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October 10, 2013 13

Anti-Israel “Eviction Notices” Taped to Dorm Rooms at Rutgers University

The Stu­dents for Jus­tice in Pales­tine (SJP)Rutgers_SJP_Mock_Eviction_Notice chap­ter at Rutgers-New Brunswick posted mock evic­tion notices in res­i­dence halls through­out cam­pus this past week­end in an effort to “edu­cate” stu­dents about the expe­ri­ence for some Pales­tini­ans whose homes are demol­ished. The notices were report­edly posted “on the res­i­dence hall doors on all five cam­puses as part of a cam­paign to raise aware­ness,” accord­ing to the cam­pus newspaper.

Text on the mock evic­tion notices claimed: “Your suite is sched­uled for demo­li­tion in the next three days. If you do not vacate the premise within this time frame, we reserve the right to destroy all remain­ing belongings…This may seem like unre­al­is­ti­cally harsh treat­ment, but this is the actual state of affairs in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip.” The notices also alleged that “the Israeli mil­i­tary occu­pa­tion forces” evict Pales­tini­ans on a reg­u­lar basis and that they have dis­placed over 160,000 Pales­tini­ans from their homes since 1967.

Mock evic­tion notices have been placed on the doors of dorm rooms on sev­eral other uni­ver­si­ties across the coun­try. Most recently, the SJP chap­ter at Florida Atlantic Uni­ver­sity taped sim­i­lar notices to more than 200 dorm room doors around cam­pus in March 2012. Those notices con­tained a seal from FAU’s Hous­ing and Res­i­den­tial Life Depart­ment, which caused wide­spread con­ster­na­tion because it appeared to give cred­i­bil­ity to the mes­sage on the notices. In April 2011, notices were also dis­trib­uted in stu­dent dor­mi­to­ries at Yale Uni­ver­sity to crit­i­cize the “actions of the Israeli state” and to pro­mote SJP’s upcom­ing events on campus.

This tac­tic is the lat­est in a series of efforts by anti-Israel stu­dents to indis­crim­i­nately demo­nize Israel. While it is true that some Pales­tini­ans are evicted from their homes, Israel engages in home demo­li­tions for legit­i­mate secu­rity mea­sures, because these homes were built ille­gally with­out proper per­mits or because they are not in accor­dance with zon­ing laws. More­over, the evic­tions and demo­li­tions take place fol­low­ing a years-long process and a vari­ety of legal approvals, not with “three days” warning.

At both FAU and Yale, Jew­ish stu­dents reported feel­ing intim­i­dated by the notices. Esther Reed, the rabbi at Rut­gers Hil­lel, was quoted in the cam­pus news­pa­per say­ing, “stu­dents were made to feel that they were not safe in their res­i­dence halls,” which she called “one of the most dis­turb­ing aspects here.”

SJP is a stu­dent orga­ni­za­tion with chap­ters on more than 95 uni­ver­sity and col­lege cam­puses. It is the lead­ing orga­nizer of anti-Israel events, pro­grams and con­fer­ences on campus.


    Quick Amer­i­can His­tory review:
    There was no-need to drop two bomb when Japan got what you already con­ceded they only thing the demanded; keep­ing their Emperor

    You could saved more Jews by bomb­ing the rail­roads and lis­ten­ing to other Amer­i­can Jews. You bomb the crap out of the Ho Chi Min Trail.
    Then have the Gol invite them to sim­u­late into your pop­u­la­tion after what you saw what their capa­ble of with jobs and posi­tions of power through oper­a­tion paper clip at NASA/CIA.

    You couldn’t win and had to set­tle for a draw in Korea where you still cant get the North to feel so sorry for them­selves enough to have them work for .25 cents an hour. To develop an infer­rer com­plex never believ­ing they can defend them­selves against a white bully Nation.

    You were set as exam­ple in Viet­nam by the heav­ens in hav­ing a super power loos­ing to poorer weaker nation. Hashem, Blessed Be He pledged HE will defend the weak and the poor. It is writ­ten in the Torah. That is not writ­ten or deleted in the king James bible. “G-D told me to tell you this morn­ing. The truth myst be told.”-MLK

    Not euro­pean com­mu­nism but demo­c­ra­tic social­ist coun­tries still flour­ish despite eco­nomic embar­goes like in cuba or with­out hav­ing them applied in China. When other coun­ties peo­ple vote their social­ist lead­ers in you mur­der them like Allende in Chile.
    Then Pres­i­dent Ronald Rea­gan sup­plies only the rich in El Sal­vador with M-16s. Tries to start a war in Nicaragua and when Arch Bishop Romero writes a let­ter to Rea­gan he is mur­der as well.

    You lyied to the Amer­i­can peo­ple about weapons of mass destruc­tion to destroy a coun­try over Mobile Oil and revenge because younger Bush didn’t like how Sad­dam spook to Bush Sr. Hydro-electric energy runs in water that should be free on a planet thats two thirds water. It was offer as an alter­na­tive fuel in the six­ties when Bobby went to Peru to see how sup­posed to work before Eisenhower/Johnson’ s mil­i­tary quo de ta!

    And Jews wanna now relay on This Amer­ica for its defense with bil­lions of green paper and call them­selves great banker or investors or with money in gen­eral. Hashem, Blessed Be He is tired of pun­ish­ing you for try­ing to be like other tribes or relay­ing on them instead if HIM, Blessed Be He. Moses didn’t relay on the Hit­tites to escape Egypt.

    Hashem, Blessed Be He sent the Assyr­i­ans from Per­sia to destroy the north­ern king­dom of Israel. Now your reliance have Iran a Per­sian Nation capa­ble if destroy­ing you with a bomb if you don’t con­ceded to the Palestinians.

    Just remem­ber one thing All Roads Lead To Jerusalem may you right­eous when you get there!


    • M2000

      Racist, anti-Semitic Obama sup­port­ing Nazi you are. You must be a fan of Haj Amin al-Husseini to write crap like this.

  • Lee

    Most of the homes that are demol­ished are those of the ter­ror­ists. But the Arabs are never known for giv­ing the entire story.

    If this had been done to Mus­lim stu­dents it would have been a top story on national news. I am sure no one will be evicted from the col­lege or pun­ished in any way.

    • Thylls

      Your use of lan­guage shows you have no idea what the hell you are talk­ing about. Both sides here are guilty of ter­ror­ism. Pol­i­tics clouds the truth from both sides, try­ing to cre­ate a dichotomy that isn’t there, and mak­ing every­one less informed.

      I don’t think the mes­sage would get across if the fliers said the neigh­bor keeps ask­ing for me to give the lawn­mower and gas can that I bor­rowed back.

      • Lee

        Well, I have been involved in report­ing the news for this area for 15+ years so I do know a lit­tle. How­ever, it’s not tainted by fic­tion as your anger seems to show your infor­ma­tion to be. The mes­sages men­tioned above are tar­geted at peo­ple who are not liv­ing in Israel. It’s just plain stu­pid. And your final state­ment shows your ratio­nal­ity. Oh well, just my com­ments. I don’t want to waste my time with the same old dribble.

        • Thylls

          Not tainted by fic­tion as much as omis­sion. How much report­ing have you done on Israeli treat­ment of Pales­tini­ans? I bet not nearly as much as you have on how Israel is react­ing to ter­ror by Palestinians.

  • Robert Van Scott

    Fuck these kids. If They want to get rad­i­cal, stop their finances.

    • Fed­eral League

      No. Quite frankly the never end­ing war against “racist White Amer­ica” has deliv­ered this real­ity to the Jews.

      Peo­ple who think like these stu­dents do are rapidly mul­ti­ply­ing in num­ber, the peo­ple who think like you do are rapidly decreas­ing in number.

      And now con­ser­v­a­tive White Amer­ica who, against all log­i­cal processes of thought, sup­ported Jews gen­er­ally is rec­og­niz­ing Israel for what it is and they will have no qualms about watch­ing the folks who time after time stuck a knife in their back choke on their own propaganda.

      Good night, Israel.

  • Bern­hard Rosenberg

    Our beloved Pro­fes­sor Dr. Rosen­berg, has been a vic­tim of the anti-semetic envi­ron­ment that has been cre­ated and allowed to grow at Rut­gers Uni­ver­sity. Dr. Rosen­berg has been fac­ing many instances of harass­ment by depart­ment heads, deans, and lead­ers for no rea­son. He has made many for­mal com­plaints and reports to numer­ous depart­ments over a span of many weeks, and the only response he and us stu­dents receive are very rude responses that sim­ply say “thanks” and that this is a per­son­nel mat­ter. This is not the way that a pres­ti­gious uni­ver­sity, the state uni­ver­sity of New Jer­sey should be han­dling the seri­ous con­cerns that its staff and stu­dents have regard­ing harass­ment, more specif­i­cally, anti-semitism. It was not until one of the Rut­gers uni­ver­sity daily news­pa­pers, The Medium, pub­lished an arti­cle enti­tled “What About the Good Things Hitler Did?” In this arti­cle, the Medium praised Hitler and said he wasn’t such a bad guy, The medium used an active Jew­ish stu­dents name, and pic­ture as the author of the arti­cle, when he in fact had no rela­tion to the arti­cle. This is one instance that was made known due to the sever­ity and avail­abil­ity of the evi­dence since it was pub­lished in a news­pa­per allowed by Rut­gers to be cir­cu­lated through­out cam­pus. Unfor­tu­nately for Dr. Rosen­berg, the anti-semtism he faces from the depart­ment is not pub­lished in news­pa­pers, and there­fore is not as eas­ily seen by oth­ers. how­ever this does not mean that this seri­ous issue can be ignored. Dr. Rosen­berg is one of the only pro­fes­sor here at Rut­gers that will­ingly and proudly wears a “skull­cap” every day, clearly reveal­ing his Jew­ish reli­gion. Also a cler­gy­man, he often speaks pub­licly about his reli­gious views as well as oth­ers. He respects all reli­gions and sim­ply wished that peo­ple would do the same for his. Now Dr. Rosen­berg has lost his oppor­tu­nity to teach his pub­lic speak­ing course which he does every sum­mer for over 10 years. He is not get­ting a response as to whether or not he will be teach­ing in the fall, and the harass­ment con­tin­ues. The fact of the mat­ter is that Rut­gers Uni­ver­sity has cre­ated an anti-semitic atmos­phere and has let it thrive to the point where stu­dents feel com­fort­able pub­lish­ing anti-semetic arti­cles in a well known school news­pa­per. Rut­gers Uni­ver­sity allows this paper to cir­cu­late through­out cam­pus just like they allow their main news­pa­per “The Daily Tar­gum” which refuses to address this issue after numer­ous requests. Over­all, some­thing must be done about the anti-semitic injus­tices Dr. Rosen­berg has and still is fac­ing here at Rut­gers Uni­ver­sity.
    As we are in the midst of con­clud­ing the Spring Semes­ter, we the stu­dents of Doc­tor Rosen­berg want you to know that this has been on of the most enjoy­able non pres­sure, insight­ful, and excit­ing courses we have ever taken at Rut­gers. Unlike other teach­ers, through his dynamic teach­ing abil­i­ties and intu­itive nature, he instills within his stu­dents the desire to con­stantly improve. He does this not through pres­sure, numer­ous papers, con­stant crit­i­cism, but through a magic that he pos­sesses to con­vey his belief in his stu­dents abil­i­ties to per­form. In short he makes pub­lic speak­ing fun. While we have fol­lowed the syl­labus he has done so with great humor, intel­li­gence, cre­ativ­ity, and sen­si­tiv­ity. We have heard from other stu­dents how unhappy they are in other pub­lic speak­ing classes. How even though they deserve an A, the grades have been severely less­ened because of their writ­ten work on first drafts. Dr. Rosen­berg has made this a true pub­lic speak­ing class. He has cor­rected out out­lines and given us tests but from both we have learned much with­out stress and pres­sure. It is beyond our under­stand­ing why our teacher should be harassed when he in fact deserves the teacher of the year award at Rut­gers.
    Sin­cerely the Con­cerned Stu­dents of Dr. Rosenberg’s class,

  • M2000

    So appar­ently Jew­ish stu­dents can’t sue these groups for cre­at­ing an envi­ron­ment of hate, after all these uni­ver­si­ties pal around with Ivy League lawyers that’d defend them to the end.

  • John Smith

    The ADL demo­nizes Europe all the time so deal with it you whiners.

  • Mar­shall­doc

    The sim­ple way to stop such actions is to con­tact your oppo­site num­bers in Israel and get them to stop the ille­gal demo­li­tions & eth­nic cleans­ing of Israel’s Bedouin cit­i­zens. This, of course, doesn’t men­tion the ille­gal occu­pa­tion & pop­u­la­tion import­ing of, and to, the West Bank of occu­pied Pales­tine. So, no whin­ing, you reap what you sow.

  • carol_36

    HIre Alan Der­showitz and sue Rutgers!