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March 21, 2014 4

Iranian Leader Questions Holocaust During Persian New Year Speech


Supreme Leader Khamenei address­ing the nation on Per­sian New Year (March 21, 2014)

Supreme Leader Aya­tol­lah Ali Khamenei made state­ments ques­tion­ing the his­tor­i­cal real­ity of the Holo­caust dur­ing his annual Nowruz, or Per­sian New Year, address to the nation on Friday.

Dur­ing his speech, where the leader dis­cussed Iran’s strug­gling econ­omy and West­ern cul­tural encroach­ments on youth, Khamenei denounced the West for its “strict adher­ence” to free­dom of speech while impos­ing restric­tions on dis­cussing the Holo­caust. Empha­siz­ing this point, Khamenei said, “In Euro­pean coun­tries no one dares to speak about the Holo­caust, which it is unknown if the roots of this mat­ter are actual or not, and, if it actu­ally did hap­pen, in what way.”

Khamenei added that the West, and Europe in par­tic­u­lar, place high value on free speech, yet, “Opin­ions on the Holo­caust and doubt the Holo­caust are con­sid­ered one of the biggest offenses that they [try to] stop and imprison and prosecute.”

Khamenei also sin­gled out the U.S. and its sup­port for Israel’s require­ment for the Pales­tin­ian Author­ity to rec­og­nize Israel as a Jew­ish state. “Amer­ica has been left in a dis­as­ter in Pales­tine. The plans they had for Pales­tine, and they’ve tried very hard, have not been successful…They want to trans­form the coun­try of Pales­tine into a Jew­ish coun­try, mean­ing that Pales­tini­ans, whether they be Mus­lim or Chris­t­ian, will not have the pos­si­bil­ity to live in Pales­tine,” Khamenei said. Khamenei also claimed that the U.S. is plot­ting to “fin­ish off Pales­tine in its entirety” by sup­port­ing Israel’s pre­con­di­tions in Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.

In his 2013 Per­sian New Year address, Khamenei threat­ened that if Israel were to “make the mis­take of attack­ing Iran, the Islamic Repub­lic of Iran will raze Tel Aviv and Haifa to the ground.”

  • rose

    “Raze” — tran­si­tive verb — is active and requires a direct object. The pre­vi­ous speeches are lofty, intrin­sic, cen­tred to a spe­cific group­ing of peo­ple. Now, how­ever, the verb is a per­for­mance to a world-wide audi­ence. “Shoah” is cor­rect in mean­ing, mean­ing cat­a­stro­phe. “Holo­caust” means con­sumed by fire which is incor­rect. It is true the Jew­ish pop­u­lous was tar­geted and chaos was released upon their nation. “Holo­caust” is a term used out­side of the Jew­ish com­mu­nity which is like in Aus­tralia what we call a “cyclone” be called an Amer­i­can “hur­ri­cane” — they may be sim­i­lar but they are not the same. “Shoah” is cor­rect– the Jew­ish peo­ple were tar­geted and killed and there are thou­sands and thou­sands of graves and names to prove this as fact. So please when doing a grande per­for­mance use the word “Shoah” hav­ing shin which is the kun­dalini ris­ing and the soft hei of destruction.

    • Ali­cia Phillips

      Rose, being Jew­ish, I know the mean­ing of “Shoah” as do count­less oth­ers on the site. How­ever, I want to thank you for the grammarian’s per­spec­tive. I’m being sar­cas­tic. I’m not try­ing to be mean. This is a hor­rific act and you are attempt­ing to reduce it to nit­pick­ing by pars­ing sen­tences and trans­lat­ing terms. Do you think that it really mat­ters in the long run? My late mother-in-law was a Holo­caust sur­vivor and it mat­ters not to me whether she was a sur­vivor of the “Shoah,” or the Holo­caust as it’s com­monly known. Also you come across as pre­ten­tious with your ref­er­ence to the par­tic­u­lar form of yoga, “kun­dalini” which I imag­ine, few have any con­cept of what you are refer­ring to in terms of the Holo­caust (because you make no ref­er­ence). Most peo­ple don’t prac­tice yoga. Food for thought…(Librarian with­out portfolio).

  • rose

    So if one is wise enough to think in ethno­graphic terms one can see the Jew­ish peo­ple adopted the word “Holo­caust” as a form of inclu­sion rather than supremacy. One can also see WHO the defin­ing group were before, dur­ing and after the mur­der­ous chaos of WW2. From what I remem­ber, Hitler tried to ini­tially coerced the Jew­ish peo­ple in Ger­many and sur­rounds to move to Pales­tine and those who did not were amassed to destroy. Why cage in rather than trans­fer as was pre­vi­ously coerced? These are sim­ple ques­tions to ask? Pales­tine demands sym­pa­thy and in return what was once neglected, as a unwanted growth, becomes the big and pro­tec­tive brother look­ing after the weak in the flock? No! This is a stage of pol­i­tics with greater pow­ers almost tor­ment­ing Israel and cavalcade.

  • RizoliTV

    “most of the mem­oirs and reports of Holo­caust sur­vivors are full of pre­pos­ter­ous ver­bosity, graphomanic exag­ger­a­tion, dra­matic  effects, over­es­ti­mated self-inflation, dilet­tante phi­los­o­phiz­ing, would-be lyri­cism, unchecked rumors, bias, par­ti­san attacks…”
     –Samuel Gringauz, “Jew­ish Social Stud­ies” (New York), Jan­u­ary 1950,