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February 15, 2012 1

Ahmadinejad Marks Anniversary of Revolution with Holocaust Denial

In front of a crowd of thou­sands gath­ered in Azadi Square in Tehran, Iran­ian Pres­i­dent Mah­moud Ahmadine­jad once again launched a tirade against Israel and engaged in Holo­caust denial and mockery.
It was dur­ing his cus­tom­ary speech on Feb­ru­ary 11 mark­ing the start of a week of cel­e­bra­tion in the Islamic Repub­lic of Iran of the 33rd anniver­sary of the 1979 Islamic Rev­o­lu­tion when Ahmadine­jad said, “We destroyed the holi­ness of the Holo­caust, which was invented by the West and the colonialists.”
In Decem­ber 11–12, 2006, Iran hosted a Holo­caust denial con­fer­ence, “Review of the Holo­caust: Global Vision,” in Tehran, which brought together a diverse group of anti-Semites, includ­ing white suprema­cists and neo-Nazis, rad­i­cal anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian activists and Islamic extremists.
At Saturday’s event, Ahmadine­jad also added that the West and impe­ri­al­ist power are respon­si­ble for the cre­ation of the “Zion­ist entity,” an entity he claims that uses the Holo­caust as an act of idol wor­ship, invok­ing the Bib­li­cal story of the golden calf at Mount Sinai.
Fur­ther­more, Ahmadine­jad promised the crowds that the gov­ern­ment would announce major advance­ments in Iran’s nuclear pro­gram in honor of the anniver­sary of the Islamic Rev­o­lu­tion. On Wednes­day, the Islamic Repub­lic of Iran News Net­work, Iran’s cen­tral pro­pa­ganda out­let, announced that Ahmadine­jad over­saw the place­ment of 20% enriched nuclear fuel rods “into the heart of the reac­tor in Tehran.”