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March 27, 2014 7

Alison Weir: Zionists Have Controlled American Society For “100 Years”

Alison Weir book blogAli­son Weir, the direc­tor of If Amer­i­cans Knew and the Coun­cil for the National Inter­est, two grass­roots anti-Israel orga­ni­za­tions, recently authored a book titled Against our Bet­ter Judg­ment: The hid­den his­tory of how the U.S. was used to cre­ate Israel.

The book con­spir­a­to­ri­ally argues that sup­port­ers of Israel have exer­cised undue con­trol over Amer­i­can soci­ety “for over a hun­dred years” and have dom­i­nated the Amer­i­can media and polit­i­cal sys­tem in order to advance the goal of cre­at­ing a Jew­ish state in Pales­tine and caus­ing the “com­plete dis­pos­ses­sion of the present non-Jewish inhab­i­tants of Palestine.”

Weir argues that the goals and objec­tives of Amer­i­can sup­port­ers of Israel are “pro­foundly dam­ag­ing to the United States itself” and claims that:  “It [Zion­ism] has tar­geted vir­tu­ally every sig­nif­i­cant sec­tor of Amer­i­can soci­ety; worked to involve Amer­i­cans in tragic, unnec­es­sary, and pro­foundly costly wars; dom­i­nated Con­gress for decades; increas­ingly deter­mined which can­di­dates could become seri­ous con­tenders for the U.S. pres­i­dency; and pro­moted big­otry toward an entire pop­u­la­tion, reli­gion, and culture.”

In addi­tion to her anti-Semitic accu­sa­tions that sup­port­ers of Israel wield undue influ­ence – which they achieved, accord­ing to Weir, through both “paid and unpaid” means” – Weir fur­ther por­trays Zion­ists as will­ing to do almost any­thing through­out his­tory to achieve their goals. She even makes the claim that there was col­lu­sion between Nazi and Zion­ist lead­ers and that “Zion­ists pushed for the U.S. to enter the war [World War I] on Britain’s side as part of a deal to gain British sup­port for their col­o­niza­tion of Pales­tine.” Weir also claims that after the Holo­caust, Zion­ist groups gained access to dis­placed per­sons camps in order to “tar­get the weak­est pop­u­la­tion” for emi­gra­tion to Palestine.

Weir, a for­mer jour­nal­ist, has made it her life’s mis­sion to demo­nize Israel and its sup­port­ers in the U.S. She has shown no bounds when it comes to rail­ing against Israel, even appear­ing on Press TV, the English-language satel­lite news net­work con­trolled by Iran, and the radio broad­cast of Amer­i­can Free Press (AFP), a vir­u­lently anti-Semitic news­pa­per. She reg­u­larly speaks on col­lege cam­puses across the United States and the mis­lead­ing and hate­ful fly­ers pro­duced by IAK are almost ubiq­ui­tous at anti-Israel con­fer­ences and other events.

  • RizoliTV

    She’s 100% cor­rect, God­b­less her.

  • James Koss, MD FAAEM

    Per­haps over­stated but cer­tainly Israeli politi­cians and Amer­i­can Jews and Gen­tiles have ral­lied around the six pointed star. There is some good rea­son to do so until the star we fol­low is theirs and not ours. Israel devel­oped from a small fight­ing for it´s sur­vivor to just fight­ing. Set­tle­ments indi­cate its will­ing­ness to rec­og­nize Pales­tine as an imped­i­ment to a Greater Israel. It is time to stop sup­port­ing this aggres­sion. Israel has a right to exist. So has Palestine.

  • Bram

    She and her croonies will feel gods might as did all of our foes over the gen­er­a­tions of haters and mis­guided affil­i­a­tions, from the Pharoahs to the Romans to the Natzis to Assad. We are promised the lands of greater Israel and that is what will be. I quote the Bible “He who blesses Israel will be blessed, And he that scornes Israel will be scorned”. Your and your future gen­er­a­tions have been given free­dom of choice and direc­tion. Choose wisely.

    • TZX1

      Sorry but it is all” MYTHOLOGY” man made ancient Cre­ation­ist Mythol­ogy Fairy tales and the most suc­cess­ful brain­wash­ing tool in the his­tory of mankind.
      Angels, Dev­ils Satan and ‚Heaven, every one fly­ing around with flap­ping wings, burn­ing in eter­nal hell for­ever .
      There is No Cho­sen peo­ple or spe­cial peo­ple, hence No legit land to any­one. All peo­ples are equal, and no one has a right o another ones land because some fairy tale says so, or one might as well believe in Humpty Dumpty and Cinderella,Goblins elves and all that
      God and reli­gion is going to destroy us all sooner rather than later.
      Bible, Shmi­ble I don’t believe in or magic .
      I believe and deal in truth and real­ity of life and the real world

  • Blake Stan­ton

    Whose bril­liant idea was it to cre­ate The Fed­eral Reserve and The Inter­nal Rev­enue Service?

  • Kamel Jockey

    Ali­son Weir con­sorts with camels and has camel’s breath. May she rot in a pile of camel dung

  • Tom Sted­ham

    Every word she said is absolutely true. Accu­sa­tions of “anti-Semitism” ring false. She speaks the truth.