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July 24, 2014 9

Day 17 Of Protests: Philly Demo Compares Hamas to a Rape Victim

In Philadel­phia yes­ter­day, a demon­stra­tor protest­ing a pro-Israel rally held a sign that said “Blam­ing Hamas for fir­ing rock­ets is like blam­ing a woman who punches her rapist.”

The mes­sage is extremely inflam­ma­tory, not only because it out­ra­geously analo­gizes Israel to a rapist and Hamas to a totally inno­cent vic­tim, but also because it explic­itly defends Hamas ter­ror­ism against Israeli civil­ians, some­thing anti-Israel pro­test­ers are gen­er­ally a bit more hes­i­tant to do.

The slo­gan has also been seen at other protests in the U.S., includ­ing a protest in San Diego last week, and has been tweeted and posted on Face­book hun­dreds of times, largely by users in the Mid­dle East but else­where around the world as well. It has also been posted on com­ment boards of online news arti­cles report­ing on the con­flict, includ­ing Time mag­a­zine and the Huff­in­g­ton Post. Fur­ther searches have revealed that a graphic design com­pany in Islam­abad is even print­ing posters with the slo­gan. The global reach of the mes­sage is a grow­ing reminder that con­tem­po­rary inter­na­tional crises have no bor­ders and that hate­ful and extreme mes­sages can travel thou­sands of miles in an instant.

A sim­i­lar phe­nom­e­non occurred sev­eral weeks ago when the  hash­tag #Hitler­Was­Right was widely used on Twit­ter by users around the globe.

Else­where in the United States, approx­i­mately eight other demon­stra­tions took place. At a protest in Santa Fe, New Mex­ico, pro­test­ers marched to the offices of U.S. Sen­a­tors Tom Udall and Mar­tin Hein­rich where they deliv­ered let­ters demand­ing an end to sup­port of Israel. The pro­test­ers held signs refer­ring to Israel as a “ter­ror state” and call­ing for an end to the “Pales­tin­ian Holo­caust.”  One such sign – which appears below – fea­tured an image of the Nazi insignia with a Star of David replac­ing the Swastika.

Stop the genocidThis is what the Zionist terorrist state of Isarel looks like

  • It’s bad enough that Amer­i­cans receive their news about the cur­rent Israeli / Pales­tin­ian con­flict from media out­lets owned or dom­i­nated by Jews, but in addi­tion most of the panel dis­cus­sions and inter­views con­sist of one Jew talk­ing to another Jew(s). I just saw the Jew, Wolf Blitzer ( who is an Israeli national ) talk­ing about the Mid­dle East Con­flict with Glo­ria Borger ( Jew ) and Jane Har­men (Jew ). Last night I saw Char­lie Rose inter­view­ing Mar­tin Indyk ( Jew ) and ear­lier in the after­noon it was Andrea Mitchell inter­view­ing Israeli gov­ern­ment spokesman, Mark Regev. Ear­lier in the week it was Dana Bash (Jew ) inter­view­ing some Jew whose name for the moment escapes me.

    This would not be a prob­lem if they placed the con­flict in its proper con­text and asked hon­est ques­tions. They should tell view­ers that Hamas did not fire a sin­gle rocket into Israel until after Israel had rounded up some 600 Pales­tin­ian sus­pects and hauled them off to Israeli dun­geons where they lan­guish to this day or that the Israelis blew up the homes of their prin­ci­ple sus­pects and killed seven Pales­tini­ans in the process. They should also remind view­ers of the Israeli block­ade of Gaza that has be strag­gling that open air prison for the past seven years. They should also explain why their are 1.7 mil­lion peo­ple crammed into Gaza mak­ing it ‚accord­ing to the UN ‚the most densely packed polit­i­cal entity on the planet…these unfor­tu­nate Pales­tini­ans once lived in what is now Israel but were dri­ven out to ful­fill the Zion­ist dream of a Jew­ish state.

    I will not raise issue of ” dual loy­alty” since that would imply that these media moguls and pun­dits have at least some loy­alty to the United States.

    • Jerry Hen­rie

      May God destroy the syn­a­gogue of Satan as soon as pos­si­ble. My hatred for the new world order scum grows each day. How is it pos­si­ble that a small por­tion of the entire pop­u­la­tion, around 3% con­trol every­thing? How is that pos­si­ble? The Jews and their Jesuits and their masons con­trol it all. Why because God most high gave con­trol of the earth over to Lucifer/Satan for a time to tempt, buf­fet his chil­dren. These few chose to wor­ship Lucifer, think­ing they are doing Gods work by doing evil.

      • mephisto­fan

        Get jerry. The clinic called your rabies test came back pos­i­tive. Please check in for imme­di­ate treatment.

        • Car­olyn Koppel

          Please add facts to your replies and make your mes­sage more than sar­cas­tic opin­ion. it seems to me, you are Israel.
          As are all Amer­i­can Jews, whether they choose to be or not. I strongly hope that rather than get­ting your­self into a “Piss­ing Con­test,” with idiots, that you will stand for logic, your pride as a Jew­ish per­son, and your belief in Israel.

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          • mephisto­fan

            I decline your invi­ta­tion to humor this hate filled atten­tion deprived neo nazi with your idea of log­i­cal argu­ments. You can not rea­son with a rabid hater. You may wish to go through this use­less exer­cise, but with due respect to your well mean­ing posi­tion, I think the New Tes­ta­ment said it best on this point: cast not thy pearls before the swine. This nut case is swine. He haunts Jew­ish sites to har­rass and annoy. I am not going to give him the sat­is­fac­tion of the recog­ni­tion he so badly craves. You go for it.

            • Car­olyn Koppel

              Will it make me more palat­able if I told you I sold Mephis­tos for 25 years? I actu­ally have a Grand­daugh­ter and her hus­band in Jerusalem, as well as a Daugh­ter and her hus­band liv­ing in Jerusalem. In a way, I do agree with you. But I wouldn’t sink to his level by mess­ing with him. Both my son, a crim­i­nal small office attor­ney in Hous­ton and son-in-law, a labor lawyer here in St. Louis. Of course, when I need advice…“I don’t prac­tice that kind of law.“
              Peace to you as well, Carolyn

    • mephisto­fan

      Get lost cross dress­ing Nazi.

  • bob