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February 21, 2013 3

Iranian Terror Plots Continue To Spread Around the Globe

Even as Iran seeks to mend ties with Argentina over the 1994 ter­ror­ist attack on the AMIA Jew­ish Com­mu­nity Cen­ter in Buenos Aires, Iran con­tin­ues to be impli­cated in ter­ror plots on West­ern, Israeli and Jew­ish tar­gets around the world.

Yes­ter­day, Niger­ian secu­rity ser­vices announced the arrest of three men accused of sur­veilling tar­gets for a pos­si­ble Iranian-backed attack in the city of Lagos. The three men, all Nige­ri­ans, were tasked with gath­er­ing “intel­li­gence on pub­lic places and promi­nent hotels fre­quented by Amer­i­can and Israelis” accord­ing to a State Secu­rity Ser­vice spokes­woman.  She also claimed that the leader of the cell sent pic­tures of the local Israeli cul­ture cen­ter to his Iran­ian han­dlers.  The leader has con­fessed to spy­ing on behalf of Iran.

Also yes­ter­day, a man on trial in Cyprus for scout­ing tar­gets where Israelis were likely to be present admit­ted to being a mem­ber of the Iranian-backed ter­ror­ist orga­ni­za­tion Hezbol­lah.  He was arrested less than two weeks before a bomb­ing in Bur­gas, Bul­garia, killed five Israelis in July of last year.  Bul­garia offi­cially impli­cated two mem­bers of Hezbol­lah in the attack ear­lier this month.

Since the begin­ning of 2012, Iran and its prox­ies have been impli­cated in a series of plots and attacks on Jew­ish and Israeli tar­gets, including:

  • Jan­u­ary 2012: A failed bomb plot tar­get­ing Israelis in Thai­land was linked to Iran-backed Hezbollah.
  • Jan­u­ary 2012: Azer­bai­jani author­i­ties arrested two men linked to Iran­ian intel­li­gence over a plot to attack the Israeli Ambas­sador and a local rabbi.
  • Feb­ru­ary 2012: Iran­ian intel­li­gence was linked to the bomb­ing of an Israeli embassy vehi­cle in India which injured the wife of the Israeli Defense Attaché and three others.
  • Feb­ru­ary 2012: Israel blamed Iran after a bomb was dis­cov­ered tar­get­ing an embassy car in Geor­gia; it was defused before it exploded.
  • Feb­ru­ary 2012: Azer­bai­jan arrested mem­bers of a cell work­ing linked to Iran and Hezbol­lah in a plot to tar­get the Israeli Embassy and a Jew­ish cul­tural center.
  • Feb­ru­ary 2012: An explo­sion in Bangkok led to the arrest of three Iranians.
  • March 2012: Azer­bai­jan arrested mem­bers of a cell tar­get­ing the Israeli and Amer­i­can embassies on behalf of Iran.
  • April 2012: Intel­li­gence ser­vices report­edly searched for Iran­ian agent in Turkey sus­pected of plot­ting attacks on West­ern, Israeli and Jew­ish targets.
  • April 2012: India expelled an Iran­ian national listed by the Iran­ian con­sulate as a gov­ern­ment employee after he was found cas­ing Israeli and Jew­ish sites in the city of Pune.
  • June 2012: Two Ira­ni­ans were arrested in Kenya in pos­ses­sion of chem­i­cals that author­i­ties claimed would be used for bombs. They report­edly were plot­ting to attack Israeli, Amer­i­can, British or Saudi targets.
  • July 2012: Cypriot author­i­ties arrested a dual Swedish-Lebanese cit­i­zen accused of sur­veilling Israeli tar­gets for a pos­si­ble attack for Iran-backed Hezbollah. 
  • July 2012: At least two mem­bers of Iran-backed Hezbol­lah killed 5 Israelis and their Bul­gar­ian bus dri­ver in the bomb­ing of a tour bus in Bur­gas, Bulgaria.
  • Eric

    Peo­ple read­ing this arti­cle will be more inclined to be in favour of the immi­nent war against Iran. That’s why it was written.

    • Gary

      Well, I guess the truth hurts. If you don’t want the West to attack Iran, then maybe you should tell the Ira­ni­ans and Hizbol­lah to stop con­duct­ing ter­ror­ist acts around the world. Also tell them to stop con­duct­ing illict activ­ity around the world like drug smug­gling, human traf­fick­ing, dia­mond smug­gling, weapons smug­gling, etc. I didn’t see you com­plain­ing about Hezbol­lah and Iran­ian sup­port for Pres­i­dent Assad. Hmmm, whose side are you on?

  • Mar­shall­doc

    Typ­i­cal of ADL’s char­ac­ter assas­si­na­tion by impli­ca­tion, this ‘indict­ment’ lists acts ‘linked’ to Iran, acts for which Ira­ni­ans were arrested, but not con­victed, blamed on Iran by Israel (an impar­tial actor for sure! NOT!), and most egre­giously, attrib­uted to Hezbol­lah (Bul­garia) although the Bul­gar­ian gov­ern­ment has only stated that there may be a ‘link’… cer­tainly, no proof of Iran’s or Hezbollah’s involve­ment wor­thy of pre­sen­ta­tion as evi­dence in a court case has been pre­sented… and likely won’t be either. It’s crit­i­cal to keep in mind that ADL’s agenda is set in Tel Aviv, not the U.S. and while Tel Aviv finds it impor­tant to divert Amer­i­cans’ atten­tion away from Israel’s crimes against human­ity in the West Bank & Gaza (the old switcha­roo… watch the left hand, not the right you dummy, watch the left!!) by cre­at­ing another ‘WMD’ threat in Iran (remem­ber Dubya & Iraq?) the real Mideast ter­ror­ists reside in the Knes­set, not Tehran or Beirut.