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August 17, 2012 33

Possible Extremist Connection to Louisiana Police Shootings

Two Louisiana sheriff’s deputies were killed on Thurs­day in LaPlace in two sep­a­rate but related inci­dents.  One or more of the sus­pects in the killings may have ties to extremism.

Terry Lyn Smith

The first shoot­ing inci­dent occurred at a Valero cor­po­ra­tion facil­ity, when a gun­man opened fire on a St. John the Bap­tist Parish sheriff’s deputy, wound­ing him.  Deputies fol­lowed a vehi­cle to a trailer park.  How­ever, another per­son exited a nearby trailer with an assault rifle and opened fire on the offi­cers.  Two deputies were killed and another was wounded.

Seven peo­ple have been arrested in con­nec­tion with the mur­ders:  Terry Lyn Smith, 44; Brian Lyn Smith, 24; Der­rick Smith, 22; Chanel Skains, 37; Kyle David Joekel, 28; Teniecha Bright, 21; and Brit­tney Keith, 23.  All except Keith and Skains have been charged with prin­ci­pal to attempted first degree mur­der of a police offi­cer.  Keith and Skains face charges of being acces­sories after the fact to attempted first degree mur­der of a police officer.

Reports emerged in early media cov­er­age from law enforce­ment sources that one or more of the peo­ple arrested may be involved with an extrem­ist group or move­ment, includ­ing pos­si­bly the extreme anti-government sov­er­eign cit­i­zen move­ment.   Author­i­ties in Nebraska have said that Joekel was on an FBI watch­list.  Joekel is wanted in Nebraska and Kansas on mar­i­juana charges and on alle­ga­tion of mak­ing ter­ror­is­tic threats regard­ing attack­ing law enforce­ment offi­cers.  In June 2012, while still a fugi­tive, Joekel posted his resume as a welder and pip­efit­ter to an on-line jobs site, includ­ing an address and phone num­ber.  Terry Lyn Smith is also a pipefitter.

The sus­pects had recently been under police sur­veil­lance in DeS­oto Parish after the sheriff’s office had received reports of peo­ple at a trailer park enter­ing and leav­ing vehi­cles with assault weapons.  How­ever, they left the trailer park in June.

As of this writ­ing, no infor­ma­tion has emerged to clearly con­firm the alle­ga­tions of sov­er­eign cit­i­zen con­nec­tions, but one of the sus­pects, Terry Lyn Smith, has indi­ca­tors of anti-government extrem­ist lean­ings on his var­i­ous social net­work­ing pro­files.  In par­tic­u­lar, on a Myspace pro­file Smith lists, as either “heroes” or peo­ple he’d “like to meet,” Alex Jones, the Texas-based conspiracy-oriented and anti-government radio talk show host; Randy Weaver, the white suprema­cist at the cen­ter of the 1992 Ruby Ridge, Idaho, stand­off; and David Koresh, the leader of the Branch David­i­ans dur­ing the 1993 Waco, Texas, stand­off.   Those two stand­offs were the main sparks for the resur­gence of right-wing extrem­ism in the mid-to-late 1990s, includ­ing the Okla­homa City bombing.

  • Under­dog!

    Alex Jones show IS NOT and Anti –Gov­ern­ment talk show so you bet­ter start retract­ing your slan­der! He is a SOLID Amer­i­can Cit­i­zen and I stand with him! Maybe your site is just a front group of the com­mu­nist party! Back by George Soros! Its almost com­i­cal when sites like this think the rest of the dumb down pub­lic can’t see through pro­pa­ganda! You have an Agenda ! And all of us see through it!

    • just a free­dom fighter



    hey punk, I lis­ten to Alex Jones, and I’m Jew­ish. Love the show, enter­tain­ing, infor­ma­tive and pas­sion­ate. Go fuck yourselves


    so all pipe fit­ters are cop fit­ters? Time to inves­ti­gate the ADLS’s non profit sta­tus, you have a clear agenda, who pulls your strings??? I’m com­ing after you, legally…

  • Craig Kirk

    Alex Jones is no hero he’s just one that has many 1000’s of rights get­ting after the gov­ern­ments insane pol­icy, lets face it if you can FACT; Oba 1:1 The vision of Oba­diah. Thus saith the Lord GOD con­cern­ing Edom; Israel is in big trou­ble and Rome looks to rise again and, thru TURKEY, every­one from the mid­dle east knows this whereas Amer­i­cans dont. FACT2;Melchizedek is in fact com­ing back and no one can chal­lenge him for office space and Edom is in a world of trou­ble with the King, so what are you all freak­ing about set back and enjoy the hell mans brings in his love for mur­der­ing his brother. Wait that dont work with Amer­i­can Eugenics„,

  • Aris­tilus

    The para­noid, pro­pa­ganda spout­ing ADL strikes again. Laughable.


    So Jew­ish peo­ple who were mur­dered by the Ger­man gov­ern­ment are attack­ing jour­nal­ists like Alex Jones who ques­tion the gov­ern­ment and tie him to a cop killer. Laugh­able, we know who funds you, George Soros, a nazi col­lab­o­ra­tor. We are on to you, tax free ride com­ing to an end

  • nice blog, eh? Alex Jones … You peo­ple are fishing.….…


    lol the anti defama­tion league defames some­one with guilt by asso­ci­a­tion.. call these clowns and mock them 212–490-2525, Soro’s play thing, the ADL

  • Jimmy Jones

    Alex huh good one!!, Just throw it out there.
    Try blam­ing the Boogey­man next time (hint; more believ­able).
    You are so out of touch, don’t know I should laugh at you gob­shite arro­gance or cry for your bum­bling incompetence.

    …soo lame

  • Unit­ed­state­sisacor­po­ra­tion

    Really hate the zion­ist ADL. Always look­ing to blame some­one other than themselves.

  • Mod­er­ate Gent

    As a Jew and the son of a con­cen­tra­tion camp sur­vivor from Gali­cia in East­ern Poland, I am offended by you con­nect­ing Alex Jones to these men and their evil deed. Do you sim­ply have to be a con­ser­v­a­tive with Judeo-Christian val­ues to be por­trayed in such a way. This is wrong. Don’t cast peo­ple like him in the same light as the David Duke and David Irv­ing ilk. For an orga­ni­za­tion preach­ing tol­er­ance, start by “tol­er­at­ing” your fel­low Amer­i­cans who hold onto tra­di­tional con­ser­v­a­tive val­ues. Alex Jones has never denied the Holo­caust and he is not a White Supremacist.

    • BirdieWa­ters

      Not only did they link him with extrem­ists, they defamed him by call­ing him “anti gov­ern­ment which is noth­ing but a bla­tant lie on the part of the ADL.

  • Angry­Pa­triot

    why not just blame al-qaeda for it?? every­one else blames things on “boogey­men” includ­ing the ADL…thank you ADL for con­tin­u­ing to rid the world of free speech…Fuck you!

  • Wear­esick­ofthis­crap

    What makes the ADL any kind of author­ity on who is or isnt a ter­ror­ist in the first place?
    What hap­pens when the pub­lic itself starts to view the ADL as exactly what they claim to be against?
    As this and other forms of ridicu­lous pro­pa­ganda lose ground and drift into total obscu­rity, one has to won­der what they will do next to up the ante.

    Peo­ple dont believe you any more “ADL”. Groups like you and the SPLC are alien­at­ing ordi­nary peace lov­ing peo­ple day by day more and more with this kind of nonsense.

  • Questor3000

    The ADL has become noth­ing more than a Spokesman for glob­al­ist con­cerns. As far as I am con­cerned, and as a for­mer mem­ber of the Jew­ish faith who con­verted to Chris­tian­ity I take offense that you would even sug­gest Alex Jones inspired these thugs. Over­whelm­ing evi­dence sug­gests that the sus­pects are crim­i­nals linked to drugs and theft, noth­ing more and noth­ing less. If the ADL wants to stand for JUSTICE go after SORROS who made bil­lions over the years off the backs of the JEWISH peo­ple as they were herded like CATTLE to the death camps. Go after the real war crim­i­nals and stop pro­tect­ing them, Go after the real crim­i­nals and not Amer­i­can patri­ots. I will never donate another dime to ADL again.

    • They would never go after the real crim­i­nals because that would be bit­ing the hand that feeds them.

    • Dick

      Good for you. Did you meet Jesus too?
      I met him once but no one believes me. They think I am crazy. I think my doc­tor who is Jew­ish is the one mak­ing this rumor. When I con­fronted him he started talk­ing non sense about sci­ence. I know I met Jesus. I hear voices all the time. Do you hear voices too? You can take Prozac it makes Jesus voice go away

  • BirdieWa­ters

    This inci­dent is a tragedy.
    The out­right slan­der on the part of the ADL used in this post is also a tragedy.
    In this post it is stated

    “Alex Jones, the Texas-based conspiracy-oriented and anti-government radio talk show host;”

    How­ever any­one even remotely famil­iar with the Alex Jones Radio show or his web­sites will know that he is NOT ANTI GOVERNMENT! He PRO Con­sti­tu­tional gov­ern­ment and against those who defy our nation’s laws. It’s a topic brought up on a rou­tine basis. This shoddy and immoral report­ing is a smear on your record that should be repaired imme­di­ately along with a pub­lic apol­ogy to the man you defamed.
    ADL, you must not lie if you are ever to be taken seri­ously. Even the JPFO (Jews for Pro­tec­tion of Firearms Own­er­ship) has shown the light on the cor­rup­tion within the ADL. It’s time it came to a stop.

  • Matrix Escapee

    Peo­ple are becom­ing aware that the ADL is noth­ing more than an attack dog for the Zion­ist Impe­ri­al­ists, which tar­gets any­one who exposes the New World Order agenda. That is,a total­i­tar­ian world government-with the bank­ing elite (Roth­schilds, eg) as its head, and slav­ery for those they allow to live. Your attempts at lin­guis­tic manip­u­la­tion aside (Newspeak), a Zion­ist is NOT syn­ony­mous with a Jew. As a Jew I can assure you, you don’t speak for me. Alex jones scares you doesn’t he? And with good rea­son, but there are many of us who know your game, and our num­bers are grow­ing. Like a sink­ing boat the ADL can’t plug the leaks fast enough. The truth is eat­ing through the deception.

    • Matrix Escapee

      Just one more point. The dis­parag­ing “Con­spir­acy The­o­rist” label is tire­some, ridicu­lous and 50% innac­cu­rate. The global elite’s planned New World Order IS a con­spir­acy. But it’s NOT a theory.

  • Time for their “tax exempt” sta­tus to go. We see you, we know what you are up to.

  • DudeGuy

    I had a MySpace account once a long time ago. I had peo­ple in my “hero, who I’d like to meet” sec­tion too. I can’t remem­ber who they were. Prob­a­bly some­one famous. Does that mean that If I were ever to fly off the han­dle that the ran­dom famous per­son I appar­ently “liked” at the time would auto­mat­i­cally be blamed for my behav­ior as well? What a sad, sad asso­ci­a­tion you’ve made here. You peo­ple aught to be ashamed with your­selves. Maybe for your next jour­nal­ist dis­as­ter you might blame the man­u­fac­turer of the car he dri­ves. Surely he sup­ports them and likes to drive their vehi­cles. They must have had a hand in this too, huh?

  • grasp at those straws.….grasp them hard.

  • maybe you guys will just start­ing push­ing blame on any­thing bad that hap­pens on any­one who doesn’t sup­port a mil­i­tary assault on Iran? Whats the most annoy­ing and insult­ing about the ADL is you pre­tend to be on the look out for the peo­ple, when you’re just another in the bag elit­ist pro­pa­ganda sling­ing paper gangster.

  • Adam Caulfield

    Alex has noth­ing to do with this. Alex is try­ing to save this Country.

  • Laplace

    I live in laplace and the news is not telling yall kyle david is dead
    I have the only pics

  • What the fuck is an “assault gun”? Is that like a “Mur­der­ing Knife”? typ­i­cal unin­formed anti-gun BS.

  • Archie

    Home­land Secu­rity released a report that Right-wing mil­i­tants were some­thing that we should all be aware of. Alex Jones took this to heart and said things such as “the new Al Qaeda are white peo­ple”. The Home­land Secu­rity report has come true. How many extrem­ists in the last two years have com­mit­ted acts of violence?

    I want all of you to sit back and actu­ally process what he says instead of believ­ing it like bible. This man talks about the main­stream media using fear, while about a good minute later he would start scream­ing as loud as he can ‘THE GOVERNMENT IS COMING TO KILL YOU!” Every Pres­i­den­tial elec­tion Alex has pre­dicted that mar­tial law would be declared and the elec­tions were to be can­celled. Hell, after 9/11, Alex pro­claimed that those days were here. Noth­ing of the sort hap­pened at all. Alex Jones claimed he pre­dicted 9/11. Well, I will give him that much, but he pre­dicted mas­sive ter­ror attacks all the time. Throw the spaghetti against the wall and some of it will stick. If he is right, “OMG ALEX YOU WERE RIGHT OMG”, but if he was wrong, “Thank God for Alex Jones. His expose on this forced the Gov­ern­ment to abort their evil deeds”.

    No mat­ter how many times he is wrong or spins things to make them look neg­a­tive, you will always hang on his every word. Why dont you take Alex Jones’ idea of think­ing for your­self and crit­i­cally dis­sect­ing what this man says?

  • Bush

    Wowww. I love Amer­ica. 25 com­ments about a wacko who thinks ADL con­trols the world.
    You guys are amaz­ing. I love Texas.


    Lmfao going by the majori­ties reactions…looks like YOU ARE THE TERRORISTS. Claim­ing a per­son who is for the peo­ple and goes by the con­sti­tu­tion and our found­ing fathers wise words is an “Extrem­ist”. Fail

  • joe

    The ADL is the most anti-Christian orga­ni­za­tion in Amer­ica. ADL is an exclu­sive Jew­ish orga­ni­za­tion that works for the Israeli and Jew­ish agenda at the expense of all other Amer­i­cans. You should be clas­si­fied as an agent for a for­eign government.

  • Point of order:

    If it is sig­nif­i­cant that Terry Lyn Smith listed Alex Jones as some­one he wished to meet… is it not more sig­nif­i­cant that Chris Dorner (who single-handedly killed more police­men than Smith) wrote a man­i­festo prais­ing gun-control, Obama, Biden, Fein­stein, et al?

    If you find this post news­wor­thy, why is there no sim­i­lar arti­cle about Christo­pher Dorner under the tags “left-wing extremism”?

    In case you haven’t fig­ured it out, I am point­ing out your clear “BIAS”. Look that word up. While you’re at it… look up “irony”… cause any group that thinks they are against anti-semitism but is trans­par­ently pro-Obama has a bro­ken irony-meter.