012, Sharp wrote, “The peo­ple car­ry­ing out these pro­grams of White Geno­cide say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-White. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White!” In addi­tion, Sharp has a pro­file on the web­site of the white suprema­cist pub­li­ca­tion Amer­i­can Renais­sance pub­lished by racist Jared Taylor.

While Sharp is one exam­ple of a col­lege stu­dent inspired by emerg­ing young lead­ers in the white suprema­cist move­ment in the United States such as Matt Par­rott and Matthew Heim­bach, it remains to be seen whether Amer­i­can racists can suc­cess­fully cre­ate an actual  youth move­ment in this coun­try mod­eled after far-right Euro­pean youth movements.

  • jd

    Who cares? Seri­ously. You are the ulti­mate hyp­ocrites. You here have an eth­nic orga­ni­za­tion based on your ethnicity/race/religion and you at EVERY oppor­tu­nity cas­ti­gate some­one who is White for doing the same thing. The kid seems like a nice guy, isn’t hurt­ing any­one. Time to express some TOLERANCE

  • AM

    Where is the tol­er­ance for this kid? Why are you oppress­ing his voice? Doesn’t he have the equal right to express himself?

    • Q.

      He has the right to expres­sion, not the right to be respected for his bad views. He will burn out

      • What are these “bad views” that you claim Patrick Sharp has? You mean like his view that Chris­t­ian Euro­pean eth­nic peo­ple have a right to be con­cerned about the inter­ests of other White peo­ple? To me the bad view is when my fel­low Jews claim otherwise.

    • Matt

      Don’t oth­ers have the right to dis­agree? Are oth­ers not allow to crit­i­cize his views? Do you sug­gest the crit­ics right to express their opin­ion is any less worth?

  • Dustin

    like to ask you guys for your def­i­n­i­tion of “suprema­cist”. I think such a
    word can only be taken seri­ously in our overly egal­i­tar­ian soci­ety which
    is cur­rently going down the tubes (just look at Detroit if you don’t
    believe me on this).

    “He’s an evil suprema­cist! Mob, gather your
    pitch­forks and torches! Burn him!”

  • Wil­fred

    Jews think they HAVE to label racially aware white peo­ple as
    ’supremacist’/‘racist’/‘Nazi’ etc., in order to frighten other white
    peo­ple away from becom­ing racially aware, thus ensur­ing Jews’ safety in
    white countries.

    Jews think that if too many white peo­ple in a
    coun­try become racially aware, expul­sion of Jews from that coun­try will
    inevitably fol­low, as has hap­pened numer­ous times in Euro­pean coun­tries
    through­out his­tory. Here’s a Jew admit­ting that this is the reason:

  • Brian

    I’ve seen posts like this get clogged up by anti-semitic, suprema­cist attacks and sneers. There really needs to be a mod­er­a­tor to make sure this doesn’t happen.

    • We are on it. Thank you Brian

    • Matt

      The cra­zies and the haters will always be more out­spo­ken on the web. That’s the tragedy.

  • Kaylen

    I am a black woman, and I believe he has just as much right as any­one else. Every kind of minor­ity group in the schools I attended had some form of club or orga­ni­za­tion except whites, espe­cially now when the tables are grad­u­ally turn­ing. Why should they be held account­able for some not all of their ancestors?