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August 7, 2013 10

Extreme Anti-Israel Rhetoric Marks Al Quds Day Protests Across U.S.

In com­mem­o­ra­tion of Al Quds Day, an annual day of protest typ­i­cally held on the last Fri­day of Ramadan, large anti-Israel ral­lies took place in cities across the U.S. on August 2.  The day is used to call for the lib­er­a­tion of Al Quds, which means Jerusalem in Arabic.

These ral­lies are noto­ri­ous for their vir­u­lent rhetoric against the state of Israel, includ­ing, at times, anti-Semitic alle­ga­tions about Jews and Israelis. Speak­ers at this year’s protests in the U.S. accused Israel of per­pe­trat­ing atroc­i­ties against Pales­tini­ans com­pa­ra­ble to the Nazi Holo­caust, rejected Israel’s right to exist and expressed oppo­si­tion to the renewed peace talks tak­ing place between Israel and the Palestinians.

The fol­low­ing is a sum­mary of some of the Al Quds Day rallies:

Hous­ton, Texas


Al Quds Day pro­tester at Hous­ton rally

A large rally was held down­town with signs and ban­ners that read, “Chil­dren Are Buried Alive, Holo­caust Is Revived” and “Stop Pales­tin­ian Geno­cide: End Zion­ist Apartheid.” Pro­test­ers also led chants of “U.S. money is the cause, it’s another Holo­caust” and “U.S. weapons go away. Stop the killing right away.”

Wash­ing­ton D.C.

An activist affil­i­ated with CODEPINK, a group that seeks to reduce U.S. sup­port for Israel, named Tighe Barry told those gath­ered at an Al Quds Day rally that “there’s a Holo­caust going on in Pales­tine.” Barry charged that there is a “Zion­ist impres­sion” in the Amer­i­can edu­ca­tion sys­tem and relayed that he had requested that a teacher in his child’s school “teach about all the holo­causts” as part of a course on the Nazi Holo­caust. When the teacher refused, Barry said he offered to teach the class him­self and miss work in order to “talk about these other holo­causts that are tak­ing place like the Nakba.”

San Jose, California

The Shia Asso­ci­a­tion of Bay Area (SABA) held an Al Quds Day rally on its premises fea­tur­ing talks on the con­di­tions var­i­ous Shi­ite com­mu­ni­ties face. A mem­ber of the con­gre­ga­tion, Zaki Hus­sain, gave a slideshow pre­sen­ta­tion titled, “Should Shia Mus­lims Sup­port Pales­tine?” in which Israeli poli­cies were likened to Nazi per­se­cu­tions. Hus­sain told the audi­ence that as Shia Mus­lims and fol­low­ers of the teach­ings of Aya­tol­lah Ruhol­lah Khome­ini they have a respon­si­bil­ity to defend the Pales­tini­ans even though the Pales­tini­ans are Sunni Muslims.

New York City

Approx­i­mately 200 peo­ple gath­ered at a rally in Times Square where sev­eral speak­ers lam­basted the exis­tence of the state of Israel and the renewed peace nego­ti­a­tions between Israel and the Pales­tini­ans. Bill Doares from the Inter­na­tional Action Cen­ter described Has­san Nas­ral­lah, the leader of the Lebanon-based, Iranian-backed ter­ror­ist orga­ni­za­tion Hezbol­lah, as “the leader of the resis­tance.” He summed up a recent speech by Nas­ral­lah by say­ing, “as long as Israel exists, it’ll be the threat to the exis­tence of Lebanon and its neigh­bors. So it is sim­ple, one state in all of Pales­tine for all people.”

Ben Becker, a national orga­nizer for Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER), used his time at the podium to con­demn the lat­est peace nego­ti­a­tions, describ­ing them as “noth­ing but a farce” and claim­ing that “they’re attempts to get some Pales­tini­ans to nego­ti­ate away those sov­er­eign and national rights.” Fatin Jarara, an activist with the anti-Israel group Al-Awda NY, expressly rejected Israel’s right to exist: “Pales­tini­ans in the dias­pora reject unequiv­o­cally any com­pro­mise over an inch of his­toric Pales­tine. Not just Jerusalem, not just the West Bank, not just Gaza.”


Neteuri Karta mem­ber at Times Square Quds Day rally

In addi­tion to these inflam­ma­tory speeches, signs at the rally read, “Israel (crossed out), Much Worse Than the Nazis” (with a Swastika on it), Stop Pales­tin­ian Geno­cide: End Zion­ist Apartheid and “No New Nego­ti­a­tions! Pales­tine is NOT FOR SALE.”

The protests in the U.S. echoed what was said by inter­na­tional fig­ures at demon­stra­tions in the Mid­dle East, includ­ing Iran’s for­mer pres­i­dent, Mah­moud Ahmad­i­na­jad, and Nasrallah.

In Iran, where Inter­na­tional Al Quds Day was estab­lished in 1979 by the founder of the Islamic Repub­lic, Aya­tol­lah Ruhol­lah Khome­ini, Ahmadine­jad derided peace talks between Israeli and Pales­tin­ian lead­ers, claim­ing that the Israelis seek the “dom­i­na­tion and plun­der­ing of the world and human­ity” and that “today, all polit­i­cal lead­ers are Zionists.”

Nas­ral­lah, in a rare appear­ance at a rally in south­ern Beirut, said, “Israel’s demise is a national Lebanese inter­est” and pledged that Hezbol­lah would never “aban­don Palestine.”

  • Guest

    Any com­ment on what anti-Palesyinian rhetoric infects our (my) Jew­ish com­mu­ni­ties? No? Didn’t think so.

  • Has­san Bendella

    la pales­tine firsrt and dan we tok

  • Has­san Bendella

    i make dif­firence betwin the jews o0f the tora and the sion­istes of tel­moed from 12 rabi­jns of bebel . salaM AILEKOM

  • GSWSyn­di­cate

    I am pro-Israel.….but believe it or not, that does not make me anti-Palestinian
    (or anti Mus­lim) or anti any­one else. I believe all deserve free­dom and democ­racy. Let’s get one thing straight.

    If hav­ing Pales­tini­ans and other mem­bers have full vot­ing rights in the
    Knes­set is apartheid, then give me that kind of apartheid. If hav­ing the most
    active safe haven for gays escap­ing tor­ture (from Gaza & West Bank into
    Israel) and giv­ing them a fresh start is apartheid, again, give me apartheid.

    If giv­ing minor­ity grants for uni­ver­si­ties to Arabs is apartheid (just because
    they are Arab) is apartheid, again, give me apartheid. If tak­ing in Pales­tin­ian
    patients into hos­pi­tals (at no cost if the par­ents can­not pay) when Pales­tin­ian
    physi­cians don’t have the train­ing or resources to save the patient’s life is
    apartheid, again, I’ll take apartheid.

    So now that we agree that Israel being an apartheid coun­try is a bla­tant lie, we can start the peace process. And guess who will be in on it? Not the Israelis and/or Pales­tini­ans who spread these type of tired old lies that are so trans­par­ent
    they’ve become cliche, it will be the hon­est peace­mak­ers on both sides who
    really and truly under­stand sac­ri­fice, com­pro­mise, and hon­esty. And the ones
    shout­ing apartheid do not fit into the “peace­maker category”.

    Any­one with a brain knows that the real enemy of the Pales­tini­ans is not Israel. It is Hamas, and every other ter­ror group and despot Arab leader who throw them bones (and basi­cally ignore their own broth­ers), but keep them “in a vic­tim role” so as to wag the dog) and take the focus off of them­selves and their cor­rupt power-grab lead­er­ship. A per­fect exam­ple is the late Sad­dam Hus­sein. Another is Morsi. To a cer­tain degree Bin Laden. Iran, and any­one else who funds Hamas to keep a heavy thumb on the Pales­tin­ian peo­ple who don’t have a clue its hap­pen­ing to them because it begins at birth.

    So very sorry. But I do hope/pray the Pales­tini­ans get a state of their own.
    But not at the cost of Israel. When every­one (who really wants
    peace on both sides reaches that con­clu­sion) Israel has had an olive branch out
    for a very long while.

    God bless the peace­mak­ers. These peo­ple point­ing fin­gers at Israel and yelling apartheid are the fur­thest thing from peace­mak­ers you’ll ever see. And that’s a promise.

    Sin­cerely, Mark Twain

    • Wil­fred

      No, what’s ‘aparteid’ is hav­ing a great big wall, ban­ning Pal­is­tini­ans from from using Jew­ish roads, and forc­ing Pal­is­tini­ans to live in slum refugee camps because their vil­lages were destoyed and replaced with Jew­ish ‘settlements’.

      • GSWSyn­di­cate

        Thank you for shar­ing your “thoughts” Wil­fred, and prov­ing you will not be one of the peace­mak­ers (ever). Good luck with life. MT

        • Alf Onzo

          You’re aware that there’s an ille­gal mil­i­tary occu­pa­tion going on in the West Bank. I mean, I sup­port Israels right to exist…in it’s inter­na­tion­ally defined bor­ders. But mil­lions of peo­ple live under Israeli rule with zero rights under the rule of law. That’s not peace, that’s fuck­ing psy­chotic. For 47 years at that. How much longer does this have to go on?

          • GSWSyn­di­cate

            Alf…I am very aware of that PR spin; hav­ing worked in the PR biz 30 years, I know it way too well. I know how to write it, and I know how to get peo­ple to believe it. Now, when you learn how not to spout it, you too, will be one of the peacemakers.…have you noticed that shout­ing, typ­ing it, etc gets you nowhere? There’s a rea­son for that. You are still in the mind­set Pales­tini­ans = Angels Israelis = Evil. That type of mind (on both sides) has never got­ten either side one inch of peace. When you can let go of it, you’ll be one of the peace­mak­ers. Until then, you are pit­ting humans against humans, because you don’t have to fight in their war; we have way too many “arm­chair war­riors”. Thank you. Good luck to you.

  • trmobone

    my trom­bone.
    Jew­ish Doctors.or Israel Doc­tors as you wish,Scientist. have invented
    on to the world Med­i­cine that have cured many thou­sands.
    They have not kept it,for use only in Isreal,but for all.
    when Pales­tin­ian peo­ple need teeatment,i am sure they will
    not be turned away from Israel Hos­pi­tal.
    lets get along,life is shorrt

    • GSWSyn­di­cate

      Pales­tin­ian patients are treated free (if they can­not afford it) at Hadas­sah and Sheba Hos­pi­tals in Israel;or slid­ing scale if they can but don’t have much money. Pales­tin­ian doc­tors send patients to Israel daily when they don’t have the train­ing or resources and Israeli doc­tors gladly take them in. If that’s apartheid, please give me apartheid.