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February 2, 2016 26

Robert “LaVoy” Finicum: The Making of a Martyr

On Jan­u­ary 26, 2016, Robert “LaVoy” Finicum, one of the anti-government extrem­ists involved in the Jan­u­ary 2 armed takeover of the Mal­heur National Wildlife Refuge head­quar­ters near Burns, Ore­gon, was fatally wounded by Ore­gon State Police (OSP) troop­ers dur­ing an attempt by the OSP and the FBI to arrest Finicum and a num­ber of key occupiers.

Helicopter footage of shooting of "LaVoy" Finicum (middle) as he seems to reach for a weapon.

Heli­copter footage of shoot­ing of “LaVoy” Finicum (mid­dle) as he seems to reach for a weapon.

Finicum, along with occu­pa­tion leader Ammon Bundy and oth­ers, were trav­el­ing in two vehi­cles to attend a com­mu­nity meet­ing in John Day, Ore­gon, where they hoped to find sup­port for their armed seizure. See­ing an oppor­tu­nity to appre­hend most of the takeover lead­ers away from the refuge and its many armed extrem­ists, the FBI and the OSP orga­nized a traf­fic stop with road­blocks along the rural road to John Day. One of the two vehi­cles stopped and its occu­pants were removed peacefully.

The other vehi­cle, dri­ven by Finicum, fled the traf­fic stop, only to encounter a road­block a short dis­tance away. Per­haps attempt­ing to evade the road­block, Finicum drove his vehi­cle into a snow­bank, nar­rowly miss­ing the police vehi­cles and an officer.

While other occu­pants stayed in the vehicle—possibly trapped by the snowbank—Finicum rushed out into the snow. Video footage shot from a heli­copter shows a trooper approach­ing Finicum with the trooper’s weapon drawn. Though Finicum had emerged from the vehi­cle with his hands par­tially raised, upon see­ing the trooper he appears to have reached for some­thing under his jacket (author­i­ties later con­firmed he had a firearm). A sec­ond trooper emerged from the woods behind Finicum, which Finicum seems to have heard, because he turned around and once more reached into his jacket. Upon see­ing this motion, the sec­ond trooper fired shots at Finicum, killing him. Ryan Bundy, another vehi­cle occu­pant, suf­fered a minor gun­shot wound, appar­ently from a stray bullet.


Man­u­fac­tur­ing a Folk Hero

The deci­sion by fed­eral and state author­i­ties to make the arrest attempt was in some respects a risky one, not only because offi­cers could be wounded or killed by extrem­ists, but also because the wound­ing or death of any of the occu­piers could have neg­a­tive con­se­quences in terms of enrag­ing the extreme right and pos­si­bly prompt­ing acts of violence.

The arrests did dis­rupt and demor­al­ize the Mal­heur occu­piers, most of whom soon left the refuge, while a few oth­ers were arrested. As of this writ­ing, only four hold­outs at the refuge remain, pri­mar­ily because there is a fed­eral charge against one of them that they want dropped before they will surrender.

How­ever, the death of Finicum unfor­tu­nately pro­vided adher­ents of the so-called “Patriot” move­ment (which includes mili­tia groups, sov­er­eign cit­i­zens, and other anti-government extrem­ists) with some­thing that author­i­ties had hoped to avoid: a poten­tial mar­tyr around whom anti-government extrem­ists could rally. More­over, anger over Finicum’s death could pos­si­bly spawn acts of vio­lent ret­ri­bu­tion. Rage over deadly stand­offs between fringe groups and indi­vid­u­als at Ruby Ridge, Idaho, in 1992 and Waco, Texas, in 1993 played a major role in spark­ing the resur­gence of right-wing extrem­ism in the mid-1990s that led to the Okla­homa City bomb­ing and many other acts of vio­lence or attempted violence.

Upon learn­ing of Finicum’s death, “Patriot” move­ment adher­ents imme­di­ately claimed that he was mur­dered, though ini­tial accounts from other occu­pants of the vehi­cles were con­fused and con­tra­dic­tory. The FBI pub­licly released the heli­copter video rather quickly—in a clear attempt to quell rumors about the shooting—and, to most view­ers, the shoot­ing is likely to appear to have been jus­ti­fied. How­ever, anti-government extrem­ists watch­ing the video have per­ceived largely what they wanted to see on it and have inter­preted the video as still more evi­dence that Finicum was mur­dered. Extrem­ists have widely shared the video, which is typ­i­cally described as proof of Finicum’s “ambush and murder.”

Even before the video was released, the process of turn­ing Finicum into a mar­tyr had already begun. As news of his death spread, extrem­ists on social media cre­ated a wide array of graphic memes pro­claim­ing Finicum a mar­tyred hero. One self-declared “lib­erty speaker” from Wash­ing­ton state, Gavin Seim, uploaded a short video about Finicum titled “The Edge of Rev­o­lu­tion.” In the video, Seim describes Finicum as “one of the finest patri­ots that Amer­ica could hope to have,” who showed peo­ple “what it was like to be a found­ing father.” Seim urged view­ers to “rise for lib­erty,” claim­ing that “we can no longer allow the gov­ern­ment to mur­der and abuse and terrorize…These crim­i­nals spilled blood yes­ter­day.” Within two days, Seim’s video had received over 110,000 views.

Sim­i­larly, musi­cian Jor­dan Page posted his own video, widely shared on social media, singing a song of his own com­po­si­tion, “The Bal­lad of LaVoy Finicum,” intended to make a folk hero out of the anti-government occupier:

He left his home to go and take a stand
His voice rang out across a deaf­ened land
And in the end it was a bul­let that exposed the lies
A truth remem­bered is a bat­tle won
And though his mur­der can­not be undone,
It rings out like an echo, thun­der­ing across the night

Page’s song was the most pop­u­lar of sev­eral songs related to Finicum’s shoot­ing that have appeared on YouTube or elsewhere.

One osten­si­ble Finicum sup­porter is using a t-shirt web­site to sell “LaVoy Finicum Memo­r­ial” t-shirts for $21.99, with pro­ceeds promised to go to the Finicum family—just one of the web­sites now sell­ing Finicum t-shirts and sweat­shirts. Another sup­porter announced the auc­tion of a framed print of a painting—starting bid, $2,500—with the pro­ceeds allegedly going “to the Bundy Ranch and/or a fund for Levon [sic] Finicum memorial.”


Chan­nelling Anger: Ral­lies, Protests, Memo­ri­als and Vigils

As quickly as news of Finicum’s death spread, sup­port­ers of the Mal­heur takeover began to orga­nize events—rallies, protests, vig­ils, and memorials—centered on the dead occu­pier and designed to raise sor­row and anger over his death. As early as the day after the shoot­ing, occu­pier sup­port­ers (and, allegedly, some for­mer occu­piers) held a small “can­dle­light vigil” in Burns, Oregon.

In south­west­ern Utah, Finicum’s home, sup­port­ers orga­nized a memo­r­ial for him in front of the Iron County cour­t­house. The event seems to have included at least one for­mer occu­pier in atten­dance, but its cen­ter­piece was Iron County Com­mis­sioner Dave Miller, who called the death of Finicum a “trav­esty” and hoped “the truth” would come out. Other regional events, includ­ing one for the Paiute County cour­t­house, were allegedly also held.

In Phoenix, Finicum sup­port­ers Israel Tor­res and Blanka Nieves, who had pre­vi­ously held sup­port ral­lies for the Ore­gon occu­piers, orga­nized a “We Are LaVoy” rally on Jan­u­ary 29 at Wes­ley Bolin Plaza, with around 30 or so atten­dees. Another protest was allegedly orga­nized in Port­land, Oregon.

Las Vegas, Nevada, saw a hand­ful of Tea Party activists and anti-government extrem­ists led by Karen Steel­mon and Greg Whalen (the lat­ter of whom was in tele­phone con­tact with the remain­ing occu­piers in Ore­gon) orga­nize their own impromptu demon­stra­tion in front of the fed­eral cour­t­house soon after the shoot­ing. They declared that Finicum, who had “been defend­ing Amer­i­can soil from a tyran­ni­cal gov­ern­ment,” was ambushed and mur­dered by the FBI. The pair also orga­nized a sec­ond Las Vegas cour­t­house rally on the week­end fol­low­ing the shoot­ing; 12–15 peo­ple seem to have par­tic­i­pated in that event.

Other events also occurred on the week­end of Jan­u­ary 30–31. The one most cov­ered by the media occurred in the long-suffering town of Burns itself, where the anti-government Pacific Patri­ots Net­work orga­nized a “rolling” protest of vehi­cles through the town; esti­mates of the num­ber of pro­test­ers ranged from 50 to over 100. With another rally orga­nized by Idaho Three Per­centers at the Har­ney County Cour­t­house in Burns for Feb­ru­ary 1, it is clear that Burns’ ordeal is not likely to end soon. Both of these groups declined to sup­port the Mal­heur occu­piers’ ear­lier actions but have jumped into the con­flict with the death of Finicum. Oth­ers trav­eled out to the loca­tion where Finicum was shot and erected a makeshift memorial.

Protests and ral­lies occurred out­side Ore­gon as well. Heather Lucas and Mike Kay orga­nized a Finicum protest at the FBI office in Colum­bus, Ohio, with around 45–50 attend­ing from right-wing groups and Anony­mous. “Rev­o­lu­tion starts here,” said one speaker, “Make no mistake.”

Else­where in Ohio, a hand­ful of activists in Lima, Ohio, hung signs and protested on a free­way over­pass on I-75. One pro­tester posted on Face­book after the event that the fed­eral gov­ern­ment let “riot­ers burn, loot and assault in Fer­gu­son and Bal­ti­more but when a patriot stands up peace­ful [sic] for his con­sti­tu­tional rights he is gunned down by the fed­eral government.”

A sim­i­lar over­pass protest occurred on Jan­u­ary 30 across the coun­try in Salem, Ore­gon, with about 10 pro­test­ers. Both were appar­ently orga­nized by activists with right-wing group “Over­passes for Amer­ica.” More such over­pass protests are sched­uled for the first week­end in Feb­ru­ary in Ore­gon and elsewhere.

That week­end, the week­end of Feb­ru­ary 5–7, is when a num­ber of addi­tional events will be held. Of these, the most sig­nif­i­cant is the memo­r­ial ser­vice for Finicum in Kanab, Utah, orga­nized by his fam­ily, who turned it into a polit­i­cal event by reach­ing out and announc­ing it to “Patriot” and right-wing groups to get their atten­dance. Karen Steel­mon, the Las Vegas Tea Party fig­ure men­tioned above, announced she was orga­niz­ing a “pro­ces­sion” of peo­ple from the Las Vegas area to “pay respects” at the memo­r­ial ser­vice. Utahn and for­mer Mal­heur occu­pier Wes Kjar has declared he will orga­nize a “memo­r­ial horse ride” to the service.

For those too far from Kanab, Finicum sup­port­ers have orga­nized the “National Memo­r­ial & Prayer Vigil for LaVoy Finicum,” for which they urge peo­ple to gather in front of “your local cour­t­house” on Feb­ru­ary 5 or the fol­low­ing day.

Other events known to be planned for the week­end include:

  • The Lib­erty for All III% have announced a “Cowboy’s Last Ride” protest in Olympia, Wash­ing­ton, for the week­end of Feb­ru­ary 5–7, declar­ing that they “will never allow one more inno­cent per­son to die at the hands of the Government.”
  • In Boise, Idaho, some­one call­ing him­self “1776Revolutionist” is orga­niz­ing the “RIP Lavoy Rally” at the Boise capi­tol build­ing; atten­dees are requested to bring “Hands up, don’t shoot” signs.
  • In John Day, Ore­gon, the town to which Finicum was dri­ving when his vehi­cle was stopped, Rae­lene Hunt-Reed and Tyson Baker are orga­niz­ing a can­dle­light ser­vice for Finicum.
  • Hunt-Reed and Brian Win­ters have also sched­uled a “can­dle­light memo­r­ial” for Finicum at the Crook County cour­t­house in Prineville, Ore­gon. This would be the sec­ond rally for Prineville; oth­ers orga­nized a Feb­ru­ary 1 “Mem­ory of LaVoy Finicum and All Our Patri­ots” rally at the courthouse.
  • Ari­zona activists are orga­niz­ing a Finicum can­dle­light vigil at Mesa RiverView Park on Feb­ru­ary 6, allegedly with “guest speaker Alexan­der Melusky.” Melusky is run­ning for Sen­ate in Ari­zona; it is not known if he is actu­ally appear­ing at this event.
  • Ken­tucky Three Per­center George Al Collins has announced a “rally and memo­r­ial ser­vice in remem­brance of LaVoy Finicum” at the capi­tol build­ing in Frank­fort, Ken­tucky, on Feb­ru­ary 6.
  • John Adams is orga­niz­ing a can­dle­light vigil for Finicum at the West Vir­ginia capi­tol build­ing in Charleston, West Vir­ginia, on Feb­ru­ary 6.
  • Krista Etter of West Palm Beach, Florida, is arrang­ing a rally at the fed­eral cour­t­house on Feb­ru­ary 6.
  • North­east Ohio Three Per­centers are allegedly plan­ning an event on Feb­ru­ary 7 in front of the FBI build­ing in down­town Cleve­land, Ohio.
  • In Ruck­ersville, Vir­ginia, Michael Mad­den, the owner of The Con­fed­er­ate Keep­ers Store, has sched­uled a “Rally/Protest of the MURDER of LaVoy Finicum” for Feb­ru­ary 7, with the loca­tion oddly being a con­ve­nience store.
  • Col­orado anti-government extrem­ists are orga­niz­ing a Feb­ru­ary 7 protest dubbed “#WAKETHEDEAD” in front of the FBI office.
  • Steve Bal­das­sari and Scott Henry have announced a rally at the Mass­a­chu­setts State House in Boston on Feb­ru­ary 6 “to fight for our rights, defend the Ore­gon ranch­ers, but also to honor LaVoy Jeanette Finicum, a true patriot.”
  • South Car­olina Three Per­centers are allegedly orga­niz­ing a “VIGIL AND A SHOT FOR FREEDOM MEET” on Feb­ru­ary 6 some­where in South Car­olina. It is not clear if this is related to a “LaVoy Finicum Trib­ute and Prayer Meet­ing” being orga­nized by Bob Har­grove for the Huger Recre­ation Area at the Fran­cis Mar­ion National For­est on Feb­ru­ary 6.

Ral­lies and protests even fur­ther in the future are also scheduled—likely to be merely the first of many. These include:

  • Arkansan Madonna Carter is orga­niz­ing a rally in Lit­tle Rock, Arkansas, at the state capi­tol, for Feb­ru­ary 13.
  • A “We the Peo­ple” rally was orga­nized for Feb­ru­ary 13 in Colum­bus, Ohio, at the Ohio State House, even before Finicum’s death. Now atten­dance is likely to be even higher.
  • A “Lavoy Finicum Free the Bundys and Ham­mons March” in Bowl­ing Green, Ken­tucky, on March 5 to “honor one of our fel­low free­dom fight­ers who lost his life stand­ing up for what was right.”

It remains to be seen how suc­cess­ful the extreme right will be in ele­vat­ing Finicum to the pan­theon of extrem­ists con­sid­ered mar­tyrs by the move­ment, or whether their attempts to use Finicum to rally sup­port will be suc­cess­ful past the short term. The still-unresolved stand­off in Mal­heur, with its four hold­outs refus­ing to leave, also makes the future more uncer­tain. How­ever, what is clear is that anti-government extrem­ists are right now ener­get­i­cally try­ing to use Finicum’s death to rally sup­port for their cause and this in itself is troubling.






  • Gaia­Logic

    This is much big­ger than just Ore­gon or just Con­sti­tu­tional extremists.

    The noise is get­ting louder, the extrem­ism becom­ing more preva­lent from all sides. A gov­ern­ment already bogged down in mon­i­tor­ing exist­ing threats is likely to find it hard to cut through all this noise.

    This started with a bunch of rad­i­cals argu­ing over land rights and their delu­sions of own­er­ship, but it’s become a mess of rad­i­cal con­spir­acy the­o­rists, far-right groups, “patriot” orga­ni­za­tions and more all jump­ing in.

    I don’t believe the gov­ern­ment saw this coming.

    When they took their time to pre­vent any mar­tyrs at the start of this they thought the only risk was in cre­at­ing mar­tyrs for the warped Con­sti­tu­tional fundies. Their lack of action at the start has now led to an even big­ger extrem­ism reach­ing out across con­spir­acy com­mu­ni­ties, mili­tias, fun­da­men­tal­ist Chris­tians, rad­i­cal Con­ser­v­a­tives and so-called “patriot” groups too.

    The over­ar­ch­ing theme to all of this is “anti-government”, whether that’s the Repub­li­can cra­zies hat­ing on Obama, the Chris­tians hat­ing same sex mar­riage, the con­spir­acy the­o­rists who all think 9/11 was an inside job or the mili­tias who just want to find any excuse to have a war, they are all becom­ing embold­ened by this event and crawl­ing out from their bunkers.

    It’s time to gen­uinely worry about just how many far-right, delu­sional, con­spir­acy nuts are out there ready to act, and while your gov­ern­ment might be entirely unpre­pared for this new home-grown extremism.

    • G Daniels

      No need to worry, hate can­ni­bal­izes itself, these peo­ple will rot from the inside out on their own accord, that is what hate does, and that is all these deluded peo­ple have.

    • Grun­hilde

      There is a Bergman film called The Serpent’s Egg. It takes place before, and just prior to Hitler tak­ing over. It’s so crazy and I think, what if it hap­pens here? I know it’s para­noid, but the peo­ple who got out of Ger­many before the crap hit the fan, were con­sid­ered crazy and para­noid as well.

    • Beth Hart

      It is past time to worry about out of con­trol gov­ern­ment who refused to fol­low the Con­sti­tu­tion and feels free to KILL at will.

    • Mark Duff

      you are roughly cor­rect, minus zion hate talk…

    • Stacy Beng­haz­i­mack

      read the doc­u­ment dump released last night…freeze and read each frame…why is why.…

  • bosunj

    Unin­tended Con­se­quences. Blow­back. Fed­eral crim­i­nals made their bed now they have to lie in it. The neo­con war­mon­ger­ing ter­ror­ists that have taken over Wash­ing­ton DC and every fed­eral office have EARNED the people’s enmity.

    For me it was May 4, 1970. For oth­ers per­haps a dif­fer­ent event.

    Only the total destruc­tion of the DUH­mer­i­can war­mon­ger­ing ter­ror­ist cesspool will make me happy. I hope china dumps US Trea­suries today so within an hour DUH­mer­ica ceases to exist.

  • Wow. Neo­cons? You do know that Tea­Party fans hate Neo­cons don’t you? You do know that the Bundy Bunch were mostly Mor­mons, who adore Jews, love Israel, and wor­ship the Con­sti­tu­tion right? You do know that the real issue here is the fed­eral cap­ture of sov­er­eign state land? Are you just urban big­ots who lump all vaguely “con­ser­v­a­tive” Chris­tian­ish white hicks together in one bunch? What a load of faux-intellectual, self-indulgent sophomorism.

    LaVoy Finicum and his entire “occu­pa­tion” haven com­mit­ted a frac­tion of the dam­age, grief and dis­rup­tion that our local Black Lives Mat­ter thugs have pulled off, and nobody ever talked about mow­ing those racist bufoons down with fed­eral troops. Nobody ever urged a mas­sive con­ver­gence of guns and cops on “Occupy Wallstreet.”

    And for the ADL of all orga­ni­za­tions to pre­tend to have a dog in this spe­cific fight over fed­eral farm pol­icy and wildlife man­age­ment is shame­ful. I’m embarassed for you. You’re sup­posed to be this big, intel­lec­tual and moral pow­er­house but you’re whole exam­i­na­tion of the issue at hand is an exer­cise in igno­rance, self-indulgence and ego-centrism. You obvi­ously don’t give a damn about the real, sub­stan­tive issues in this mat­ter. You just want to get a poker in the eye of white, rural pre-supposed “red necks” who you’re para­noid enough to think are really just all about com­ing after YOU.

    Butt out. You don’t enter into it. Not every­body exists to per­se­cute the Jews. I don’t know why you even stuck your nose into this.

    • Grun­hilde

      This arti­cle is OBVIOUSLY not about run of the mill red-necks, “white peo­ple” (I thought Jews were white, silly me), rural peo­ple, or fun­da­men­tal­ist Chris­tians. So, why don’t you butt your big nose out of it, or go put it in a book, where it belongs. Yes, you are right, there are some younger black folks that are anti-Semites. The sad­dest thing about the far left is that it’s been plagued by Anti­semitism over the last cou­ple of decades, and per­haps, that has rubbed off on them. Jew­ish peo­ple get hatred from the far left and the far right. It must be tough to be a Jew.
      Uh, EXCUSE me, I’ve been keep­ing up with the Mal­heur Stand­off, and I know for a fact that many of them are hor­ri­bly anti-Semitic because they said so on their own blogs and videos. David Fry, one of the last four still hold­ing out at the refuge, has made many twit­ter post like “Hitler was right,” “ISIS is right,” “drop a nuclear bomb on Israel,” etc. When those tweets were widely pub­lished by the media, he said that he had just been jok­ing around. He’s kid­ding when I’m laugh­ing. And sev­eral radio shows, that Fry has called in to, that are sup­pos­edly Chris­t­ian, and sup­port the occu­piers, are also anti-Semitic. They sound like some kind of Chris­t­ian iden­tity freaks or some­thing. They pray to Jesus one minute, and then the next they are wail­ing and com­plain­ing about the evil Jews. I guess they for­got that Jesus was a Jew.

      • Laura Schneberger

        David Fry was never an orig­i­nal mem­ber and showed up late. But don’t let the facts get in the way.

        • Grun­hilde

          I don’t even know what “orig­i­nal mem­ber” would even mean since they came from hither and yon from dif­fer­ent patriot groups, mili­tia groups, KKK groups, Chris­t­ian Iden­tity peo­ple, and God knows who else; oh, and last but cer­tainly not least, the John Birch Soci­ety. Now, if there are a few decent folks in there that just have a weird way of express­ing what it means to be a patriot, then they need to sweep off their own back porches before they worry about sweep­ing off any­one else’s.

      • My point was, that David Fry and any num­ber of oth­ers out there Apoc­a­lyz­ing may indeed be in full embrace of the World Jew­ish Con­spir­acy and card-carrying omni­phobes right out of Infowars. But the Bundys and what­ever con­tin­gent of Mor­mons may be mixed into this lit­tle revolt, specif­i­cally by nature of their par­tic­u­lar sub-set “Chris­t­ian” sect are fun­da­men­tally pro-Jew, Pro-Israel, and would be con­sid­ered full-bore Zion­ists. So while if you’re sim­ply tak­ing the posi­tion that all “Right Wing” lean­ing pol­i­tics is essen­tially bad for all Jews, and that’s just going to be the posi­tion you take edi­to­ri­ally in any given sit­u­a­tion, I sup­pose yes, I should butt out because it’s not a thought­ful or insight­ful exer­cise in the first place. On the other hand, that’s the same moral stan­dard you’re accus­ing David Fry of hold­ing to–all Jews are bad. They’re all the same. They’re all part of one big con­spir­acy to get us.

        And that’s the sopho­moric dri­vel I hear shouted at any­thing vaguely “white” or “con­ser­v­a­tive” from our local Black Lives Mat­ter Renta-Mob–just mind­less finger-pointing and foam­ing against “white” peo­ple just because they’re “white.” And they’re worse on their own, par­tic­u­larly if you black and a cop. Guess I was shocked a bit to see that sort of racist idiocy going on here.

        The Chris­t­ian Iden­tity Move­ment on the other hand, while unde­ni­ably “white” and often quite west­ern and “con­ser­v­a­tive,” is obvi­ously wor­thy of scorn, but more so because they’ve hijacked the name, and like the “Afford­able Health Care Bill” it sounds like a great thing to be a part of, than just being a white supremist move­ment in and of itself. When start hurl­ing epi­thets around at “Chris­tians” or any­one using some of the same lan­guage, it’s far to easy to con­fuse the issues at hand with the mis­sion state­ment of the similarly-named hate group. And of course, that’s the point for them anyway.

        So I’ll say once again, not all those cow­boys are out to get you. And the hold­outs still in there are the nut cases of the nut cases, because even Ammon Bundy has told them all to go home and drop the whole thing. Some of those crazy ranch­ers, like Ammon Bundy, are indeed well-meaning and legit­i­mately con­cerned about state and fed­eral issues of land use. They aren’t half as crazy as you claim them to be, some of them at least. And some of them actu­ally do know that Jesus of Nazareth was a wooly-haired brown guy with a big nose who didn’t look like any of the pasty-white Euro­pean depic­tions of Him.

        • Grun­hilde

          Right wing Chris­t­ian Fun­da­men­tal­ists don’t even con­sider Catholics to be Chris­tians. Over­all, Ore­gon is a very pro­gres­sive state. They don’t appre­ci­ate right wing cra­zies com­ing into the state and shoot­ing down a bunch of peo­ple the way Chris Harper Mer­cer did in Rose­burg; or the mili­tia and Chris­t­ian Iden­tity Move­ment creeps tak­ing over a remote wildlife refuge in East­ern Ore­gon. Great, now the whole coun­try thinks that the gra­nola munch­ing tofu eat­ing hip­pies there, are, in real­ity, a bunch of right wing Chris­t­ian Iden­tity Move­ment cra­zies and mili­tia bozos. Dude, you really need to check your Anti­semitism. Only Jews have big noses? Have you been to Ger­many, France, or Italy lately? Don’t bother answer­ing. You don’t sound much like a world trav­eler. It must be ter­ri­ble being you: always check­ing your closet and under­neath your bed for the big bad Jews com­ing to get you. You would ben­e­fit from some intense psy­cho­analy­sis, prefer­ably from a Jew­ish ana­lyst, to help you work through your fears and anxieties.

  • Diane Pope

    Stopped read­ing this psych op brain­wash­ing arti­cle after the sec­ond para­graph. Twisted truth is not worth read­ing. Reader beware.

    • B83642

      If you didn’t read it, how do you know it is not worth reading?

      • Don Adair

        I did, and it’s not.

  • Emily Sieger

    for those claim­ing the FBI “mur­dered” Finicum, this analy­sis shows who ben­e­fits from this death. Which is why he wanted to die and become a martyr

  • Beth Hart

    What is trou­bling is a gov­ern­ment who has over­reached it’s power and the cit­i­zens of he U.S could care less. What is trou­bling is the FBI can’t even find a peace­ful way to arrest a pro­tester who was out in the pub­lic. NO instead they ambushed him on the side of a road where no one could see their deeds. WHO ARE THE TERRORISTS HERE?

    • 1) there was a war­rant for their arrest, respon­dants named.
      2) FBI would have to arrest on refuge
      3) Ore­gon State Police — the author­i­ties rec­og­nized by the occu­piers — could arrest on the high­way, off the refuge

      4) The occu­piers had weapons up the wazoo on the refuge, and it would have been a blood­bath, putting inno­cent civil­ians, who just went there in sup­port after, and were not those who broke in initially.

      If the gum­mint were ter­ror­ists, they would have killed all who had taken over the refuge. Disappointed?

      As it was, Finicum cal­lously put the other occu­pants of his truck’s lives at risk, after Ryan Payne got out and sur­ren­dered peace­fully, and Finicum took off to run, and tried to run the road­block. (what was he think­ing? Of course there would be a road­block fur­ther on!)

  • Steven Amick

    I won­der how much Dark Money the Bundy Gang and their hench­men have taken, and are tak­ing, to finance their crimes. Like the phony “grass­roots” Tea Party, this “con­sti­tu­tional cow­boys” stuff is highly orches­trated, plu­to­cratic astroturf.

  • Mark Duff

    fbi are extrem­ists and terrorists….Finicum is our Exalted Guide from Above…Forever….

  • Stacy Beng­haz­i­mack check out the video of the doc­u­ment dump folks…WHY BURNS…THIS IS WHY! PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO LOOK AT AND SHARE SHARE SHARE! We have one hell of a prob­lem on our hands!

  • the­largeka­hoona

    The ADL is the real ter­ror­ist pro­mot­ing non­sen­si­cal pro­pa­ganda, divert­ing the truth using the worn out label of domes­tic ‘ter­ror­ist’ or ‘extrem­ist’ when many of us see his­tory repeat itself.
    As a Jew here in Amerika I will fight the ADL, the Zion­ist fools and tools who are turn­ing the planet upside down. You (ADL) can fool some of the peo­ple most of the time but truth and jus­tice will always pre­vail in the end.
    Keep your anti semi­tism scheme going so Jew and Gen­tile alike will empty their pock­ets into the bowl of yopur lies and deceit.

    • I’m also a Jew and the ADL’s eth­nic war­fare against the eth­nic Euro­pean Chris­tians in Amer­ica to mar­gin­al­ize them and pathol­o­gize their work­ing together to pro­tect their val­ues, reli­gion, cul­ture etc. doesn’t work for me either. Just about every­thing the ADL attacks non-Jewish White peo­ple for, they sup­port Jews doing in Israel.

  • stuhuzz1981

    Man, all this atten­tion over some right wing fun­da­men­tal­ist idiot. Imag­ine how lit­tle the right would care about him if he were black, not com­mit­ting any crimes, and not exploit­ing fos­ter chil­dren for free labor on his ranch that also mooches off the gov­ern­ment all the while demand­ing the fed­eral gov­ern­ment also give him free land.

  • Lynn Kopa Balogh

    I don’t see any left­ist groups, many many anti-government patriot group, all seem fuel with tea party sup­port, alias the Koch broth­ers money