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December 13, 2012 6

Disturbing Messages about Female IDF Soldier Circulated Widely on Facebook, Twitter

Update, Decem­ber 17, 2012: After ADL urged Colum­bia Uni­ver­sity Pres­i­dent Lee Bollinger to take action regard­ing the dis­turb­ing pic­ture of an IDF sol­dier, the pic­ture was sub­se­quently removed and no longer appears on the Face­book page of the Colum­bia Uni­ver­sity employee men­tioned below.

The pro­gram direc­tor of Colum­bia University’s Cen­ter for Pales­tine Stud­ies, Maryam Zohny, shared a pic­ture on Face­book ear­lier today of a female Israel Defense Forces sol­dier that describes the sol­dier as a “ter­ror­ist” and “killer” and claims that she is “WANTED by the RESISTANCE.” The image con­tains the logos of var­i­ous Pales­tin­ian ter­ror­ist groups, includ­ing Al Qas­sam Brigades Al Aqsa Mar­tyrs Brigades, Pales­tin­ian Islamic Jihad and the Pop­u­lar Front for the Lib­er­a­tion of Pales­tine.

Other ver­sions of the image that have been posted by oth­ers on Face­book and Twit­ter have also included a pic­ture of the sol­dier with a gun being pointed at her head and a mes­sage claim­ing that she’s “Wanted” by Al Qas­sam Brigades, Hamas’s mil­i­tary wing.

These images have gen­er­ated an out­pour­ing of com­ments from indi­vid­u­als across the Mid­dle East call­ing for her death; one com­menter, for exam­ple, wrote, “May Allah make 60 bul­lets emp­tied in her head.” Oth­ers wrote, “God will­ing they will shoot you and they will leave no spot in your body with­out a bul­let” and “ a soul for a soul… pun­ish­ment, punishment.”

The sol­dier is allegedly respon­si­ble for shoot­ing and killing a Pales­tin­ian teenager in Hebron ear­lier this week after he pointed what turned out to be a toy gun at another Israeli sol­dier stand­ing near her.

The Cen­ter for Pales­tine Stud­ies was cre­ated in Octo­ber 2010 as an aca­d­e­mic pro­gram ded­i­cated to Pales­tin­ian his­tory and writ­ings. Since its incep­tion, how­ever, the Cen­ter has hosted numer­ous anti-Israel events, includ­ing “Debunk­ing the Myth of Israeli Democ­racy,” “Some­one Please Call 911: Israel’s Fail­ure to Pro­tect Pales­tini­ans and their Prop­erty” and “Gaza: Israel’s War and the Gold­stone Report,” which fea­tured Nor­man Finkel­stein, an anti-Israel speaker who has accused Israel of com­mit­ting a “Holo­caust” in Gaza, expressed sup­port for Hezbol­lah and described Israel as a “satanic state.”

The Cen­ter also co-sponsored a panel dis­cus­sion last year at Colum­bia Law School’s Cen­ter for Gen­der and Sex­u­al­ity Law. The event fea­tured three speak­ers who claimed that Israel “pinkwashes” the Israeli-Palestinian con­flict by pro­mot­ing its pro­gres­sive record on LGBT issues in an effort to dis­tract atten­tion from the occupation.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeffrey.williams.52090 Jef­frey R Williams

    Every time they post pro­pa­ganda and lies post ten truths. Fight lies with facts. I salute the IDF!!

  • http://twitter.com/jdl_uk_official JDL_UK_OFFICIAL

    As there was no such place as pales­tine, only British con­trolled man­date, the islamic Jew-hatred has been given an offi­cial plat­form under that guise: truly dis­gust­ing. The libs hop­ing the crocs will eat them last.

    • nakba

      JDL UK Offi­cial , when this land was under british Man­date it had a name right ? when they were dis­cussing divid­ing it at the UN between jews and local inhab­i­tants , they had to use a name , they did not divide a ques­tion mark ? that name was PALESTINE . it was still pales­ti­nine BEFORE the british took over to offer it to the jews , when it was under Ottoman rule .

    • Eric

      This is what they teach in the exclu­sive racist Jew­ish schools through­out the West­ern world.

      This, and never to trust gentiles.

  • Eric

    Ah the “Israeli Defence Force”.

    It must be the only “defence” force in the world, that is pri­mar­ily con­cerned with mil­i­tary aggres­sion and expansion.

    Not to men­tion bull­doz­er­ing villages.

  • Eric

    Ah, the “Israel Defence Forces”.

    This must be the only “defence” force in the World that’s pri­mar­ily con­cerned with mil­i­tary aggression.

    Not to men­tion bull­doz­er­ing villiages.