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July 17, 2014 2

More Allegations Of Genocide At Wednesday’s Anti-Israel Protests

On Wednes­day, July 16, at least seven anti-Israel demon­stra­tions were held in cities across the U.S. At these protests, com­par­isons between Israel and Nazi Ger­many con­tin­ued, along with calls for an end to U.S. aid to Israel and alle­ga­tions that Israel is com­mit­ting geno­cide in Gaza.

Here’s a round-up of what took place:

Dal­las, TX

A few hun­dred peo­ple attended a protest spon­sored by North Texas BDS and One Demo­c­ra­tic State hold­ing signs that read “End the geno­cide in Gaza,” “Gaza is the cur­rent day Holo­caust,” and a sign that stated “End the Mas­sacre End the Occu­pa­tion! Stand up for Human­ity” with a pic­ture beneath it show­ing an image from “the Holo­caust” and “today’s world” next to one another.

Gaza is the current day Holocaust - From the River to the Sea Palestine will be Free

Wash­ing­ton, D.C.

A demon­stra­tion orga­nized by the regional Wash­ing­ton, D.C., Mary­land, and Vir­ginia chap­ters of Stu­dents for Jus­tice in Pales­tine was held in front of the White House. Orga­niz­ers con­ducted a “die-in” wherein par­tic­i­pants lay on the ground and “play dead” in an effort to reen­act what is allegedly hap­pen­ing to Palestinians.

Die-in and Neteuri Karta

While the orga­niz­ers read the names of all the Pales­tini­ans who have been killed dur­ing Oper­a­tion Pro­tec­tive Edge thus far, about 35 peo­ple laid on the ground act­ing “dead” with fake blood smeared on their bod­ies and mock tomb­stones on top of them.

Chicago, IL

A demon­stra­tion by Jew­ish Voice for Peace that led to the arrest of five pro­test­ers was held out­side of the Boe­ing head­quar­ters yes­ter­day. At the demon­stra­tion, about 50 pro­test­ers held signs with var­i­ous mes­sages includ­ing “Yes to life. No to col­lec­tive pun­ish­ment. End the siege of Gaza,” “Israel: stop killing chil­dren,” and “End the Vio­lence: Divest from Israeli Occupation.”

arrested activists Boeing blood

A group of the pro­test­ers also made their way inside the build­ing wear­ing blood­stained t-shirts. When secu­rity asked them to leave, they refused, and pro­test­ers out­side the build­ing led chants of “Boe­ing, Boe­ing, Blood is flow­ing” and “Boe­ing, Israel, what do you say, how many kids did you kill today?” Chicago police sub­se­quently arrested five protesters.

  • david

    That’s sick. When Pales­tini­ans stand up to Hamas and tells them to remove the rocket launch­ers from their neigh­bor­hoods and get the clue that just because Israel is able to shoot down a larger num­ber of the 1300 rock­ets fired at them in the last week alone that they have not only the right of response but a duty to pro­tect its peo­ple. The US if Canada or Mex­ico did that to us we would not just send a few bombs and send in a ground offen­sive to blow tun­nels of ter­ror but would com­pletely oblit­er­ate every pos­si­ble bldg that had rocket launch­ers. Isreal could do that but doesn’t and in addi­tion warns them before they fire a rocket. Hamas doesn’t. They are respon­si­ble for Pales­tini­ans being killed and the peo­ple only have them­selves to blame for sup­port­ing such a group. Hamas feeds off Israel’s cur­rent leader who spits on rabins mem­ory and gets more money from idiots who instead of spend­ing it on human­i­tar­ian needs buys rock­ets and drones now from Iran. con­versely the hard­lin­ers are handed elec­tions due to Hama ‘s activ­i­ties. Hamas get more dona­tions dur­ing these things it’s becom­ing a mar­ket­ing ploy that the stu­pid fall for. Mean­while Israel is con­demned. Not this time.

  • Aliana von Richthofen

    Haven’t seen you men­tion the Turk­ish revolt against Israel yet. Remem­ber them, Fox­man, the good “friends” you didn’t want to insult by call­ing their Armen­ian Geno­cide what it was? — That’s what hap­pens if you “pick and choose” your anti-Semites, as you call it, instead of con­fronting them wher­ever and who­ever they are.