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September 13, 2012 18

White Supremacist Student Leader Creates Web site for his “White Student Union”

Update 8/2/13: A new White Stu­dent Union has formed at Geor­gia State Uni­ver­sity by fresh­man Patrick Sharp.

Matthew Heim­bach, a Tow­son Uni­ver­sity stu­dent who is try­ing to start a “White Stu­dent Union” on cam­pus, cre­ated a web­site for the union that fur­ther reveals his white suprema­cist beliefs.

On the newly cre­ated site, Heim­bach pro­vides links to what he describes are “pro-white” web­sites.   Almost all of the sites listed, how­ever, are actu­ally openly white suprema­cist, such as those for the Council of Con­ser­v­a­tive Cit­i­zens (CCC), the Amer­i­can Third Posi­tion and Amer­i­can Renais­sance.

The CCC is a direct descen­dant of the white suprema­cist White Cit­i­zens Coun­cils that fought inte­gra­tion in the 1950s and 60s. Amer­i­can Third Posi­tion is a whites-only polit­i­cal party whose mis­sion is “to rep­re­sent the inter­ests of White Amer­i­cans.” Amer­i­can Renais­sance is the racist web­site run by white suprema­cist Jared Tay­lor, who pub­lishes a monthly jour­nal by the same title and hosts an annual con­fer­ence that brings together some of the lead­ing white suprema­cists in the United States.

Heim­bach recently announced that Tay­lor will speak at Tow­son on Octo­ber 2, 2012.

Heim­bach also lists “rec­om­mended read­ings” that include books authored by a vari­ety of well-known white suprema­cists and racists, such as Fran­cis Parker Yockey’s “Imperium,” con­sid­ered one of the essen­tial works of mod­ern white supremacy. One book rec­om­mended by Heim­bach is the novel “Camp of the Saints” by French­man Jean Ras­pail. This racist novel por­trays a France being invaded by non-whites who are depicted as disease-carrying and sex­u­ally aggres­sive. The list also fea­tures two books authored by the late white suprema­cist Sam Fran­cis: “Essen­tial Writ­ings on Race” and “Race and the Amer­i­can Prospect.” In the lat­ter book, Fran­cis bemoans the “absence of racial con­scious­ness among whites.”

Prior to cre­at­ing the Web site, the Tow­son stu­dent news­pa­per, The Tow­erlight, pub­lished a let­ter by Heim­bach advo­cat­ing for a white stu­dent union.   Fly­ers were also placed all over the Tow­son cam­pus that pro­claimed: “love your race, sup­port a white stu­dent union.”

Heim­bach is a for­mer leader of the Youth for West­ern Civ­i­liza­tion chap­ter at Tow­son, a group with racist ties whose motto is “defend­ing the West on campus.”

Heim­bach still needs the approval of the Uni­ver­sity to make the White Stu­dent Union an officially-sanctioned uni­ver­sity group.  His Web site sug­gests that he will set­tle for an unsanc­tioned group if need be.  Either way, he has made clear his inten­tion to impose his white suprema­cist views on Tow­son stu­dents, staff, and faculty.

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  • Pet

    Ugh. Just a mat­ter of time until those White Suprema­cist fans of Heim­bach find this arti­cle and start spread­ing their hate again.

    • Hen­drik

      Maybe it seems like there are a lot of us because we’re not suprema­cist, we’re just main­stream, ordi­nary peo­ple who believe we have the same rights as every­body else.

  • Bubba

    I just farted.

  • How is it that Fox­man at ADL can write this: “A truly Jew­ish state can exist, as it does now, only with an over­whelm­ing Jew­ish major­ity.” (Mars 20, 2012)

    But when Buchanan com­ments on Whites being a minor­ity in the future, he is a “White suprema­cist”? Does not that make the ADL “Jew­ish supremacists”?

    And when there are count­less Jew­ish stu­dent unions, ADL do not com­plain. They don’t have a prob­lem with it at all. But some­one cre­ates a White stu­dent union, and he is a “White supremacist”!

    These are unac­cept­able dou­ble standards!

    • Its hypocrisy and fraud pure and sim­ple. Jews are wag­ing a mur­der­ous geno­ci­dal eth­nic war­fare against the entire West­ern World, and they are winning.

      Jews have absolutely no fear of being caught in the web of their own hypocrisy.

      His­tory is what the Jews want to make, His­tory is what is good for the Jews.

      Mark the Jew­ish hypocrisy! Israel can be a Jew­ish major­ity eth­nos­tate, but Amer­ica and Europe can­not be White ethnostate.

  • The ADL only believe they have rights and lib­er­ties which is why they keep my name on a hid­den back page as a “Suprema­cist”. When there is a clear dou­ble stan­dard for one of their own doing the same, hypocrisy knows no bounds and is bliss­fully igno­rant of fact from fiction.

  • Hen­drik Lorentz

    Amer­i­can Renais­sance is not white suprema­cist. And why are stu­dent unions okay for every imag­in­able minor­ity group, but not for whites — who will cease to be a major­ity soon enough?

  • yes

    Fran­cis Parker Yockey’s “Imperium,” con­sid­ered one of the essen­tial works of mod­ern white supremacy.”

    I guess you have to be Jew­ish to think you can get away with say­ing some­thing this stu­pid. Any­one who’s read “Imperium” knows that char­ac­ter­iz­ing it as a work of “white supremacy” is moronic.

  • swest

    “White­ness is not a cul­ture. There is Irish cul­ture and Ital­ian cul­ture and Amer­i­can cul­ture — the lat­ter, as Albert Mur­ray pointed out, a mix­ture of the Yan­kee, the Indian, and the Negro (with a pinch of eth­nic salt); there is youth cul­ture and drug cul­ture and queer cul­ture; but there is no such thing as white cul­ture. White­ness has noth­ing to do with cul­ture and every­thing to do with social posi­tion. It is noth­ing but a reflec­tion of priv­i­lege, and exists for no rea­son other than to defend it. With­out the priv­i­leges attached to it, the white race would not exist, and the white skin would have no more social sig­nif­i­cance than big feet.” —Noel Ignatiev

    • curri

      The same hyp­ocrites (like Golda Meir) used to say that the Pales­tini­ans were not a people.

      The US was cre­ated as a nation for Euro­pean (i.e.; white) peo­ple with an Anglo-Saxon cul­ture. Euro­peans ( i.e., whites) of non-Anglo-Saxon ori­gins were expected to assim­i­late to an Anglo-Saxon cul­ture. Most did –and today the vast major­ity of whites are of mixed Euro­pean ances­try and have lit­tle or no knowl­edge of their mul­ti­ple ances­tral home­lands. They’d prob­a­bly have to hire a pri­vate detec­tive in order to locate any of their long-lost rela­tions in Europe. They have to iden­tify as White Amer­i­cans or as noth­ing –the state pol­icy of the hos­tile elite is to spon­sor black, His­panic and Asian racial iden­ti­ties in OPPOSITION to the tra­di­tional Amer­i­can majority.

      The pro­grammed moral indig­na­tion con­formists learn from the con­trolled media and govt schools blinds them and makes them stu­pid. Thus, they reflex­ively think that pro-black, pro-brown and pro-Jewish are all good but pro-white is bad. Asked to explain why they makes sense they will invari­ably come up with a crude moral­ity play in which his­tory is all about white vic­tim­iz­ers and non-white and Jew­ish victims.

    • Joe Mor­ri­son

      Noel Ignatiev

      son of Jew­ish immi­grants from Russia

      joined the Com­mu­nist Party USA in Jan­u­ary 1958

      became involved in the Stu­dents for a Demo­c­ra­tic Soci­ety (ter­ror­ist group)

      arrested on charges of attack­ing a strike-breaker’s car with a paint bomb

      said “we intend to keep bash­ing the dead white males, and
      the live ones, and the females too, until the social
      con­struct known as ‘the white race’ is destroyed–not
      ‘decon­structed’ but destroyed.”

  • Edward

    I really can’t believe the kind of anti-Whiteism the ADL is spewing.

    Your hate and big­otry against the White com­mu­nity is truly shame­ful. Hang your heads.

    • Joe Mor­ri­son

      They think we should all be per­se­cuted because of the Romans expelling them thou­sands of years ago.

      Isn’t that messed up?

      They lash out at any­one talk­ing about Jews act­ing as a group, yet they indite all white peo­ple for their persecution.

      They want it to be ille­gal for white peo­ple to exist obviously.

      Mean­while they also try to cover up the Pales­tin­ian geno­cide, despite the fact that every­one knows about it.

      They are the most extrem­ist orga­ni­za­tion in the world.

      I’d call them them the Jew­ish KKK.

      • Joe Mor­ri­son


  • Joe Mor­ri­son

    Come on ADL. Give it up. The Jews were expelled from Rome thou­sands of years ago. Is this why you still hate white peo­ple? Don’t you think that teach­ing Jew­ish chil­dren that white peo­ple are respon­si­ble for your expul­sion uber reli­gious extremism?

    I clas­sify you as a reli­gious extrem­ist organization.

    You hate white peo­ple as part of your reli­gion and you accuse us all of being Nazis, which is pretty conspiratorial.

    Stop spread­ing hate.

  • N/A

    Oh boy, hypocrisy!

    Just what the doc­tor ordered.

  • Rosenkranz

    No one lis­tens to the “hate whitey” rants of the ADL any­more. The Israeli-firsters aren’t so accept­ing to Africans in Israel.

    Fat­man speak with forked tongue.

  • Ward­K­endall

    As the author of one of the pro-white “Rec­om­mended Read­ing” nov­els that Mr. Heim­bach listed (I do not per­son­ally know him) it should be stated that Hold Back This Day is an objec­tive pre­sen­ta­tion of the demise of the white race. I sus­pect that is why he selected it for inclu­sion on his web­site. Not only is it the most enter­tain­ing pro-white novel (imo) out there, it is also the least “hate­ful”, pre­sent­ing its mes­sage with clear regard for the truth. All stu­dents of the volatile race issue should read it, to bet­ter under­stand the mind-set of those who stand beneath the ban­ner of white nation­al­ism. Oppose us if you will. But at least make an effort to under­stand our motivations.

    Back This Day

    Tow­ers of Eden