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July 11, 2014 1

“Don’t Do To Palestinians What Hitler Did To You”

On Thurs­day, July 10, anti-Israel protests took place in Cleve­land, Knoxville and Mil­wau­kee. At least 25 ral­lies are sched­uled to take place in many major U.S. cities this weekend.

Here are pho­tos from these demonstrations:

Pro­test­ers in Cleve­land, OH held signs accus­ing Israel of col­lec­tive pun­ish­ment, killing Pales­tin­ian chil­dren and engag­ing in “ter­ror­ism.” One sign depicted Israeli Prime Min­is­ter Ben­jamin Netanyahu with a Hitler mus­tache and a swastika jux­ta­posed with a Star of David. Another accused AIPAC of sub­vert­ing Amer­i­can inter­ests in favor of Israel.



A protest called “Stand Up for Pales­tine” in Knoxville fea­tured signs that called for an end to aid to the “racist state of Israel” and an accu­sa­tion that Israel is com­mit­ting a so-called “geno­cide” against the Pales­tin­ian people.


At a protest orga­nized by the Mil­wau­kee Pales­tin­ian Sol­i­dar­ity Coali­tion, demon­stra­tors accused Israel of “war crimes” and “geno­cide.” One young woman held a sign that read, “Don’t Do To Pales­tini­ans What Hitler Did To You.”

  • Greg Sut­ter

    This just in from the Dept of Hypocrisy…We, as good Amer­i­cans should set the exam­ple for Israel. Tomor­row instead of putting up some prop­erty for sale in north­ern Illi­nois I’m going to give the deed back to the first Potowatami who claims the land and then say to Israel, “See? It’s not so dif­fi­cult. Mil­lions and mil­lions of Amer­i­cans like myself will start giv­ing back the land on which we’ve been ille­gally squat­ting and return­ing it back to its right­ful owner.” And I con­grat­u­late the own­ers of The Nation for sell­ing their prop­erty on Irv­ing Place in Man­hat­tan and giv­ing it back to its right­ful own­ers. Rumor has it that CAIR is next in return­ing their prop­erty owned in the United States back to its right­ful owner as well.