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July 15, 2015 8

White Supremacists View Donald Trump as Champion of Disaffected Whites

Don­ald Trump’s big­oted remarks about Mex­i­can immi­grants, his sub­se­quent jump in the polls and his abil­ity to attract thou­sands of peo­ple to a cam­paign event in Ari­zona caught the atten­tion of white suprema­cists. Eager to exploit the sit­u­a­tion, some white suprema­cists are hail­ing Trump as a cham­pion of dis­af­fected whites who are angry about non-white immi­gra­tion and cul­tural changes.

Andrew Anglin

Andrew Anglin

On July 13, neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin wrote an arti­cle on The Daily Stormer, the vir­u­lently racist and anti-Semitic site he runs, which praised Trump for his com­ments on Mex­i­cans. Anglin asserted, “The Trump Train has left the sta­tion and is run­ning non-stop to total vic­tory over the bar­bar­ian hordes of Mex­ico. Because there is one issue which mat­ters beyond all other issues and that is the inva­sion of White coun­tries by non-whites.”Anglin adds that “the amount of good” that Trump has done “is immeasurable.”

Writ­ing also on July 13, Peter Brimelow, who runs the racist, anti-immigrant site VDare, attacked “cul­tural Marx­ists,” often a code word for Jews, for rebuk­ing Trump’s remarks and “shut­ting down” the immi­gra­tion debate. Brimelow com­pares the reac­tion to Trump to the neg­a­tive reac­tion to the Con­fed­er­ate flag. Brimelow then implies that the main­stream media “elite” that has rejected Trump’s views is mostly made up of Jews in New York.

Richard Spencer, the head of the National Pol­icy Insti­tute, a white suprema­cist think tank, posted pic­tures of Trump’s cam­paign stop in Ari­zona on July 12, in the online racist jour­nal Radix under the title, “Trump Against the World.” Spencer claimed that Radix peo­ple were at the event. In the arti­cle, he also made an appar­ently sar­cas­tic com­ment about the “diver­sity” of the largely white crowd.

On July 10, on The Alter­na­tive Right, a white suprema­cist web­site, an uniden­ti­fied writer com­pared Trump to a “honey bad­ger” that has ram­paged through the Repub­li­can pri­mary field. The per­son writes, “Even if they could find some way of stop­ping Trump, the man has already left his mark on the 2016 Pres­i­den­tial Race by tap­ping into the ris­ing eth­no­cen­tric tide of Amer­i­can pol­i­tics, some­thing that is hardly likely to dis­si­pate when the lib­eral left is engaged in a mas­sive cul­ture war against White identity.”

Kevin Mac­Don­ald, a white suprema­cist and anti-Semite, wrote an arti­cle about Trump’s can­di­dacy in his online pub­li­ca­tion Occi­den­tal Observer on July 10. Mac­Don­ald claims that “Trump’s state­ments on the crim­i­nal ten­den­cies and gen­er­ally low func­tion­ing of Mex­i­can and Cen­tral Amer­i­can immi­grants have struck a chord with White America.”

*As a 501(c )(3) non-profit orga­ni­za­tion, the Anti-Defamation League does not sup­port or oppose can­di­dates for polit­i­cal office.

  • Alden

    An anti Semite is any­one who dis­agrees with the ADL and its lead­er­ship
    For instance , I dis­agreed with Foxman’s earn­ing more than a mil­lion dol­lars a year by con­stantly telling my fel­low Jews that
    “Another Hitler will come if you don’t donate $5,000 a year to me“
    I dis­agree with Foxman’s and ADLs greed so I sup­pose that makes me an anti Semite
    Remem­ber to story of the lit­tle boy who cried wolf so often that when a wolf finally attacked no one helped him because they assumed it was just another lie?

    That’s what will hap­pen with these con­stant accu­sa­tioons of anti semi­tism against any­one with whom you disagree

    I know many Jews who like sushi I myself don’t like sushi.
    By the author’s cri­te­ria, I’m an anti Semite because I dis­agree with some Jews about sushi r

    • Hein­rich

      It’s Herr Pro­fes­sor Dok­tor Kevin Mac­Don­ald, not Herr Dok­tor Pro­fes­sor Kevin MacDonald.

    • Floda

      I’m inclined to think an anti-semite is some­one who under­stands Jews and what they do and EXPOSES it in a calm schol­arly man­ner. Very few peo­ple do this bet­ter than Prof. Kevin MacDonald.

  • David Lewis

    I’d like to address this busi­ness of Dr. Kevin Mac­Don­ald being a white suprema­cist. He absolutely is not. The accu­sa­tion of white suprema­cism is now as trite and empty as the accu­sa­tion of anti-semitism. Any­one express­ing con­cern for their own eth­nic inter­ests are applauded, encour­aged, and indeed even funded to do so, unless they are of Euro­pean eth­nic­ity, for which they are den­i­grated and pil­lo­ried with accu­sa­tions of evil, (i.e. racism, white suprema­cism, etc.) Dr. Mac­Don­ald has sim­ply stud­ied and writ­ten about Jews and Jew­ish behav­iour over the cen­turies, (hence the anti-semitism accu­sa­tion), with par­tic­u­lar empha­sis on mod­ern times, and he has done so in an aca­d­e­m­i­cally sound and bril­liant way. Of course he does call atten­tion to the fact that Jew­ish behav­iour may have had some part to play in the var­i­ous truly and vio­lent anti-semitic upris­ings that have occurred through­out his­tory, and of course that alone con­flicts dan­ger­ously with the cur­rent zeit­geist. Dr. Mac­Don­ald has also called atten­tion to the fact that our cur­rent multicultural/immigration dis­as­ter is largely the work of var­i­ous Jew­ish lobby groups over the last cen­tury or so, and the same or sim­i­lar lobby groups are still at the van­guard of the destruc­tion of euro­pean derived soci­eties, and indeed the geno­cide of Euro­pean peo­ples. I sup­pose this is why he has attracted the atten­tion of Jew­ish suprema­cist hate orga­ni­za­tions like the SPLC and yourselves.

    • vic­tor soma

      hey moron, that’s becaue those who express con­cern for their own are big time big­ots and want eth­nic cleans­ing as their pri­mary end­point.
      Try to keep up.

    • major­wib­lit

      oh please… tell it to the chair numb-nuts
      and go find some up-votes while your out there
      on the fringe.…

  • Roy Albrecht

    The ADL has Whites in a bind…

    Their Jew­ish kin­folk largely live by a 1,000’s of years old “inter­pre­ta­tion” of the first five books of the Bible; the Talmud.

    In this Pharisees-and-Sadducees-like inspired text, basi­cally ANYTHING GOES against non-Jews…

    “Their” weapon of choice?


    Ques­tions (tak­ing in mind the above);

    1) Is it pos­si­ble that the Europa-Masses have let them­selves be manip­u­lated into believ­ing that the Crim­i­nal is benev­o­lent and the Vic­tim must die in the defense of the Criminal?

    2) In Cul­ture of Critique,-

    Herr Dok­tor Pro­fes­sor Kevin MacDonald’s Magnum-Opus,-

    any buf­foon can plainly see that Jews with crim­i­nal pro­cliv­i­ties Öber-represent almost all Bank­ing and Information/Communication/Entertainment Dis­tri­b­u­tion Indus­tries and that “They” have been the Socail Engi­neers of Mass-Phsychotic, Induced, Self-Exterminating-Behavior of most Whites for at least over the last 100 years [actu­ally much longer].

    In light of the above;

    If ANYTHING at all that the ADL named,

    “White Supremi­cist, Anti-Semite, Racist, Nazi-sympathising, Hater,… unto infinity”,

    Hr. Dktr. Prof. K. Mac­Don­ald has writ­ten is not true…,
    then why has a group of Jews in the Legal Estab­lish­ment
    (also largely over rep­re­sented by Jews)
    not taken him to court for Slan­der or Libel?
    In other words, why not put their money where their back­handed label­ing mouths are?

    3) This makes me won­der;
    is it pos­si­ble that orga­ni­za­tions like the Jew dic­tated ADL and its over­sers try to
    bad mouth “K-Mack” ‚-
    as his fol­low­ers affec­tion­ately refer to him and
    who is run­ning for US Pres­i­dent under Amer­i­can Free­dom Party ban­ner,-
    and the entire “Euro­pean Free­dom from Jews” Move­ment
    because they are all Big-Time Whistle-Blowers on and are telling the ugly truth about Jew­ish Orga­nized Crime?

    4) Is it pos­si­ble that the Jew opper­ated ADL is part of a Race Based Crim­i­nal Net­work and recieves its fund­ing from the pro­ceeds of other Jews in the Nat­ural Resource Sec­tors (incl, oil, dia­mond, met­als, Wood, Tex­tile, Fish­eries, Ship­ping (see oil), Agro-Industrial (from Amigo Mon­santo to Zion Von Cargil), Com­mer­cial Octopuss-Mega-Network Cor­po­ra­tions (i.e. Chem­i­cal, Weapons, Bio-tech, Neclear, Com­mer­cial Real Estate, ad infini­tum) largely at the expense of White Disposetion?

    5) Gen­er­ally does the German-Folk behave dif­fer­ently from the Jews and if so what part do Genes and Race play in this pos­si­ble Pro­ducer v.s. Per­pe­tra­tor Behav­iour Schizm?

  • Lib­erty Sun

    More impor­tant on the long-term agenda of the Jews is the con­trol and destruc­tion of the white nordic race. There is no greater threat to Jew­ish supremacy than these peo­ple and thus they have manip­u­lated media and finance to cre­ate the per­pet­ual war for the last few hun­dred years. With­out this treach­ery on the white man there would be 100’s of mil­lions of more of us. You will not get away with this! Israel and all of the sac­ri­fi­cers must be split asun­der once and for all! The hell you have cre­ated is being revealed and we will unite to erase you from power! Laugh now while you still breathe.