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October 17, 2012 12

White Supremacist Jared Taylor’s Speech at Texas A&M Is Sponsored by Neo-Nazi

Pre­ston Wigginton

Pre­ston Wig­gin­ton, a 48-year-old neo-Nazi and for­mer racist skin­head, is spon­sor­ing a speech by white suprema­cist Jared Tay­lor at Texas A&M Uni­ver­sity on Octo­ber 23, 2012.  In an announce­ment about the speech, Tay­lor claims that there are “ongo­ing efforts to dis­place white Tex­ans at the uni­ver­sity” and refers read­ers to a Texas A&M report that dis­cusses racial diversity.

This will be the sec­ond time this month that Tay­lor has been invited to speak at a col­lege cam­pus. In early Octo­ber, he spoke at Tow­son Uni­ver­sity in Mary­land about the “legit­i­macy of white racial con­scious­ness” at the behest of the White Stu­dent Union.

Wig­gin­ton is a famil­iar fig­ure at Texas A&M, where he is a for­mer stu­dent. In Jan­u­ary 2012, he held a demon­stra­tion at the cam­pus against Mar­tin Luther King, Jr. and the civil rights movement.

In the past, Wig­gin­ton has brought other con­tro­ver­sial fig­ures to the cam­pus. In fall 2007, he spon­sored an appear­ance at Texas A&M by Nick Grif­fin, who was then the head of the ultra-right British National Party (BNP), a party that attracted many neo-Nazis.  Grif­fin spoke on the spread of Islam in Europe in a speech titled, “Islam, Ter­ror and West­ern Civilization.”

Ear­lier that year, Wig­gin­ton also had the idea to bring Tay­lor to cam­pus to speak about diver­sity issues at the school. Wig­gin­ton claimed he had attended a diver­sity sym­po­sium set up to address racial ten­sion at Texas A&M and he then chal­lenged the Asso­ciate Provost of Diver­sity at Texas A&M to debate Tay­lor. The cam­pus paper The Bat­tal­ion reported that Wig­gin­ton held a 2-by-4 foot sign to pro­mote the debate, which did not take place.

Wig­gin­ton is also vir­u­lently anti-immigrant. In Novem­ber 2005, he orga­nized and funded a lec­ture tour for anti-immigration activist Frosty Wooldridge. The tour cov­ered five Texas uni­ver­si­ties, includ­ing Texas A&M. The pur­pose of Wooldridge’s tour was to gather sig­na­tures on a peti­tion against Texas House Bill 1403, which gave chil­dren of undoc­u­mented immi­grants in-state col­lege tuition rates if they had grad­u­ated from a Texas high school and lived in the state for three years.

In addi­tion to liv­ing in Texas, Wig­gin­ton has spent a lot of time in Rus­sia. In 2007, he addressed thou­sands of Russ­ian nation­al­ists at the Russ­ian March, which pro­moted Russ­ian nation­al­ism and attacked non-white immi­gra­tion. The par­tic­i­pants gave Nazi salutes at the march and shouted, “White power.”  Shortly after this event Wig­gin­ton forged ties with Alexan­der Belov, an anti-Semitic, anti-immigrant nation­al­ist in Rus­sia.  In addi­tion, that year Wig­gin­ton spoke at an annual memo­r­ial rally in Swe­den in honor of a 17-year-old neo-Nazi who was killed by non-Swedes in 2000.

Wig­gin­ton was also active in racist skin­head cir­cles. In 2005, he attended a racist skin­head Ham­mer­fest in Drake­town, Geor­gia, and won the “World’s Strongest Skin­head Competition.”

  • Oh chutz­pah!!! Mean while jews kill paleste­ni­ans and round up blacks in Israel to send back to Africa.

  • Justin

    I won­der if the writer of this arti­cle would do the same if Louis Far­rahkahn was com­ing to make a speech at Texas A&M.

  • The dou­ble stan­dard exhib­ited by the ADL is hilar­i­ous–
    jews pro­mote eth­nona­tion­al­ism for them­selves while push­ing diver­shitty on
    every­body else, using their well-funded and orga­nized eth­nic net­works to engage
    in wail­ing and char­ac­ter assas­si­na­tion when oth­ers even so much as ques­tion the
    mer­its of enforced diversity.

    • Joe McCarthy

      I had a Jew­ish friend in col­lege who was study­ing Mechan­i­cal Engi­neer­ing and inter­est in computers.

      I NEVER would have guessed that he ran an exchange pro­gram with his dad that brought in South Asian immi­grants for no rea­son whatsoever.

      He never told me about it, but I found a link from his face­book to his organization’s website.

      He and his dad run a pri­vate pro­grams that brings Asian immi­grants in to Amer­ica for the pur­pose of “pro­mot­ing cross-cultural inter­ac­tions” or some kind of BS like that.

      Who would’ve guessed?

      He wasn’t even a lib­eral Jew.

  • Torah­Jew


    • Joe McCarthy

      Go back to AD and fight the Romans you pre­his­toric anti-European bigot.

  • What exactly makes a “neo– nazi”?
    Oh yeah! Any white per­son who dis­agrees with the multi– cult agenda.

  • Robert Jay Mathews

    Good to hear. We need more peo­ple speak­ing the truth at Uni­ver­si­ties. They have been anti-White, pinko bas­tions of polit­i­cal cor­rect­ness for decades.

  • Rosenkranz

    Abe Fox­man is too old to respect his elders!

  • It’s as if the ADL is staffed by a group of 9 year old kids on a play­ground with all their name call­ing tac­tics. “Racist! Nazi! Suprema­cist!” sounds more like “Dork! Jerk! Loser! WAAAHH!” Stop with the silly name call­ing and write a mature & intel­li­gent report for once.

  • Joe McCarthy

    At least Jews don’t run Rus­sia Today:


  • Well said Mr. Jared Tay­lor. I think its impor­tant that white peo­ples
    reclaim their iden­tity, cul­ture, and unique­ness just as oth­ers races have
    asserted. This indoc­tri­na­tion of stu­dents to hold con­tempt and dis­dain
    for any­thing of white­ness must stop. White peo­ples are peo­ple too, and
    have a right to self identify.