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July 9, 2014 14

White Supremacist “Mantra” Literature Appears In Seattle Neighborhood


Post­card front

Res­i­dents of the Capi­tol Hill neigh­bor­hood of Seat­tle recently found them­selves the recip­i­ents of a white suprema­cist lit­er­a­ture dis­tri­b­u­tion. Some­one had gone up and down streets in the area on June 30, plac­ing racist post­cards on the wind­shields of cars parked along the street.


Post­card back

The post­cards were designed to exploit gay pride events held in Seat­tle the pre­vi­ous week­end, includ­ing the 40th annual Seat­tle Pride Parade and Seat­tle Pride­Fest 2014, the lat­ter held only a few blocks from where the post­cards were dis­trib­uted. The post­card fronts fea­tured a rain­bow image, the word “Seat­tle,” and the phrases “Rain­bow Pride” and “40 YEARS of fab­u­lous,” the lat­ter a ref­er­ence to the parade.

How­ever, the back of the post­cards was starkly dif­fer­ent, dis­play­ing in large let­ters the white suprema­cist slo­gan “’Diver­sity’ is a code word for white geno­cide.” The post­card text claimed anti-racists are “anti-white” and that they sup­port non-whites “pour[ing] into EVERY White coun­try” to inter­marry with whites, thus extin­guish­ing the white race. The pride-related front was sim­ply cam­ou­flage for the racist mes­sage on the back.

This mes­sage was not ran­dom but rather the stan­dard lan­guage used by white suprema­cist sup­port­ers of the “Mantra.” The “Mantra” is a white suprema­cist pro­pa­ganda cam­paign based on the idea of end­lessly repeat­ing cer­tain lan­guage and select slo­gans in the hopes that whites will even­tu­ally be recep­tive to them. The two most com­mon slo­gans asso­ci­ated with the “Mantra” are “Anti-racist is a code for anti-white” and “Diver­sity is a code word for white geno­cide,” both of which appear on the Seat­tle postcards.

In recent years, white suprema­cist use of “Mantra”-style pro­pa­ganda has steadily increased, as racist activists dis­play it on bill­boards, on free­way over­passes, as graf­fiti, and across the Inter­net. Just a few days after the Seat­tle inci­dent, sev­eral white suprema­cists in Port­land, Ore­gon, pick­eted the offices of an orga­ni­za­tion devoted to help­ing immi­grants and refugees, dis­play­ing signs and ban­ners that repeated the “Mantra” slogans.

  • jerry

    Diver­sity is white geno­cide. I see the hatred of the Jews in Israel with all the black Africans mov­ing in and the Jews demon­strat­ing that Israel will be ruined,saying it will not be a Jew­ish state, that soon only 30% of Israel will be white Jews. This sounds just like what I hear you fight­ing against. Maybe clean out your own closet? By the way, Jesus Christ was a Jew, your Mes­siah. The book of Mor­mon also talks about the descen­dants of Joseph who God sent to Amer­ica before the fall of Jerusalem. Its time to wake up, the one you think you are wait­ing for is Lucifer who rewards noth­ing after this world. Embrace your own blood Jesus Christ.

    • bob­fair­lane

      Semi­tes are anti-white.

    • Heidi

      You may want to read Matthew 23 and John 8:44–48

      The Book of Mor­mon was for us — the old­est skele­tal remains on the Amer­i­can Con­ti­nents have been Cau­casian, who were killed out by the “Asian/Siberian” peo­ples who came over the ice land mass — known as the Native Amer­i­can peoples.

      The Jews do wor­ship.… lucifer. Which is why JS trans­lated por­tions that claimed Cain believed the lie that he was ‘spe­cial’ and mur­dered his own brother — which Matthew 23 gets into.

      Much love.

  • bob­fair­lane

    ADL is a bunch of jew fag­gots. Call­ing White Amer­i­cans “suprema­cists” Is just a scare tac­tic. hah­haha. This is our coun­try. We will make it work for us.

  • Gar5

    It cer­tainly seems like White areas and ONLY White areas are being chased down and forced to accept diversity.

    Marin county, Cal­i­for­nia, for exam­ple was decided to be “too White” by the Obama gov­ern­ment and needed to become less White.

    Another exam­ple, the SPLC had a fundraiser to get more Black peo­ple into North­ern Idaho — why? Because it was “too White”.

    Both of these groups call them­selves “anti-racist”, but if all that they are doing is anti-White, the anti-racist is merely just a euphemism, or a “code word” if you will, for anti-White.

  • Lone­jack

    I don’t get the “suprema­cist” alle­ga­tion. Where on the pam­phlet does it say that White folks, who want to live with their own kind and pre­serve their race, claim to be supe­rior? Don’t peo­ple of any eth­nic­ity or race have a right to asso­ciate with whom they want — the right of self-determination?

    If a bunch of White peo­ple live only with other Whites, over whom would they be supreme? Each other?

    This arti­cle doesn’t make sense.

  • Wolf

    Talk about using Mantra! Gays, jews, anti-gun lob­by­ists, abor­tion advo­cates and so-called women’s lib­bers, and other groups detri­men­tal to our coun­try, use Mantra tech­niques, and other forms of using lan­guage to con­fuse mis­con­strue facts and issues, con­tin­u­ously and copiously.

  • Adri­enne Collins

    How exactly is decry­ing and bring­ing atten­tion to white geno­cide a form of “white suprema­cism”? Does this mean that the Dalai Lama who has been lec­tur­ing the world for decades about the geno­cide of his Tibetan peo­ple by Chi­nese invaders is a “Tibetan suprema­cist”? The word “white suprema­cist” is an anti-white canard, a straw­man because there is no pro-white group who wants to put the shack­les back on the black man. Every group which the ADL accuses of “suprema­cism” really wants the oppo­site, to drop out of the enforced mul­ti­cul­tural dystopia

  • Adri­enne Collins

    Kudos to the ADL for let­ting us know that Heim­bach is still alive and kick­ing. Despite his avowed “Chris­t­ian” fun­da­men­tals he dropped out with­out being Christ-like enough to inform us and ignor­ring emails. What would Jesus do?

  • joe swan­son

    The real event that the ADL should be report­ing is how and
    why they came into exis­tence in Octo­ber 1913. The ADL came into exis­tence so as to defend a fel­low jew by the name of Leo Frank who mur­dered on April 26, 1913, an eleven year old child by the name of Mary Pha­gan, who worked for this ani­mal in a pen­cil fac­tory. The case went to court July 1913. Nice tim­ing.
    Of course they (ADL and Franks) played the anti semi­tism card and tried
    blam­ing the negro porter. Hey hol­ly­wood, when are we going to see a movie about Mary Pha­gan? What’s that? Too busy turn­ing out garbage ww2 films over and over again?

    Sec­ond, how can ANY group be a “suprema­cist” when advo­cat­ing
    “Sep­a­ratism?” Who are they going to be “Supreme” over?

    Third, the counter cul­ture has been using “mantras” for years now such as “Diver­sity is our strength” and “black is beau­ti­ful” and “bet­ter red then dead.” Anti racists are anti white because how can an orga­ni­za­tion claim to be against racism BUT the ONLY time they come out to play is against Whites?
    What about black, brown, tan, and yel­low racism? Diver­sity is White Geno­cide because ONLY White soci­eties are being infected with this lib­eral men­tal dis­or­der. Look at the word “Diver­sity.” Why must White soci­eties be diver­si­fied? Is there some­thing wrong with the way they are and have always been? If so, how about diver­si­fy­ing black, brown, tan, and yel­low soci­eties as well? After all, one can­not achieve TRUE diver­sity if every­one else is not forced to drink the same mul­ti­cul­tural kool aide as well.

  • Erik Long­worth

    the ADL is a HATE GROUP !

  • Bless­Pa­paBenny

    “…pro­pa­ganda cam­paign based on the idea of end­lessly repeat­ing cer­tain lan­guage in the hopes that whites will even­tu­ally be recep­tive to them.”

    White supremacist.…White supremacist.…White supremacist.…White supremacist.…White supremacist.…White supremacist.…

    …count them, six times in the same arti­cle! LOL

    Diver­sity is just a GENOCIDAL SCAM!

  • Heidi

    Israel gets to be for the Jews — as in the “Jew­ish State of Israel” — but the moment “White” peo­ple demand the same type of lim­its and bor­ders to their own nations — the Jews in orga­ni­za­tions such as the ADL deem it to be “suprema­cism” and “hatred” — oh the hypocrisy of the Jew.

  • ste­fan

    I apol­o­gize but I’m a lit­tle bit con­fused here. Are the cards a prob­lem due to a lack of truth­ful­ness or vice versa?