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July 18, 2014 9

Speaker At NYC Rally Defends Hamas, Warns of “Destruction” to Israel

New York, NY

Among the demon­stra­tions that took place in cities across the coun­try yes­ter­day, a protest in New York City’s Times Square fea­tured par­tic­u­larly extreme rhetoric against Israel and its sup­port­ers here in the U.S.

The above star­tling video shows a speaker address­ing the crowd to defend the acThe world stopped Nazism, apartheid The world must stop Zionismtions of Hamas in the name of “free­dom” and to warn that Allah will “bring destruc­tion” upon sup­port­ers of Israel. The speaker’s com­ments were met with loud applause from the crowd.

Signs at this Al-Awda spon­sored rally, which was attended by sev­eral hun­dred peo­ple, read, “Stop Israel, Free Gaza, Stop Netanyahu GENOCIDE in Pales­tine,” “The World Stopped Nazism, Apartheid. The World Must Stop Zion­ism,” and “End the Pales­tin­ian Holo­caust.” Chants such as “With our blood and soul, we will redeem you, Pales­tine,” “Intifada, Intifada, Long Live the Intifada,” and “Resis­tance is jus­ti­fied, when peo­ple are occu­pied” were repeat­edly heard.

South Bend, IN

A few dozen pro­test­ers gath­ered out­side of St. Joseph County Cour­t­house in South Bend, Indi­ana, with signs that said “Geno­cide Is Not Jus­tice,” “This Is Not War This Is Geno­cide,” and “I Can’t Believe We’re Still Protest­ing This. 66 Years.” Many of the pro­test­ers also engaged in chants of “From the [Jor­dan] River to the [Mediter­ranean] Sea, Pales­tine Will Be Free” and “End the Siege of Gaza Now!”

Boston, MA

Pro­test­ers at Cop­ley Square held signs that read “From the River to the Sea, Pales­tine will be free,” and “Israel Stop the Killing Now. #Boston4Gaza.”

From the river to the Sea Palestine will be free Return is key


  • Jerry Hen­rie

    Can you push a one world agenda that takes away Amer­i­cans sov­er­eignty and our are Con­sti­tu­tional rights? Can you bring in Com­mu­nism to Amer­ica like you did to Rus­sia and the hor­ror of the mass mur­ders of the Bol­she­vik rev­o­lu­tion and the 80% Jew­ish cheka police force that muti­lated and killed so many mil­lions? Can you do such an evil and not be hated? No one hates Jews for their reli­gion or for any rea­son but the fact that you as a group are the one world gov­ern­ment lead­erst, the secret soci­eties, the freema­sons, the Jesuits, etc… we hate what evil you as a group do.. Take the mas­sive drive to take away the sec­ond amend­ment. This comes from Jew­ish and masonic democ­rats. It is easy to see who passes or tries to pass the bills. We as Amer­i­cans know that we need these weapons for when the Jew­ish con­trolled UN and trai­tors of this once great coun­try come to take away the guns to bring in com­mu­nism, the 2nd amend­ment will be our only hope. Fact-once they take the guns a police state of com­mu­nism comes, along with the killings of mil­lions of Amer­i­cans who will never ever deny Christ. I hope for peace in Israel, for one rea­son it will be the Amer­i­cans, the poor of us that will have to fight another of your wars.

    • David Ben Moshe, JTF

      Worry about your own peo­ple, inc Barack Obama, non Jew.

      • Jerry Hen­rie

        The non-Jewish peo­ple belong to the Jew­ish orga­ni­za­tion like freema­sonry. Masonry is for the gen­tiles, and is a jew­ish type of reli­gion to rule the world.

    • David Ben Moshe, JTF

      Reli­gious Jews were mur­dered under Com­mu­nism in Bol­she­vik Rus­sia. Bol­she­vik Rus­sia which had 364 Com­mie “Jews” in the Bol­she­vik party of 10,000

    • So, why did you say you’re not an antisemite?

      • Jerry Hen­rie

        I rec­og­nize that God in the new tes­ta­ment said that the Jews eyes will be blinded for awhile to allow the gen­tile peo­ple to be grafted in, then the Jews will be given the oppor­tu­nity to be saved. Just as Satan meets with the lord in the book of Job, and is allowed to test Job, we are here for two rea­sons. 1-to receive a body and 2– to see if we will fol­low the Father and the Son by faith. Their has to be some that rule, and do the test­ing, these are the cho­sen peo­ple or the Jews. So I do not hate them as they are in a way doing the Lords work of buf­fet­ing the gen­tiles dur­ing our time of testing.

  • Jerry Hen­rie

    I posted below, but feel I need to add to it. Israel has every right to defend itself. I am not against Jew­ish peo­ple. I am against any peo­ple that belong to any type of secret soci­ety, to any­one that wants com­mu­nism in this coun­try, be they Chris­t­ian masons, or atheist’s masons, Mus­lim masons, etc…

    • David Ben Moshe, JTF

      You hate the Jew­ish peo­ple and blame them for EVERYTHING.

  • Some­times, peo­ple just won’t lis­ten. It’s shame­ful how judeo­phobes take advan­tage of these times to procla­mate their vir­u­lent hatred.