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April 26, 2012 Off

Does Jimmy Carter Endorse BDS?

It is no secret that for­mer U.S. Pres­i­dent Jimmy Carter is harshly crit­i­cal of Israeli poli­cies in the West Bank. There are now, how­ever, indi­ca­tions that Carter may have entered a new realm of anti-Israel advo­cacy with an implied endorse­ment of the cam­paign to boy­cott, divest and sanc­tion (BDS) Israel.

As quoted by Al-Jazeera in an April 25 piece, Carter states that he thinks the BDS move­ment has “been effec­tive on a wide-ranging basis, oth­er­wise the Israelis would not be so upset about it” and that it is “gain­ing in strength.”

Just as Carter’s 2007 book, “Pales­tine Peace Not Apartheid,” attempted to main­stream the apartheid anal­ogy com­monly used within the anti-Israel move­ment, his appar­ent val­i­da­tion of BDS could lead oth­ers to believe that this extreme and divi­sive tac­tic is legitimate.