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February 9, 2016 71

White Supremacist Messages Flood Facebook After Anti-Semitic Posting by Ted Nugent

Rock musi­cian and right-wing activist Ted Nugent sur­prised many of his fol­low­ers on Feb­ru­ary 8 when he posted to his Face­book page a bla­tantly anti-Semitic graphic that labeled a dozen promi­nent sup­port­ers of gun con­trol mea­sures as Jews and asked “So who is really behind gun control?”

Angelo John Gage

Angelo John Gage

The graphic was one that had cir­cu­lated in white suprema­cist cir­cles for sev­eral years before Nugent gave it new life, telling his fol­low­ers to “Know these punks. They hate free­dom, they hate good over evil…you know how evil they are.”

To their credit, a num­ber of Nugent fans expressed dis­may at his post­ing. One prophetic Nugent fol­lower, a self-described 40-year fan, described the post as “appalling” and informed the aging rocker that he had just “opened the gates for hun­dreds of Jew haters and Holo­caust deniers to pour out their garbage on your page.”

Sadly, that was exactly what hap­pened. Pre­dictably, white suprema­cists and anti-Semites flooded to Nugent’s Face­book page to endorse his post and share it with their own Face­book friends (in less than 24 hours, the post had been shared over 2,800 times). Hun­dreds of white suprema­cists rushed to exploit and amplify Nugent’s post with their own pro­pa­ganda, includ­ing a num­ber of promi­nent white suprema­cists, such as for­mer Klans­man David Duke, neo-Nazi David Pringle, Tra­di­tion­al­ist Youth Net­work founder Matt Heim­bach and for­mer National Youth Front leader Angelo John Gage.

Gage, a white suprema­cist activist, blog­ger and occa­sional polit­i­cal can­di­date, helped start the rush when he quickly posted a YouTube video about Nugent’s post­ing, say­ing “it shows all these Jews, all of them,” and urg­ing like-minded peo­ple to go to Face­book and “start blast­ing” anti-Semitic pro­pa­ganda. Gage was not alone. Scott Roberts, another anti-Semite, posted his own YouTube video about the inci­dent, explain­ing that “we seized this oppor­tu­nity, Angelo, myself, David Duke…we are inject­ing that anti-Semitic truth, and tak­ing the point [Nugent] ini­tially came out with and ham­mer­ing it home.”

On the white suprema­cist dis­cus­sion forum Storm­front, neo-Nazis and other white suprema­cists made sim­i­lar pleas. “Any­one that is pro-white or ‘alt-right’,” posted user “Raven­Claw, “needs to jump on this and com­ment. Post David Duke videos on there.” Another Storm­fron­ter, “Pol­ish­SlavAryan,” asked, “Can we all work together as a team to make it go viral? The main­stream needs to know.” An Ore­gon Storm­fron­ter explained that “even at this early point the expo­sure is priceless…Some will look into the ‘jew­ish prob­lem’ a bit fur­ther. Win.”

Hun­dreds of anti-Semites indeed flocked to Nugent’s Face­book page to share their opin­ions of Jews. “Jews are the exis­ten­tial enemy to the white race and need to be exter­mi­nated off the face of [the] Earth,” wrote a Face­book user with the screen name “Max Macro.” User Dan Dean echoed those sen­ti­ments: “Zion­ists Jews are your dead­liest enemy. Vir­tual wolves in sheep’s cloth­ing. Deep dark­ness cloaked in a false light.” Oth­ers took the oppor­tu­nity to pro­mote anti-Semitic con­spir­acy the­o­ries, Holo­caust denial, and anti-Semitic stereo­types, epi­thets and canards.

A Face­book user with the Holocaust-themed screen name “Zykklon Beaner” urged Nugent not to retract his state­ment: “No apolo­gies, Ted, stick by your guns, lit­er­ally and fig­u­ra­tively! F__k these sup­posed ‘cho­sen’ Zion­ist scum!”

So far, Nugent has nei­ther apol­o­gized for or deleted his post. To date, his only reac­tion was to make another post in which he raged against peo­ple who had called his orig­i­nal mes­sage anti-Semitic and asked how any­one “could pos­si­bly not know that Jews for gun con­trol are Nazis in dis­guise?” Mean­while, he wrote, “I adjust my yamika [sic] at my bar­mitzva [sic] play­ing my kosher guitar.”

  • Mario Chalup

    There is no place to hide any­more JEWS… You are the ene­mies of human­ity and WE know it… Gun con­trol is Jew­ish: It is vir­tu­ally impos­si­ble to find any­one who is an active leader in the “gun con­trol” move­ment who is not a racial jew.


    After New­town, Jews Lead RENEWED Push on Guns


    U.S. Jews Sup­port Gun Control




    Most U.S. Fed­eral gun con­trol leg­is­la­tion has been writ­ten, intro­duced, and spon­sored by Jew­ish Con­gress­men and Jew­ish Sen­a­tors. Appar­ently it’s okay for Jews to pos­sess guns, just not Goyim cat­tle. Oh yes, the great­est gun grab­bers in US His­tory are and have always been quite Jew­ish. “Gun con­trol” in the United States is as Jew­ish as our lib­eral and self-destructive immi­gra­tion policies.

    U.S. Fed­eral Gun Con­trol Leg­is­la­tion, 1968 — present

    Emanuel Celler (Jew), Demo­c­ra­tic Rep­re­sen­ta­tive from New York(1923 — 1973)

    Howard M. Metzenbaum(Jew), Demo­c­ra­tic Sen­a­tor from Ohio(1974, 1976 — 1995)

    Carl M. Levin(Jew), Demo­c­ra­tic Sen­a­tor from Michigan(1979 — present)

    Thomas P. “Tom” Lantos(Jew), Demo­c­ra­tic Rep­re­sen­ta­tive from California(1981 — 2008)

    Arlen Specter(Jew), Demo­c­ra­tic Sen­a­tor from Pennsylvania(1981 — present)

    Charles E. “Chuck” Schumer(Jew), Demo­c­ra­tic Sen­a­tor from New York(1999 — present), Demo­c­ra­tic Rep­re­se­n­a­tive from New York(1981–1999)

    Frank R. Lautenberg(Jew), Demo­c­ra­tic Sen­a­tor from New Jersey(1982 — 2001, 2003 — present)

    Bar­bara L. Boxer(Jew), Demo­c­ra­tic Sen­a­tor from California(1993 — present), Demo­c­ra­tic Rep­re­sen­ta­tive from California(1983 — 1993)

    Her­bert H. “Herb” Kohl(Jew), Demo­c­ra­tic Sen­a­tor from Wisconsin(1989 — present)

    Dianne G. Feinstein(Jew), Demo­c­ra­tic Sen­a­tor from California(1992 — present)

    Jer­rold L. Nadler(Jew), Demo­c­ra­tic Rep­re­sen­ta­tive from New York(1992 — present)

    Steven R. “Steve” Rothman(Jew), Demo­c­ra­tic Rep­re­sen­ta­tive from New Jersey(1997 — present)

    What are Filthy Jews Say­ing About Obama’s Gun-Grabbery?… Shock­ingly, Jews appear to com­pletely hate all forms of basic free­dom, and so are cel­e­brat­ing the evil act of gun-grabbery against Amer­ica by their Shab­bat goy

    Rabbi Aryeh Cohen of Amer­i­can Jew­ish Uni­ver­sity and Bend the Arc: A Jew­ish Part­ner­ship for Jus­tice has said:

    “I thought it was a begin­ning of a good cul­tural shift, [although] the reforms he is bring­ing are min­i­mal … I think it clearly should be a pri­or­ity for the Amer­i­can body politic,” Cohen said of curb­ing gun vio­lence. “It clearly should be a pri­or­ity for the Jew­ish com­mu­nity in terms of pikuah nefesh,” refer­ring to the Jew­ish oblig­a­tion to save a life in jeopardy.

    Source: http://www.jewishjournal.com/los_angeles/article/jewish_leaders_endorse_critique_obamas_actions_to_curb_gun_violence

    Gabby Gif­fords, the for­mer Ari­zona rep­re­sen­ta­tive Jew, has argued that the mea­sures do not go far enough, but has cel­e­brated them nonetheless.

    Gabby Gif­fords and JEWISH GROUPS Back Barack Obama Push on Guns

    “Gif­fords, the first Jew­ish con­gress­woman from her home state of Ari­zona, received a stand­ing ova­tion as she entered the East Room ahead of the President’s his­toric announce­ment that he would side­step Con­gress and order more gun sell­ers to get licenses and more gun buy­ers to undergo back­ground checks … ”

    source: http://forward.com/news/breaking-news/328694/gabby-giffords-and-jewish-groups-back-barack-obama-push-on-guns/

    Haaretz notes that the National Coun­cil of Jew­ish Women has also praised this evil act against us, but added that they would con­tinue to push for more extreme gun-grabbery.

    “The National Coun­cil of Jew­ish Women, which has been advo­cat­ing for gun con­trol SINCE 1969, would con­tinue to work on the state level, said its CEO, Nancy Kauf­man. We still hold out hope the Con­gress will under­stand they need to do some­thing,” she said, but added that the most effec­tive route now seemed to be to advance back­ground checks and gun traf­fick­ing on the state level.”

    Source: http://www.haaretz.com/jewish/news/1.695799

    The ADL also praised this ille­gal action which destroys the US Con­sti­tu­tion. Jew­ish groups hail Obama’s exec­u­tive action on gun control

    Source: http://www.timesofisrael.com/jewish-groups-hail-obamas-executive-action-on-gun-control/

    Jews have been push­ing for gun con­trol for decades, and all the major gun-control advo­cates are Jew­ish, includ­ing the most vocal, which is for­mer Jew NYC Mayor Bloomberg. The other top grab­bers are Chucky Schumer and Diane Fein­stein – Jews both

    H***r was right!

    H**l H***r!

    • Bob Turov

      Mario, calm down baby. And please don’t for­get about your annual psy­chi­atric eval­u­a­tion appoint­ment. I’m sure your Jew­ish psy­chi­a­trist will be able to help you. Mean­while, con­tinue tak­ing your med­ica­tions. And now, again, calm down, get back to your trailer park dump where you belong and try to relax. Only make sure your slut wife isn’t cheat­ing on you with your tat­tooed neigh­bor from the next door trailer.

      • Mario Chalup

        You for­got to point which part of my com­ment is untrue jew boy.

        H***r was right!

        H**l H***r!

        • Who is H***er?
          Accord­ing to you Jew haters, there was no holo­caust.
          This means there was no H***er.

          • Mario Chalup

            You know who H***er is.… And no, there was NO “holocaust®”.

            1) Show me a pic­ture, or a draw­ing, of func­tional nazi homi­ci­dal gas chamber.

            2) Give the names, at least ONE name of any­one that through foren­sic proven sci­ence that was gassed at Auschwitz?

            Just one out of mil­lions, such a sim­ple thing to have the holo­HOAX® come under scrutiny as to whether any­one was homi­ci­dally gassed at Auschwitz. Why is this so dif­fi­cult? Wait­ing, wait­ing, waiting.

            Maybe you all can check 60 vol­umes of death records now in the hands of the Rus­sians and go through those thou­sands of records to find ONE men­tion of death by homi­ci­dal gassing. My chal­lenge will be ignored, cer­tainly in ALL the Nurem­berg trial records ONE per­son must have men­tioned autop­sies proven beyond a shadow of a doubt homi­ci­dal gassings, maybe not…lol

            I dont want, “he said, they said, I saw”… I want EVIDENCE, that can be used in a court of law to prove the Jew­ish Gassings or ANY gassings. Just one, one, one, one… I have asked this so many times and no Jew­ish per­son on earth can give me an answer. No holo­HOAX® “sur­vivor” can give me an answer, why? Because, there were NO homi­ci­dal gas cham­bers, and there was NO holoHOAX®

            • I dont talk to peo­ple who think there was a Hitler.
              Have a nice day

              • Mario Chalup

                Like I said, no Jew­ish per­son on earth can give me an answer. You just proved my point one more time. There was NO holo­HOAX®, have nice day too.

                • No Hitler .
                  Oh, by the way:
                  Chris­tians were the ones that were slaugh­tered in Ger­many in the late 30’s, through the 40’s.
                  Go bring your argu­ment to them. Tell them this did not occur.

                • Mario Chalup

                  bla bla bla, yada yada yada, com­pletely off topic

                  1) Show me a pic­ture, or a draw­ing, of func­tional nazi homi­ci­dal gas chamber.

                  2) Give the names, at least ONE name of any­one that through foren­sic proven sci­ence that was gassed at Auschwitz?

                • There is a white geno­cide tak­ing place in EU, USA and Israel at the hands of left wingers who are flood­ing white coun­tries and this is not denied by me.

                  How­ever, I can tell you this much: When you laugh at another man’s sor­row, when you mock a time of Jacob’s trou­ble: God will remember.

                  The more you deny, the more the MSM will cover up what is hap­pen­ing to white people.

                  “That which a man sows, he will also reap—in due time”

                  I wouldn’t want to be you.

                • chaslit­tle pupil ofJesusChrist

                  Jacob’s trou­ble ended in around 70 AD .
                  i live in the blessed peace of Jesus Christ
                  israel WITHOUT Jesus Christ is not ISRAEL .
                  Keep deny­ing Jesus Christ

                • Moron:
                  Jacobs trou­ble is any time the Jews go through per­se­cu­tion.
                  WHO said I reject Jesus?
                  Jesus is a JEW.
                  YOU reject that.

                • chaslit­tle pupil ofJesusChrist

                  Jesus Christ while in the body pre­pared for Him on earth was a JUDAHITE .
                  A Judahite is NOT the mod­ern def­i­n­i­tion of ” Jew”

                  The mod­ern “jews” go through WRATH (Joh 3:36 )of the Cre­ator because of this
                  Deu_11:28 And a curse, if ye will not obey the com­mand­ments of the LORD your God,

                  If you BREAK ONE of the 10 com­mand­ments in the OLD covenant , you fall UNDER the CURSE . This includes EVEN think­ing of break­ing one of them .

                  There is ONLY ONE who EVER kept ALL of the ETERNAL Father’s laws , per­fectly from a baby and His name is Christ Jesus

                • See?
                  Stop deny­ing Jesus, the JEW.

                • chaslit­tle pupil ofJesusChrist

                  Stop DENYING Jesus CHRIST the KING OF KINGs , LORD of Lords , APLHA and the OMEGA the BEGINNIING and the Ending .

                  Jesus Christ DID NOT fol­low the TALMUD , He did NOT fol­low the reli­gion of the jews , He fol­lowed the Divine Law perfectly .

                  Joh_3:6 That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.

                  Accord­ing to man i share MANY “jew­ish sur­names” , do i label myself a “jew” , no BECAUSE it means NOTHING , for flesh is flesh and SPIRIT is SPIRIT

                • You deny Jesus is Jew­ish, you have prob­lems all your own with his faith

                • chaslit­tle pupil ofJesusChrist

                  So you say Jesus Christ fol­lowed Tal­mud tra­di­tions of the fathers ?
                  What blas­phemy if you say so
                  Jesus Christ fol­lowed the ETERNAL FATHER and no reli­gion of man
                  Jesus Christ was born in naz­ereth , but lived MOST his life in the north­ern king­dom .
                  His faith was that of Moses , Eli­jah , Abram .
                  Here oh Israel the LORD our Cre­ator is one LORD

                • Jesus , JEW = Ju from the tribe of JUDAH, Judea.
                  Stop deny­ing the Chris­t­ian savior

                • chaslit­tle pupil ofJesusChrist

                  mod­ern JEW = FOLLOWER of Baby­lon­ian Tal­mud , kabala etc
                  Ancient Jew = tribe of Judah or of tribe of Ben­jamin , a dweller / inhibitor of the SOUTHERN King­dom of Judah includ­ing those who MAY HAVE NOT been of the tribe of Judah
                  So , appar­ently you believe ANOTHER Jesus if you think that Jesus Christ fol­lowed TALMUD or kabala , REPENT if so

                • Yeah, what­ever.
                  God bless.
                  Dont let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya

                • chaslit­tle pupil ofJesusChrist

                  truth hurts don’t it ?

                  the flesh hurts don’t it

                  cling to that flesh , its end is worms and bugs

                  This is ETERNAL

                  Joh 11:25 Jesus said unto her, I am the res­ur­rec­tion, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live:

                  Joh 11:26 And whoso­ever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?

                • You tell no truth, have a nice day, God bless

                • Aron­Lump

                  You are seri­ously a BUGStard?

                  I knew you were bat­shit insane, but for you to be agree­ing with the Nazi Bob Whitaker is just the icing on the cake.

                • You know, I dont like it when peo­ple deny the Holo­caust.
                  Yet, here YOU are, deny­ing there is a con­cen­trated effort to rid EU, USA and Israel of whites.
                  It’s you that is the ugly

                • Aron­Lump

                  What is ‘white?’

                • White is the color that many lefty “Jews” like your­self deny being

                • Aron­Lump

                  Nah, my skin is white.

                  And you have no idea of my pol­i­tics, you stu­pid twit.

                • Have a nice day.
                  Be blessed.

                • Aron­Lump

                  I am blessed. Espe­cially since I don’t suf­fer from your per­se­cu­tion complex.

                • Have a nice day

                • Aron­Lump

                  Here’s a lit­tle infor­ma­tion about your ‘allies,’ you stu­pid fool:


                • I have no allies, moron, I am a Jew.

                • Aron­Lump

                  Jews have no allies? That’s news to me.

                  (And where do you think that con­cept of ‘white geno­cide’ came from? Idiot.)

                • Again, there is no effort to flood Cauc coun­tries with Mus­lims and Mex­i­cans?
                  Stop lying already, its embarrassing

                • Aron­Lump

                  No, there is no effort.

                  You have been fooled by Nazis.

                  Your par­ents would be so proud.

                • Good­bye, blessings.

        • Antsy Kuh­n­wisse

          Well, from my obser­va­tion it is untrue that Jews all own guns. In my entire Jew­ish fam­ily, I do not know of a sin­gle gun-owner (except my Dad’s WWII sou­venir pis­tol, which has never been kept loaded).

          (So if you want to kill us all, I think we’re easy pickings!)

          It is true that quite a few Jews favor gun con­trol, because they believe that there is too much dan­ger in let­ting wackos like you who say “Heil H****r” — approv­ing his actions while still deny­ing them! — have guns!

  • Bruce Regael

    The real ques­tion I have is: was Ted Nugent wrong? Is there any proof other than sim­ple name calling?

    • Max Macro

      Nugent was com­pletely cor­rect. Funny enough, the ADL which speaks for jews has endorsed gun con­trol. As Alex Lin­der put it “Jews lie as reflex­ively and unthink­ingly as humans breathe”

    • Rev­erend Draco

      I find it inter­est­ing that, through­out his­tory, Jews have been hated and run out of pretty much every­where they settle.

      Now, if it were just an occa­sional thing, one might chalk it up to, “Those peo­ple are ass­holes.“
      But it hap­pens every. Damn. Time.

      This tells me that the prob­lem isn’t every­body else.

      Logic dic­tates that one seek the com­mon element…

      • Antsy Kuh­n­wisse

        Hmm. There have been Jews and syn­a­gogues in every city and town my fam­ily has lived in, and decades later, they’re still there.
        I’m think­ing of: New York City, Bal­ti­more; Albany, NY; Knoxville, TN; Allen­town, PA; Lans­ing, MI; Toledo, OH, and Chicago.

        I believe Jews still live in all those places, get­ting along just fine with their neigh­bors (except for the *mayor* of Chicago, who every­one hates), and haven’t got­ten run out of town yet.

        Do you have a reli­able source for your state­ment that Jews have always been hated and run out of every­where? Because it is at odds with my own observations.

        • Rev­erend Draco

          In small amounts they can be dealt with…

          As a group… they’ve been run out of over 100 countries…

          The funny part is, even Hey­zoos didn’t like them… a dis­like which was proven rea­son­able when they freakin’ killed him (if you believe in the Big Book of Fairy Tales, that is)

          • Antsy Kuh­n­wisse

            Funny, indeed, since he was Jew­ish. And a shame, since I like Jesus quite a lot.

  • Max Macro

    LOL, CRY MORE. Whole world’s wak­ing up to your bullshit

  • So far not only has this pathetic excuse for a human not apol­o­gized but, much more impor­tantly the NRA, where he’s a mem­ber of their Board of Direc­tors, has not con­demned his state­ment or removed him from the Board.

    • Free4Now

      They won’t remove peo­ple for sim­ply speak­ing the truth.

  • Anzi sag hambersch

    The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you!!

  • Yochanan Efráyim Hernandez

    Fuck this sorry ass son of a bitch. It even pisses me off that he has his mil­i­tary uni­forms hang­ing in the back ground. As a 20 year retired Vet­eran I’m dis­gusted of him and any­one else who thinks we (that’s right, I’m Jew­ish and proud) are the fuck­ing prob­lem to every fucken thing. You fuck­ing dis­grace­ful horse shit. Get a life you schmuck and point the fin­ger at your bald ass self you caca-roach. Every­one should have gun to defend them­selves against ter­ror­ists and crim­i­nals. Not dis­arm the pub­lic as these lowlife scums have access to kill who eva. You wanna blame some­one then blame the Obama Admin­is­tra­tion who has com­mit­ted more crimes against our Con­sti­tu­tion and should have been removed from office. To blame a race for the prob­lems we have is child­ish and stu­pid. No race is respon­si­ble. Instead of unit­ing this type of behav­ior is no dif­fer­ent from any­one birthing hatred and divi­sion in our coun­try. Fuck you Ted.

  • Jared T. Swift

    Your Judeo-Bolshevik lies are on the way out. We know your tricks.

    • Bob Turov

      Jared, calm down baby. And please don’t for­get about your annual psy­chi­atric eval­u­a­tion appoint­ment. I’m sure your Jew­ish psy­chi­a­trist will be able to help you. Mean­while, con­tinue tak­ing your med­ica­tions. And now, again, calm down, get back to your trailer park dump where you belong and try to relax. Only make sure your slut wife isn’t cheat­ing on you with your tat­tooed neigh­bor from the next door trailer.

      • Rev­erend Draco

        Nice copy/paste, cretin.

        Maybe you could have your tats removed, and get your silly ass out of the trailer park?

  • No one is say­ing ONLY Jews are for gun con­trol, but their own pub­li­ca­tions point out they they are LEADING in the call for gun con­trol. Big difference.


    Jews and Jew­ish orga­ni­za­tions lead the gun con­trol cam­paign

    Jews and Gun Con­trol: A Reprise

    Dr. Duke and Pas­tor Dankof Prove Ted Nugent is Right about Jew­ish Led Gun Con­trol


    “Ted Nugent was called anti-Semitic for say­ing that Jews lead the effort to take away our guns! If he is anti-Semitic so are all the Jew­ish orga­ni­za­tions that boast of the fact that they lead the effort, includ­ing the ADL which called him an anti-Semite. If Jews have a prob­lem with the truth then the truth is .. AntiSemitic!”

    “The ADL wrote that you [Ted Nugent] point­ing out the truth that the Jew­ish estab­lish­ment has led the fight for Gun Con­trol is “anti­Se­mitic” — Here is a pic­ture of the ADL Post boast­ing to their sup­port­ers their work for gun con­trol all the way since 1967! And also I will post a pic­ture of the lead­ing Jew­ish news­pa­per in Amer­ica The Jew­ish For­ward also boast­ing that Jews lead the fight for gun con­trol. So they these Jew­ish orga­ni­za­tions must also be anti­Se­mitic. Or, truth must be anti­Se­mitic! If I can’t put the pic­tures in here you see them at my Dr David Duke Fan­page! Good Luck! For­mer Mem­ber House of Representatives-LA, Dr. David Duke. You are my hero!”

    “An anti-Semite used to mean a man who hated Jews. Now it means a man who is hated by Jews.”

    - Joseph Sobran, “For Fear of the Jews,” an address to the 14th IHR Con­fer­ence, June 22nd, 2002, Irvine, Cal­i­for­nia. Pub­lished in the August 2002 issue of Sobran’s newslet­ter, and in the May-August 2002 issue of the IHR’s (Insti­tute for His­tor­i­cal Review) Jour­nal of His­tor­i­cal Review. For Fear of the Jews was “Expanded from SOBRAN’S, Sep­tem­ber 2002, pages 3–6, and taken from a speech given at the IHR Con­fer­ence held in Los Ange­les, June 21–23, 2002.”

    * http://www.sobran.com/fearofjews.shtml


    “The truth is hate to those who hate the truth.”

    - Ger­mar Rudolf, Intro­duc­tion (Chicago, July 7, 2005), Auschwitz Lies: Leg­ends, Lies & Prej­u­dices
    on the Holo­caust (Mat­togno, Carlo; Rudolf, Ger­mar), pp. 13. Revised 2nd edi­tion, The Barnes Review, July 2011.

    “We warned you that the Jews are a fifth col­umn in white nations, sup­port­ing nation­al­ism for Israel, diver­sity for the West, and direct­ing our mil­i­taries to wage end­less war on their behalf.” — Matt Forney



  • obama is a traitor

    if the ADL is call­ing it anti-semitic, then you know Nugent is cor­rect. .. its funny to see the Anti Defama­tion League engag­ing in Defama­tion… cant wait when the ADL finally get arrested for espionage,treason, embezel­ment and sub­ver­sion for a for­eign nation„„,

  • karl

    Your Jew­ish money exploita­tion of trai­tors is los­ing influ­ence every day.Your crimes are out in the open and it won’t be long before the world has your crim­i­nal organ­i­sa­tion net­work of unmoral­is­tic mon­sters reeled in.

  • Jonathan Long

    Why does the A.D.L. insist on label­ing peo­ple who tell the truth. The A.D.L. calls Angelo John Gage a white suprema­cist? Never once have I ever heard Angelo iden­tify as a white suprema­cist. If any­thing he crit­i­cizes white suprema­cists. The A.D.L is a dis­crace­full orga­ni­za­tion run by mostly Jew­ish far-left extrem­ists. Ted Nugent stuck to his guns, he didn’t retract his state­ment and he didn’t apol­o­gize. I hope this inspires more celebri­ties to stand up to these fas­cist assholes.

    • Padrig

      Any­thing other than rolling over and accept­ing pro­jected guilt, abuse, vio­lent crime, and what­ever else might be fash­ion­able at the time is “white supremacy” so long as you are white. It is a trans­par­ent and silly game the ADL like to play. They are to be taken about as seri­ously as the SPLC, which it to say of course, not at all.

  • Jonathan Long

    ADL Jews are fuck­ing stu­pid for want­ing gun con­trol! The Jews com­plied with gun con­trol in Nazi Ger­many and look what hap­pened! Nearly one mil­lion Jews ended up in con­cen­tra­tion camps!

  • To ADL:

    I am “The Mad Jew­ess”.
    I con­stantly have to apol­o­gize for the actions of Left wing Jews. It is constant.

    What you have here is a clusterf’ck cre­ated BY the left wing.
    Left wingers do not seem to GET that their pol­i­tics pushed the ‘other side’ to arise. The more left — the more right. It’s called natures law of cause and effect.
    Posit­ing things like this with­out a healthy bal­ance of what is wrong with some Jew­ish peo­ple serves as a van­guard for more Communist/Leftist activities.

    The 2nd Amend­ment is writ­ten: “A well reg­u­lated mili­tia being nec­es­sary to the secu­rity of a free state, the right of the peo­ple to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.“
    This is the LAW of the land in Amer­ica.
    If a per­son or peo­ple is work­ing AGAINST the LAW of the land, this is a per­son or a peo­ple that is encour­ag­ing LAWLESSNESS. When some­one is law­less, we send that per­son to jail or prison.

    Unfor­tu­nately, Ted Nugent posted a truth: There ARE “Jews” who are actively work­ing against the laws in Amer­ica and these crim­i­nal ‘Jews’ like Chuck Schumer, Feis­tein and more have brought this upon themselves.

    The poster was inac­cu­rate because it ONLY had Jews–many are in this law­less­ness, not just Jews. Jews should NOT EVER work against the nation that hosts them.
    Rosie O’Donnell was the first left­ist to start this bag of tricks when she aired on TV with Tom Sel­l­eck in 1998.
    She is not a Jew, she is an Irish Catholic.

    The per­son who made this poster is the “Incog­man”. I know this per­son *very* well. Of course he is a Jew hater, but he also hates left­ists.
    Why do the Incogman’s of the world exist?
    Because left wing “Jews” and rad­i­cal left­ists exist.

    Prob­lem is left­ism is NOT an Amer­i­can ideology.

    Left wing Jews and Left­ists need top repent from their ways. Ask God for for­give­ness. Repent to the nation. Live life accord­ing to bib­li­cal prin­ci­ples or at least be patri­otic and NOT left­ist.
    ADL would not need to exist if Liberal/Left Jews did not prac­tice lawlessness.

    • chaslit­tle pupil ofJesusChrist

      i share many so called jew sur­names in my ances­try .
      One can­not be a jew with­out Jesus Christ , it is IMPOSSIBLE

  • This is a sign that we are win­ning the fight. Every time we speak about some­thing truth­ful when it comes to jews these days, a blog post like this comes out on the ADL, show­ing how des­per­ate they are becoming.

    We’re wak­ing peo­ple up to the jew­ish lies more than ever before. The same lies and deceit that has had them kicked out of 109 dif­fer­ent places around the world. They know it! And that’s why they’re scram­bling like a kit­ten up a curtain.

    It’s become sec­ond nature for the jew to move from one place to another and start par­a­sit­ing all over again, but this time around, I dare say there will be fur­ther mea­sures taken.

    Hold onto your booties Netanyahu and clan, because the Goy ain’t very happy with you.

  • The jews at the ADL are essen­tially say­ing that truth is “anti-Semitic.” Many jew­ish pub­li­ca­tions have pre­vi­ously admit­ted the promi­nent jew­ish role in gun control.

  • Anzi sag hambersch

    Just about time for another com­ments delete. ADL = Hate mon­ger­ing anti-white jew­ish suprema­cist bull­shit lieing cunts.

  • Rev­erend Draco

    Funny that, if one speaks badly of blacks, or Mex­i­cans, or Asians, or any­one else that’s not Jew­ish… they’re “racist.“
    If one speaks badly of Jews, sud­denly it’s “anti-Semitic,” like Jews are some­how bet­ter than every­one else on the planet.
    You know, the very def­i­n­i­tion of racism?

    Hey, Green­blatt, you ol’ moron you… maybe he was talk­ing about Jews as a race, not a reli­gion… ever think?
    No, seri­ously… have you ever had an inde­pen­dent thought in your life?

  • Terry Wash­ing­ton

    Con­sid­er­ing the media frenzy over Jesse Jack­son and Louis Farrakhan’s pur­ported anti-Semitic remarks back in the 1980s, the absence of express con­dem­na­tion for Ted Nugent’s com­ments on the part of the likes of Rush Lim­baugh, Bill O’Reilly, Pat Buchanan and other right wing com­men­ta­tors is significant!

  • Skep­tic

    Who do most Jews vote for?


    Which are the most Anti-White Chris­t­ian Estab­lish­ments in America?

    Hol­ly­wood and the Main­stream Media…both dom­i­nated by Jews.….

    Are most Jews for Open Bor­ders or Secure Borders?

    Open Bor­ders.….

    Do most Jews sup­port the Racist Anti-White Black Lives Mat­ter movement?


    Do most Jews look down on and preach to White Amer­ica about our so-called ‘racism’ and ‘big­otry’.….
    .…and yet live in eth­ni­cally homoge­nous enclaves in sub­urbs and cities across America?


    Do most Jews pri­vately think they’re Supe­rior to all other Races and Ethnicities?


    Do most Jews preach about Lib­eral Pro­gres­sivism, Inclu­sion, Plu­ral­ity, and Egal­i­tar­i­an­ism.….
    …and yet Pride them­selves on their Exclu­sive Jew­ish Race.….
    …while try­ing to elim­i­nate White Chris­tians from Main­stream Society??


    Chris­t­ian Churches in Amer­ica are Chi­nese, Korean, Black, His­panic, and White.

    Jew­ish Syn­a­gogues are filled with White Ashke­nazim Jews.…..

    Any­one who pon­ders long and hard and sifts the moun­tain of data.…..


    1. There is MASSIVE hypocrisy within the Jew­ish Com­mu­nity.…..
    …with regards to ‘Racism’ and ‘Big­otry’ preached to White Gen­tile America.

    2. One could posit that Jews are actu­ally the Most Racist Group in America.

    3. It’s only log­i­cal that Most Groups feel sus­pi­cious about Jews.

    4. Jews are the Most Pow­er­ful Racial Group in America.….by far.….

    5. It’s only log­i­cal that many Amer­i­cans would feel very angry.….
    …about 2% of the Pop­u­la­tion hav­ing such Dis­pro­por­tion­ate Power.

    6. There is no such thing as Anti-Semitism.…..it’s a Social/Mind/Behavioral goyim con­trol tactic.

    7. Pales­tini­ans are more Semitic than Ashke­nazim and Israel con­tin­ues to push Pales­tini­ans out of Jerusalem and oppress them in the West Bank/Gaza.

    8. There is Igno­rance and there is Reality.

    9. Ques­tion­ing mas­sively dis­pro­por­tion­ate Jew­ish Soci­etal Power.…..
    .…is Noble and Good and Moral.….and NEEDED.

    10. Many quotes from Jews can be unearthed with hor­ren­dous Anti-White Chris­t­ian Racism and Bigotry.

    11. Amer­i­can Jews his­tor­i­cally have been the Foes of Amer­i­can White Christianity.

    12. Jews can throw the term Anti-Semite around all they want.….but, we Amer­i­cans have the right and free­dom of speech and conscience.

    13. Amer­ica was founded on Euro­peans escap­ing oppression.

    14. Some­how a tiny tribe of people.…..over the last century.….has gained large influ­ence over the levers of our soci­ety, gov­ern­ment, and culture.

    15. We Amer­i­cans will fight all Fas­cism and Totalitarianism.…..even if it emerges from the Jew­ish Community.

    16. The Oppressed can become the Oppressors.….and vice versa.…just ask the Palestinians.

  • Shadow walker

    What makes haters always seem so sad is that for most of them they refuse to deal with the abuse they got as a child at home.

    Instead of find­ing heal­ing they unleash their anger , wor­ship that and move to Hell.

    They live in a world of ‘tells’. Example—They love most of all point­ing their fin­ger at any­one who has true heart and the power of war­rior spirit and of course thg good and the innocent,

    So in the end they do not even rec­og­nize how their own hands are ‘telling’ them that some­thing is wrong. How So?

    When you point a fin­ger of blame at some­one wake up haters and see that one fin­ger is point­ing at the per­son you scorn because you fear them

    Mean­while take a look at your hand that is pointing.

    Ah so now you see what every­one sees about you.

    One fin­ger points at some­one while three fin­gers of the same hand point right back at you.

    Why is that ?

    Even though you aban­doned God by giv­ing up the last ves­tige of being cre­ated in the ‘image of God. ’ Still God leaves you with a marker beg­ging you to wake up and become a true man.

  • A. Edel­stein

    ADL, when are we going to purge these Goys? It’s time we take care of busi­ness. Take their chil­dren and repro­gram them. Our num­bers can­not sur­vive another Holo­caust. Amer­i­cans are armed. I think it was a big mis­take by our lead­ers to tar­get this nations. Shalom!