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July 21, 2014 19

Hate on Display: Anti-Semitism in Anti-Israel Demonstrations Across Europe

Jews attacked. Syn­a­gogues tar­geted. Israel demo­nized. These pat­terns of anti-Semitism were seen at many anti-Israel demon­stra­tions around Europe this past weekend.

On Fri­day, a pro­tes­tor in Berlin attacked an Israeli man wear­ing a kip­pah, who hap­pened to be pass­ing the demon­stra­tion route. The same day in Lyon, France, a pro­tester hit a Jew­ish teenager in the head while yelling, “I want to kill all the Jews.” He was arrested on the spot by police. The same mur­der­ous intent was report­edly expressed in Zurich, where demon­stra­tors chanted, “Jews into the sea!”

On Fri­day, in Essen, Ger­many, anti-Israel pro­test­ers broke off from a demon­stra­tion and headed towards a syn­a­gogue, clearly intend­ing to attack it.   Police stopped them, arrested four­teen, and charged them with con­spir­acy to com­mit a crime.

On Sat­ur­day, in Sar­celles, France, anti-Israel pro­test­ers threw a Molo­tov cock­tail in the direc­tion of a syn­a­gogue, but police had kept them far enough away that the fire­bomb did no dam­age. Pro­test­ers did man­age, how­ever, to burn a kosher super­mar­ket to the ground. The same store had been attacked with an impro­vised grenade in 2012.

Syn­a­gogue in Ver­celli, Italy

Syn­a­gogue in Ver­celli, Italy

Syn­a­gogues in Italy and France were also tar­geted with anti-Israel ban­ners. “Stop Bomb­ing Gaza. Israel Assas­sins. Free Pales­tine” was hung on the syn­a­gogue in Ver­celli, Italy, on July 18, and an “Israel Assas­sins” ban­ner was placed on a syn­a­gogue in Lyon the next day.

While these ban­ners would not be con­sid­ered anti-Semitic at a demon­stra­tion, they are anti-Semitic when tar­get­ing the local Jew­ish community.

Com­par­ing Israel to the Nazis is also anti-Semitic and preva­lent at anti-Israel demon­stra­tions. On Fri­day, “Israel=Hitler” signs were held up in Brus­sels. In Lon­don, it was “Well Done Israel, Hitler would be Proud.” And in Dublin, Prime Min­is­ter Netanyahu is depicted as Hitler on a sign, “Wanted: Zio Nazi”.

On Sun­day in Ams­ter­dam, one pro­tester took demo­niza­tion quite lit­er­ally: “Stop Sion­ist [sic] Demons in Gaza.”


  • James Koss, MD FAAEM

    Per­haps if one sub­sti­tuted the word Zion­ist rather than Israeli the effect of being against the hor­ri­ble events the Israeli gov­ern­ment is inflict­ing on inno­cent civil­ians in Gaza could be seen as human­ist rather than anti-semitic. After all Gazans too are semi­tes and we all are human beings.

    One can be anti-Zionist and not anti-semitic. Many Israeli Jews are against this slaugh­ter as well although pro­pa­gan­dists for Zion­ism link the terms for its polit­i­cal effect thus mask­ing the true intent and effect of their slaugh­ter­ing civilians.

    • Ash613

      You don’t need to sub­sti­tute any word… A crowd wrapped in Pales­tin­ian flags and har­bor­ing the flag and motto of hamas ter­ror­ists scream­ing death to the Jews in front of syn­a­gogues only expresses what hamas, ezbal­lah, al qaeda and other mur­der­ous ter­ror­ist orga­ni­za­tions have declared to be their one and only motto and goal in life: to kill Jews, in Israel and any­where in the world, at any cost, even over their own children’s dead bod­ies. Only Hitler had so much hatred that he pre­ferred to use trains to deport Jews to the Gas cham­bers rather than bring ammu­ni­tion to his sol­diers… So quit the per­haps, quit sub­sti­tut­ing words, and dare look at the truth!

    • eye­swideshut

      Zion­ism is the belief in a Jew­ish home­land. When hoards of “pro­tes­tors” aggres­sively attack Jew­ish peo­ple who do not live in Israel and are now claim­ing that Jews not only “occupy” pales­tine but their own home in Europe we worry. Your protests are sin­gling out a spe­cific group and harass­ing them.

      Incase you haven’t noticed, Israel doesn’t really care about win­ing a pop­u­lar­ity con­test because they are too busy pro­tect­ing their citizens.

      It’s a shame that none of the money intended for the peo­ple liv­ing in Gaza and the West Bank actu­ally go to help them to bet­ter their lives. It’s a shame that the world let’s their cor­rupt lead­ers get away with it.

      Peace and Love

      • Eddie Guerra

        You have to keep in mind, they are fol­low­ing the pre­cepts of a fraud­u­lent book printed in the 19th cen­tury that claims Jews intend to rule the world through Zion­ism. It’s been spread as fac­tual for the bet­ter part of a cen­tury now. That is the oppo­si­tion to zionism.

        • Odin

          That’s not nec­es­sar­ily true, Eddie. Peo­ple aren’t think­ing that deeply. They use the word Zion­ist because then they don’t have to admit that they’re anti-Jewish. For­get the seman­tics. This is all just anti-jewish hate. No one really cares about the res­i­dents of Gaza, cer­tainly not any more than they care about res­i­dents of Iraq, Syria, cen­tral and north­ern Africa, and any­where else where Mus­lims are killing Mus­lims. Gaza is just an excuse to rally against Jews.

    • Dr. Koss, I pre­sume, maybe you should read your his­tory and under­stand that the term “anti-semite” was con­cocted by one Wil­helm Marr in 1879 to describe a posi­tion (at the time accept­able) of intol­er­ance toward Jews. You see, only eight years ear­lier, Jews and other minori­ties had been granted civil rights in the newly uni­fied Ger­many and this ran­kled some folks who had to com­pete with them for busi­ness, jobs, etc.

      Thus, it is an under­stand­able mis­take for some­one igno­rant of the plight of Euro­pean Jews in the 19th and 20th cen­turies to assume that hatred of Arabs is also anti-semitic. Let’s call it the igno­rant, well-meaning human­ist posi­tion. You’re in good com­pany (e.g., Helen Thomas).

      And I agree, the killing of Gazan civil­ians is awful. But please offer an alter­na­tive reac­tion to mil­i­tary offen­sives ini­ti­ated by an enemy who is sworn to your destruc­tion. They could hold a pic­nic, for exam­ple. Or maybe they could take the advice of the nice peace­ful peo­ple demon­strat­ing in Europe and col­lec­tively drown them­selves in the Mediter­ranean in one mas­sive swoop. But hey, I’m open to suggestions.

  • lal­it­ba­gai

    attacks on jews are mostly by mus­lim arab immi­grants– govts should deport or lock them up. islam is a threat to human­ity. in india there was a rally in sup­port of
    israel in new delhi– many hindu indi­ans admire israel immensely for their tough
    stand against mus­lim arabs. india has seri­ous prob­lems with indian muslims

  • dcborn61

    Gaza elected a mur­der­ous, ter­ror­ist orga­ni­za­tion to lead their gov­ern­ment. They allow mis­siles in hos­pi­tals and schools. Hamas used fund­ing intended to ben­e­fit cit­i­zens on rock­ets and tun­nels. They lose the right to be con­sid­ered inno­cent civilians.

    • parvule­sco

      By this ill-willed line of rea­son­ing, the Israeli pop­u­la­tion also elected a mur­der­ous gov­ern­ment, so they also lose the right to be con­sid­ered inno­cent civilians?

      • Steve Van­den­berg

        That’s not a prob­lem on the Israeli side. They don’t put their women & chil­dren in harms way for polit­i­cal gain. They are civ­i­lized. They call and warn res­i­dents before assault. The bar­bar­ians on the other hand force their women & chil­dren to stay in these dan­ger­ous sit­u­a­tions. This isn’t a sur­prise com­ing from the Stone Age unevolved cretins that are the Mus­lim fanat­ics.
        What is sur­pris­ing is that any­one would come to their defense. But then Stalin, Hitler and many other mass mur­der­ing inbreds had their sup­port­ers too. This is no different.

        • Robert dia­mond

          Amen that the truth

        • exsheeple

          If you can prove that with videso or wit­ness I am with you but if you read this in the news, dont believe every­thing youre fed through the mass media propaganda..

    • Colonel

      Rub­bish , deluded Zion­ist. How about lift­ing a siege, lift­ing the block­ade, let them use there sea to fish, with­out any weapons or an army how are they sup­pose to defend them­selves from ille­gal occu­pa­tion. Isreal is full of immi­grants from Europe

      • Odin

        So is Amer­ica. In fact, all coun­tries are full of peo­ple from dif­fer­ent lands. And, if they used the sea just to fish there would be no prob­lem, Colonel. I’m not a deluded Zion­ist, I’m an unapolo­getic one.

      • Alyxan­der

        Israel pulled all of their cit­i­zens from Gaza and gave them full con­trol of the ter­ri­tory in aug 2005 with­out any kind of block­ade until Mar 2007. They used this time to oust their own peo­ple (PLO) from Gaza and launch mis­siles daily at Israel before any block­ade was cre­ated. As for occu­pa­tion, the British Man­date orig­i­nally gave all land west of the Jor­dan River to Israel, they did not reclaim this land until AFTER the war in 1967 when the Arab states around it attacked. They have a legal right to the land, but they are will­ing to release the land for peace (As they did in 2005) but the other side does not want peace, they have a stated mis­sion of the total destruc­tion of Israel. Of course Israel is full of Euro­pean immi­grants, after WWII, these Jews immi­grated to the ONLY Jew­ish state on the planet, the Rus­sians did the same after the fall of the soviet union. We are com­plain­ing right now, and arm­ing our own peo­ple in the USA to pro­tect our bor­ders from Cen­tral and South Amer­i­can ille­gal immi­grants into our nation, and these peo­ple are not even bomb­ing or attack­ing us, but for Israel to do the same is some­how wrong?

  • Kir­ill Krupenio

    Hamas is rec­og­nized by the world com­mu­nity, a ter­ror­ist orga­ni­za­tion whose goal is to kill the Jews and the destruc­tion of Israel. Ter­mi­na­tion of finan­cial assis­tance to ter­ror­ists will lead to a change of gov­ern­ment in the Gaza Strip and stop shelling civil­ians of both Israel and the Gaza Strip.

    Hamas is a ter­ror­ist entity, which is rec­og­nized as such in the world. He does not rec­og­nize the state of Israel and its goal is, at best, expul­sion of the Jews and the destruc­tion of Israel, and at worst — the mur­der of Jews and the destruc­tion of Israel. All demo­c­ra­tic coun­tries have rec­og­nized Israel’s right to defense. Israel even when Sharon with­drew its civil­ians and sol­diers from Gaza and there is not a sin­gle Jew. Even dur­ing forced by Hamas’s mil­i­tary oper­a­tions in Gaza, Israel con­tin­ues to deliver human­i­tar­ian aid. Bil­lions of dol­lars are donated to Hamas by the Euro­pean Com­mu­nity and the Arab coun­tries spent his chief­tains for the pur­chase and pro­duc­tion of var­i­ous weapons, whose pur­pose is only one thing — to kill as many Jews. Fuel and build­ing mate­ri­als sup­plied to Gaza, Israel and other states are not going to build houses and improve the lives of ordi­nary peo­ple, and the cost of dig­ging tun­nels which only one pur­pose — to get more weapons as much as pos­si­ble, to pen­e­trate under­ground into Israel and kill as many Jews , the pur­chase of a new and even more deadly weapons, pro­mot­ing hatred against Jews and Israel … Hamas noth­ing is sacred — ter­ror­ists have no nation­al­ity, they are not Arabs and Mus­lims — no Arab state would not send mis­siles to them in the holy Jerusalem mosque Al-Aqsa. They hide under the hos­pi­tals and res­i­den­tial build­ings, arrange the cen­ters of inter­na­tional aid armories, their gun­men moved in ambu­lances, they launch their mis­siles from mosques, teach their chil­dren not to the world, and how to kill Jews, pris­on­ers refuse to honor their con­tract. 14 years, they con­stantly, daily shelling south­ern Israel mines and launch rock­ets. All the multi-billion dol­lar aid pro­vided to them in the Arab world and the United Nations is only one goal — to dis­rupt the peace process in the Mid­dle East and the mur­der of Jews. If finan­cial flows directed Hamas runs — its power in Gaza fall and the prag­matic and more mod­er­ate Pales­tin­ian lead­ers, with whom you can nego­ti­ate peace.

    UN Coun­cil on Human Rights — Stop pro­mote ter­ror, store weapons in their build­ings Hamas and trans­mit it to the bandits!

  • Edward Mor­ris

    Hey, you Kike pigs. All I want is to stop my US tax­pay­ers money from going to Isreal to sup­port the mur­der and rape of Pales­tini­ans. Once my money stops fund­ing your glo­ri­ous home­land, I don’t care what you do. You can mur­der and rape as many Pales­tini­ans as you like & I won’t say boo about it. Of course, your Zio-comrades here in the US might feel safer in Isreal “the glo­ri­ous home­land” because I want to kick their Kike asses out of my coun­try for con­stantly lying to me in their Zio-controlled news media and oth­er­wise cor­rupt­ing my coun­try as the Pro­to­cols of Zion predicted.

  • MsMaeDae

    Being crit­i­cal of Israel or stand­ing in sol­i­dar­ity and sup­port of Pales­tine does not equal to being Anti-Semitic, you guys are RIDICULOUS. Arabs are Semetic peo­ple, so in that sense, ISRAEL ITSELF IS ANTI-SEMITC. Why don’t you STAND UP FOR THAT?!
    Stop try­ing to vic­tim­ize your­selves. You are no vic­tims. stop exploit­ing the holo­caust. The holo­caust was a hor­ri­ble event, and it is AKIN to what is going on in Gaza right now.

    • Jean Juri­nard

      p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; line-height: 120%; }



      While the term’s
      ety­mol­ogy appears to indi­cate that anti­semitism is directed against
      all Semitic peo­ple, the term was in fact coined in Ger­many in 1860 as
      a scientific-sounding term for Juden­hass (“Jew-hatred”),[2]
      and that has been its nor­mal use since then.[3] For the pur­poses of a
      2005 U.S. gov­ern­men­tal report, anti­semitism was con­sid­ered “hatred
      toward Jews—individually and as a group—that can be attrib­uted to
      the Jew­ish reli­gion and/or ethnicity.“[4]


      The holo­caust was a
      hor­ri­ble event, and it is AKIN to what is going on in Gaza right now.

      Holo­caust =

      Delib­er­ate and
      Indus­tri­al­ized process to erat­i­cate every Jew­ish liv­ing person.

      War in Gaza =

      Defen­sive mil­i­tary
      actions con­ducted against a guerilla armed force exploit­ing civil­ians
      for pro­pa­ganda (ie : using UN ambu­lances for troop
      trans­porta­tion, Fir­ing mis­siles to large cities from hos­pi­tals and
      from civil­ian infrastructure, …)