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July 17, 2013 33

Ventura County Deputies Kill White Supremacist Who Pointed Handgun


Daniel Houfek, at center

Deputies with the Ven­tura County, Cal­i­for­nia, Sheriff’s Depart­ment shot and killed a promi­nent local white suprema­cist, Daniel Cur­tis Houfek, 42, on the evening of July 12, fol­low­ing a short vehi­cle pur­suit and confrontation.

Houfek was one of the lead­ers of the Dead­line Fam­ily Skins (also known as Dead­line Skins or Skin­heads), a hard­core racist skin­head gang with around two dozen active mem­bers in the Santa Clarita area.  Mem­bers also oper­ate in the Ante­lope Val­ley and Ven­tura region.  Houfek, also known as “Danny Boy,” owned and oper­ated a tat­too par­lor, dubbed Dead­line Tat­too, in Ven­tura (often used as a meet­ing place for the group).  A num­ber of Dead­line Skins have tat­toos cour­tesy of Houfek, includ­ing tat­toos of the group’s logo and com­bat boots.

On July 12, the Ven­tura Sheriff’s Depart­ment received a call about a sus­pi­cious man sit­ting in a parked car near a Girl Scout lodge in Oak View.  Deputies found the vehi­cle, with Houfek in it, but Houfek sped off, lead­ing offi­cers on a brief vehi­cle chase.  Accord­ing to police, Houfek soon stopped his vehi­cle and exited it with a hand­gun.  The pur­su­ing deputies fired at Houfek after he allegedly pointed it at them, fatally wound­ing him.  He died at the scene.

This inci­dent is the 36th known shooting/shootout con­fronta­tion between extrem­ists and law enforce­ment offi­cers in the United States since 2009, accord­ing to Anti-Defamation League records.

  • S&J

    It’s easy for you to judge a man you never knew and pretty classy to be dis­re­spect­ful to his fam­ily. You call this a blog? All I see here is sheep doing what their told. Pathetic. You should be ashamed but it’s hard to feel when your pro­gramed to lis­ten. RIP DANNY! WE KNEW YOU! YOU WERE A GREAT MAN THAT HELPED SOOOOOOOOO MANY PEOPLE! NO ONE THAT KNEW YOU COULD EVER HATE YOU!

    • Treyfug­gin­Hooli­gan

      Agreed,.… RIP to a fallen brother and con­do­lences to his family

    • Seth and Kendra

      Couldn’t have put it bet­ter and noth­ing to add. This says it all. Con­do­lences to his fam­ily and those close to him. Shame on this site for post­ing this with­out regard to those mourn­ing the loss of a great friend to many.

    • ah

      They most likely left out sooo much. I don’t know him but I know a lot of peo­ple who do and cops are lying fuck­ers. I know this first hand. Acab

  • Melissa Pont

    typ­i­cal typ­i­cal media spin on a tragic loss of a great man at the mercy of care­less police. Danny Houfek was a very sin­cere devoted man… it’s sad how soci­ety attempts to dehu­man­ize him because he’s proud of his race.…. how­ever if he were of any other nation­al­ity his pride would be A Ok with soci­ety!! so clearly thet­TRUTH here is that he was killed by police because he was just that ‚proud to be white!!!! shame on you.….…… because if you knew him per­son­ally he would bend over back­wards to help you in any way.…..
    Melissa Pont

  • j

    Danny was an excel­lent man. father son hus­band. if you knew him you would know that.. hope­fully the adl is shut down for THERE RACIST VIEWS

  • ACS

    what a hor­ri­ble arti­cle irv rubin oh wait he took a 20 foot fall to his death now that’s a story

  • Rebecca Chan­dler

    My fam­ily along with his five chil­dren lost a man that Was lov­ing, kind, and loyal. The “facts” you are cit­ing are still under inves­ti­ga­tion by the Ven­tura County Sher­iffs Depart­ment. For a group who is sup­pos­edly focused on elim­i­nat­ing hate in the world to post an arti­cle cel­e­brat­ing the death of another human being is not only con­trary to your mis­sion, but a hor­ri­ble dis­play of the hate and ugli­ness that you are per­pet­u­at­ing. For those who are morn­ing him and for the sake of the five chil­dren whose father was killed I would ask that you remove this arti­cle from your site.

  • Ash­ley gillis

    This is apalling he was not as bad as ur mak­ing him seem he was a great man very wise an never dis­played the kinda hate u guys are show­ing I hope u get fired for this

  • Remy­Cal­i­for­nia

    Danny was nei­ther promi­nent or a white suprema­cist. He owned a tat­too shop. He employed, and was friends with, more than just a cou­ple of white peo­ple. That didn’t stop you from using a photo of him with white guys, thereby impli­cat­ing that they’re racist, too. Aside from Danny, I know two other men in that photo, and they’re any­thing but racist.

    The shop wasn’t used as a “meet­ing place” for a racist group. Were you there? Here’s a les­son per­tain­ing to the lay­out of its loca­tion. It’s on Main Street. Heav­i­est area of traf­fic in the town. Big glass win­dows with no shades. There’s a cop store­front less than two blocks away. The street is heav­ily patrolled. Yeah, that sounds like a per­fect place to have gang meet­ings. It’s no sur­prise the author didn’t attach his name to this fairy­tale dri­vel. “Let’s cel­e­brate a vic­tory over the death of a white suprema­cist who wasn’t a white suprema­cist”. Very classy. You act in kin­dred with the racist ani­mals you pur­port to stand against.

    Here, this arti­cle is ref­er­enc­ing Santa Clarita and Ante­lope Val­ley. Ven­tura isn’t linked to either. Sorry to burst your bubble.

    The irony is not lost on me that your group is founded on anti-defamation, and yet, all you’re doing here is defam­ing a man you did not know. Because he’s white and has a tat­too shop that you’ve linked to some back­wa­ter skin­head group.

    Your group used to be one that I believed in, but all I see lately is sto­ries defam­ing white peo­ple. You do not cover the racists (and there are racists) of every other nation­al­ity. Just be done with it and change the name to “Anti-White League”. You’ve done every­thing else but that.

    • ag

      I agree. This is why I absolutely hate cops. bet he didn’t even pull out a gun. I bet he didn’t even have a gun and the cops just shot him for the hell of it. R.I.p. danny

  • truth­hurts

    Look­ing thru Danny’s Face­book and var­i­ous online info, along with who com­mented on his death via mul­ti­ple report­ing agen­cies, it is an easy link between he and var­i­ous local and national white suprema­cist and other hate groups. There is sim­ply no way to deny Danny’s involve­ment. I hope he makes good in the hereafter.

    The ADL has a proven track record of expos­ing hatred, and hold­ing crim­i­nals account­able for their actions.

    If Danny wished to not be linked with such groups, he should have made bet­ter choices, includ­ing pulling a gun on a sheriff.

    • Real­ity Check

      I don’t know why every­one is mak­ing it out like he wasnt a skin. He was. And I’m sure like 3/4ths of the peo­ple com­ment­ing on here say­ing he wasn’t also are. That’s not to say that Danny Boy wasnt mature enough to not walk in a room and start telling every non white to go some­where. He has dozens of tat­toos pro­mot­ing a white pride lifestyle. The cir­cle and cross, 88, ss bolts. Did any of you actu­ally know him? it doesn’t sound like it.
      Ironic that he had his strong opin­ions on ille­gals and non whites. He had 5 chil­dren, was not mar­ried to any of their moth­ers and they were all on wel­fare because he didn’t sup­port his kids.

      • Ste­vie

        I’m one of those moth­ers of the five chil­dren and Danny sup­ported me just fine! He had a huge diver­sity of peo­ple in his life. He taught me you could be proud of who you are with­out being full of hate. He loved more than I’ve ever seen any­one else love..
        The only per­son Danny couldn’t love was him­self. You all should be ashamed to write such hurt­ful things that his chil­dren can see..

        • Justin Baird

          I’m sit­ting next to one of my dear­est and clos­est friends who is one of the women Danny loved in his life. Together, they brought one of smartest, in-tune, gen­tle and hand­some young men I’ve ever had the plea­sure to know. Cedryk has renewed my faith in youth.
          These “believe any BS press release that ass-covering agen­cies send out” blog­gers are who dimin­ish my con­fi­dence in this coun­try. Sheep! They’re all sheep!

      • S&J

        Hahaha! Shut your mouth they were all on wel­fare! You’re just as igno­rant as the mes­sage try­ing to be por­trayed here.

  • Char­lie star

    Really.. Peo­ple shut the fuck up who didn’t know him… Mind your own busi­ness … Don’t make him out to be a mon­ster .. U didn’t know him.. We did .. So back off.. He was one off the most car­ing peo­ple I ever knew .. And he is being missed.. And is being loved .. Some peo­ple would wish for a friend or fam­i­lie mem­ber like that… Mis­er­able idiots out there

  • Nick

    Bull­shit! Lets talk about the fact all the good Danny did! And how he was a devoted fam­ily man! This is just wicked media slam­ming against a man who had just lost his daugh­ter and was going through a dif­fi­cult time!

  • Kenny

    The ADL reports what they wish and are policed by no one. They cite opin­ion as fact and back up count­less claims with lit­tle, no or biased evi­dence. When theyre mis­takes harm peo­ple, they pub­lish no retorts. So it is of no sur­prise that this sort of report­ing con­tin­ues from this out­fit. Must be an amaz­ing feel­ing to pass judge­ment on oth­ers while being free from sin. These ” reporters ” and ” inves­tiga­tive jour­nal­ists ” are above law. Disgusting.

  • Cheri B.

    I had the plea­sure of hav­ing Danny as a stu­dent in my blood­borne pathogen class for tat­too artists. He drove all the way from Ven­tura to Pico Rivera and sat in a multi-cultured class­room and was friendly and respect­ful to every­one. He did not have to take our class; he did because he wanted to be sure he was being safe in all areas for his cus­tomers. Noth­ing about him gave me the impres­sion that he was racist because of the polite man­ner in which he treated every per­son, of every race, in that class. RIP Danny!


    Dis­gust­ing article!!!!

  • Sara

    The minute I read the art­cile in the paper about this shoot­ing, time of day, etc…I got a bad feel­ing, I just dont believe it hap­pened like they are say­ing it did. Not at all. Of course, arti­cles that fol­lowed his death that screamed “white supremist — gang leader — hard­core skin­head” had to fol­low, so that the gen­eral pub­lic would never ques­tion a man of “that” capac­ity being shot by the cops. The man loved his lit­tle boy and was an absolute teddy bear with him. No one is going to con­vince me that, with his knowledge…he would ever exit his vehi­cle point­ing a gun at cops. That of course would mean he wanted to die. Nope.No way. I hope that this is inves­ti­gated and not just allowed to fall by the wayside.Theres more to this story than what we are hearing.

  • Nick

    Inter­est­ing you call him out on bs and talk all this crap yet in your archives his name has never come up once! Get your shit straight. I’m all for free speech but it seems to me your entire site is about hatred and bul­ly­ing. Isn’t there a law against this called decla­ma­tion of char­ac­ter. This post ought to be taken down all together with an apolo­gies to the family’s before you receive a law­suit. I call for a cease & desist on this crap! And you bet your asses their will be a lawyer will­ing to stand up for his fam­ily & children.

    • pen­nythe­fil­ipino

      The word you are look­ing for is defama­tion of char­ac­ter. If the com­bat boot fits…lace it up and stomp around in it. Hes gone and im sure he does not care what they think.

  • truth­hurts

    So here is a close up of the tat­too on Danny’s right shoul­der. Not try­ing to beat a dead horse, but this is a well known white pride symbol.

    Any­one who wants to explain why some­one who is not a racist or skin­head would brand him­self as such, please stand up. This is not to say he was pure evil, or wasn’t attempt­ing to turn his life around, though he wasn’t exactly repen­tant either. Had he a change of heart, he could have sim­ply cov­ered that sym­bol with a dove, or bet­ter yet the word tol­er­ance. He had the tools to do so.

  • truth­hurts
  • Proud Ital­ian

    Good for him if he was proud to be white and stood up for his white broth­ers. Why is it that whites are the only demo­graphic that are not aloud to be proud of their her­itage? If they are they are labeled a racist bigot for it. In the Tal­mud Jews are taught that ALL non Jews or gen­tiles are “goyim” herds of cat­tle, here to serve the Jew. So instead of jump­ing on the proud white guy worry about the real racists who have enslaved us all.

  • Bran­don

    This arti­cle is bogus. Danny Boi was one of the kind­est peo­ple I have met in the tat­too indus­try. He was very proud of his white her­itage and noth­ing more. Most of the sym­bols tat­tooed on his body have much more mean­ing then you think. Danny has helped numer­ous peo­ple turn there life around. The com­mu­nity lost a great leader, father, artist, busi­ness owner and man. Maybe he made a few mis­takes in life but havent we all. Those that knew him will always know the truth. His mem­ory will live on through those whose lives he touched.

  • Marissa

    Danny was such a won­der­ful man and as an old tat­too appren­tice of his, I can say with full con­fi­dence that he had a gen­uine heart of gold. Shame on this arti­cle for mak­ing him look like noth­ing more than a racist con­vict. My heart goes out to his fam­ily, and if there are any details on his funeral, please let me know

    • real­i­ty­check

      Racist con­vict. If the boot fits, lace it up, own it.

      • Friend

        I know of at least 3 peo­ple in my Mom’s fam­ily that died in con­cen­tra­tion camps dur­ing the holo­caust. They were my Great Grandmother’s broth­ers. I went to Grant High school with Danny. We cruised chicks at the Sher­man Oaks Gal­le­ria together. We were friends. I would like to take this time to clar­ify some things. 1) The ref­er­ence to Goyem being cat­tle was from a fraudu­lant piece of pro­pa­ganda con­structed by the then Czar of Rus­sia. The Czar wanted to take over the Shtay­tles, or farm­ing vil­lages that were occu­pied by Jews. This was in the late 1800s early 1900s. My Great Grand­par­ents came from a shtay­tle in Lithua­nia. 2) The cross in the cir­cle, is an ancient pre Chris­t­ian sym­bol. It per­tains to the Nat­ural cycle of the calan­der year’s four sea­sons. 3) Was Danny proud of his her­itage? Yes. Just like any­one would be proud to be an Amer­i­can, you could say. Danny was an intel­li­gent man. I don’t see him doing what the offi­cers that killed him say he did. The dash cam of there cruiser should be reviewed. If you always judge a book by it’s cover, you miss out on a lot of reading.

  • Sarah

    Danny was a great per­son he is the only one that has EVER tat­tooed me. I cant help but feel­ing so sad that this has hap­pened to him. Con­do­lences to his fam­ily and Kids.. Your dad talked about you all a lot and he was a great guy.

  • stacy

    Danny never denied who he was or what he believed in, how­ever he never forced those beliefs on any­one, to make it seem like he was a white power mon­ster is insane, every­one is enti­tled to their own opin­ion. he was a kind gen­tle man, who cared for every­one and put him­self last, he would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it, he was always very nice to me even though he didn’t know me that well. When I first heard what hap­pened to him I felt in my gut it wasn’t right, the whole story feels wrong to me and still does..I hope his fam­ily can find peace and hope­fully the truth about what actu­ally happened..It is a ter­ri­ble tragedy and Danny will be missed by many..