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July 22, 2014 4

Anti-Semitic Arab Media Cartoons On Israel’s Military Operation in Gaza

Over the past two weeks, news­pa­pers across the Arab and Mus­lim world have pub­lished car­toons with anti-Semitic car­i­ca­tures and themes relat­ing to Oper­a­tion Pro­tec­tive Edge, Israel’s mil­i­tary action in Gaza tar­get­ing Hamas and other ter­ror­ist orga­ni­za­tions for fir­ing mis­siles and rock­ets into Israel. The car­toons have been pre­dictably crit­i­cal of Israel, which is por­trayed as ini­ti­at­ing an unpro­voked attack on Gaza rather than react­ing to attacks against its cities and towns, some of which has spilled over into anti-Semitism. These include the use of Nazi analo­gies, por­tray­als of Israel as a devi­ous ani­mal intent on killing Pales­tin­ian chil­dren and claims that Jews con­trol the US and other inter­na­tional governments.

Since early July 2014, Israeli cities and towns have been bom­barded by over 1700 mis­siles, rock­ets and mor­tars fired from Hamas-controlled Gaza. In response, on July 7, Israel launched Oper­a­tion Pro­tec­tive Edge, an aer­ial cam­paign tar­get­ing Hamas and other ter­ror­ist lead­ers. Ten days later, on July 17, Israel expanded its mil­i­tary oper­a­tion by send­ing IDF ground troops into Gaza in order to destroy Hamas’s infra­struc­ture, includ­ing rocket stor­age sites and tun­nels which can­not be destroyed by aer­ial attacks. Hamas smug­gles rock­ets and other weapons into Gaza through its tun­nels, and uses them to infil­trate Israel with the inten­tion of killing and kid­nap­ping civil­ians and soldiers.

For decades, ADL has mon­i­tored and doc­u­mented anti-Semitic car­toons appear­ing in media through­out the Arab and Mus­lim world, in our ongo­ing effort to expose and com­bat the wide­spread anti-Semitism in news­pa­pers, mag­a­zines and web­sites across the Mid­dle East.

Addi­tional cartoons

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July 22, 2014 0

More Reflections from Israelis: This is Our Home

Phyl­lis Ger­ably, Direc­tor, ADL Israel 

On Thurs­day, the day Israel expanded its oper­a­tion in Gaza to include ground forces, as I drove back to Hod HaSharon, a sub­urb of Tel Aviv, I heard over the radio that sev­eral sirens were heard all over the country.

Thurs­day evening is usu­ally a hor­ren­dous drive tak­ing close to two hours.  The ride this time was under an hour with most Israeli fam­i­lies stick­ing close to home. aliyah-nbn-2014-b-272x125

As I was dri­ving, I recalled other times that we were at war.  The clos­est to my heart, was dur­ing the Yom Kip­pur War, when my son was born.  It was amaz­ing to me at the time to see how every­one came together like one big fam­ily.  I couldn’t help but think about all the women now who are giv­ing birth and their hus­bands who are being called up to serve.  Forty-one years later and we are again in a war that no one wants but that leaves us no choice.

You have to be here to wit­ness the small sto­ries that illus­trate what Israel is all about:  a col­league today told us she was order­ing chal­lah for the Sab­bath from a bak­ery in Sderot in order to give them the busi­ness in these dif­fi­cult times.  Sev­eral fam­i­lies in the North have opened their homes to fam­i­lies from Beer­sheva and Sderot so their chil­dren won’t spend most of their sum­mer hol­i­day in shel­ters.  And the story of the first Israeli casu­alty in the con­flict:  a man who insisted on vis­it­ing IDF sol­diers and bring­ing them sweets who was killed by mor­tar fire.

Pres­i­dent Peres met with chil­dren who said, “Of course we can make peace, the Amer­i­cans are help­ing us”(Iron Dome)!   Even with the backup of the Iron Dome, it’s hard to imag­ine any kind of peace­ful set­tle­ment when Hamas con­tin­ues its attacks on Israel. Even after the Israeli gov­ern­ment agreed to a cease­fire for sev­eral hours to allow human­i­tar­ian aid to Gaza, the Hamas rock­ets fell on Israel.

430 new immi­grants arrived in Israel on Wednes­day.  The Jerusalem Post reported that one immi­grant, Eric Azizi, who came with his wife and three chil­dren said, “Our com­ing does not depend on the war, but [is] because of our chil­dren; Even if Israel is burn­ing, we will be there.”

Last Sat­ur­day, we cel­e­brated the birth­days of my two grand­sons.  About half an hour into the cel­e­bra­tions, the siren was heard.  We all ran to the safe room in their house.  Three gen­er­a­tions of our fam­ily in a small shel­ter.   The kids played on the floor on mat­tress with their toys until we heard the boom of Iron Dome doing its job.

I heard sev­eral times on Israel radio sto­ries of peo­ple who refused to leave their homes despite ongo­ing rocket attacks.  One woman said, “The ques­tion of leav­ing isn’t even an option.

This is our home.”  I guess that sums it up for all of us – this is our home.

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July 21, 2014 14

Hate on Display: Anti-Semitism in Anti-Israel Demonstrations Across Europe

Jews attacked. Syn­a­gogues tar­geted. Israel demo­nized. These pat­terns of anti-Semitism were seen at many anti-Israel demon­stra­tions around Europe this past weekend.

On Fri­day, a pro­tes­tor in Berlin attacked an Israeli man wear­ing a kip­pah, who hap­pened to be pass­ing the demon­stra­tion route. The same day in Lyon, France, a pro­tester hit a Jew­ish teenager in the head while yelling, “I want to kill all the Jews.” He was arrested on the spot by police. The same mur­der­ous intent was report­edly expressed in Zurich, where demon­stra­tors chanted, “Jews into the sea!”

On Fri­day, in Essen, Ger­many, anti-Israel pro­test­ers broke off from a demon­stra­tion and headed towards a syn­a­gogue, clearly intend­ing to attack it.   Police stopped them, arrested four­teen, and charged them with con­spir­acy to com­mit a crime.

On Sat­ur­day, in Sar­celles, France, anti-Israel pro­test­ers threw a Molo­tov cock­tail in the direc­tion of a syn­a­gogue, but police had kept them far enough away that the fire­bomb did no dam­age. Pro­test­ers did man­age, how­ever, to burn a kosher super­mar­ket to the ground. The same store had been attacked with an impro­vised grenade in 2012.

Syn­a­gogue in Ver­celli, Italy

Syn­a­gogue in Ver­celli, Italy

Syn­a­gogues in Italy and France were also tar­geted with anti-Israel ban­ners. “Stop Bomb­ing Gaza. Israel Assas­sins. Free Pales­tine” was hung on the syn­a­gogue in Ver­celli, Italy, on July 18, and an “Israel Assas­sins” ban­ner was placed on a syn­a­gogue in Lyon the next day.

While these ban­ners would not be con­sid­ered anti-Semitic at a demon­stra­tion, they are anti-Semitic when tar­get­ing the local Jew­ish community.

Com­par­ing Israel to the Nazis is also anti-Semitic and preva­lent at anti-Israel demon­stra­tions. On Fri­day, “Israel=Hitler” signs were held up in Brus­sels. In Lon­don, it was “Well Done Israel, Hitler would be Proud.” And in Dublin, Prime Min­is­ter Netanyahu is depicted as Hitler on a sign, “Wanted: Zio Nazi”.

On Sun­day in Ams­ter­dam, one pro­tester took demo­niza­tion quite lit­er­ally: “Stop Sion­ist [sic] Demons in Gaza.”


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