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September 18, 2013 3

Iran’s Hispan TV Follows Press TV’s Footsteps With Live Stream On YouTube

Update — Sep­tem­ber 20, 2013: After ADL con­tacted YouTube regard­ing His­pan TV’s use of YouTube to live stream the Iran­ian network’s per­va­sive anti-Semitism, the stream fea­ture was dis­abled.  

His­pan TV, the Iran­ian government’s Spanish-language satel­lite news net­work, began a live stream of its net­work on YouTube one week ago. Like its English-language sis­ter sta­tion Press TV, His­pan TV reg­u­larly broad­casts anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist con­spir­acy theories.hispan-tv-iran-youtube

His­pan TV’s use of YouTube to live stream its broad­cast, which orig­i­nates from the offi­cial His­pan TV Nexo Latino net­work, fol­lows the dis­abling of Press TV’s live stream on YouTube.

ADL exposed Press TV’s YouTube stream in July, a day after it was launched. ADL also con­tacted YouTube regard­ing con­cerns about Press TV using YouTube as a con­duit for the per­va­sive anti-Semitism the Iran­ian media out­let is known for.

As E.U. and U.S. sanc­tions have increas­ingly tight­ened on Iran, the Islamic Repub­lic of Iran Broad­cast­ing (IRIB), Iran’s state broad­caster that pro­duces His­pan TV and Press TV, has tried to bypass sanc­tions by pro­vid­ing live feeds of its net­works through YouTube. At present, YouTube lacks an effec­tive flag­ging sys­tem for live feed technology.

Increas­ing its influ­ence in Latin Amer­ica has been a strong fea­ture of the Iran­ian government’s for­eign pol­icy in the last decade, and His­pan TV serves as a plat­form to spread Tehran’s con­spir­acy the­o­ries, Holo­caust denial and anti-Semitism.

A July 29, 2013, arti­cle on a speech made by Mah­moud Ahmadine­jad, quoted the out­go­ing pres­i­dent as hav­ing “Two ques­tions regard­ing the sup­posed ‘Holo­caust’” and “Why don’t they [the Jews] allow an inves­ti­ga­tion about the Holo­caust and why not indi­cate where the Holo­caust occurred?”

Con­spir­a­cies alleg­ing the undue power of the pro-Israel lobby are also fre­quently fea­tured by His­pan TV. In an arti­cle pub­lished on July 30, 2013, at the height of the New York City may­oral race, the “Jew­ish lobby” is char­ac­ter­ized as seek­ing out a can­di­date who can rule the city for the Jew­ish lobby. “Is Anthony Weiner only a prod­uct of his time, like Clin­ton, or was he valu­able ‘dam­aged goods’ for the Jew­ish lobby who thought of him as the per­fect con­trol­lable asset to gov­ern the city of New York for them?” 

A June 2013 arti­cle posted on the His­pan TV web­site pro­motes a con­spir­acy that Israeli sci­en­tists fal­si­fied Jew­ish genetic ances­try to jus­tify Israel’s cre­ation. “They com­mit­ted this fraud only to sup­port the false claim to bib­li­cal Pales­tine, which was rooted in the idea of being a sep­a­rate peo­ple… With this DNA test, they secured a pass­port bar­code to Pales­tine,” the arti­cle claims.

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