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February 15, 2012 3

Muslim Brotherhood Cleric Revives Anti-Semitic Deicide Charge

Rad­i­cal Mus­lim Broth­er­hood cleric Sheik Yusuf Al Qaradawi issued a fatwa on his offi­cial Web site on Feb­ru­ary 13 in response to a ques­tion about whether the Vatican’s exon­er­a­tion of the Jew­ish peo­ple for the death of Jesus is in agree­ment with Qur’anic nar­ra­tives.

While Qaradawi acknowl­edges in his fatwa, titled “The Jews and the Blood of Christ,” that Jews did not kill Jesus nor cru­cify him, he says that they still con­spired against and intended to kill him. He added that the Jews have a long his­tory of killing God’s mes­sen­gers and prophets.

“Present-day Jews,” accord­ing to Qaradawi, “are crime-partners of their fore­fa­thers,” because they “con­cur with these crimes and praise their fore­fa­thers.” He also cites “crimes” com­mit­ted by Jews today “in the holy land against the elderly, the women and the chil­dren” as evi­dence of them con­tin­u­ing the “crimes of their fore­fa­thers.”

This Fatwa is the lat­est in a series of anti-Semitic state­ments by Qaradawi, who met with Hamas leader Ismail Haniyah ear­lier this month to wel­come him as a new mem­ber of the Inter­na­tional Union of Mus­lim Schol­ars, his Qatari-based organization.