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February 21, 2012 Off

Underwear Bomber Asserts Terror Attacks are Driven by Hatred of Israel

At his sen­tenc­ing last week, Umar Farouk Abdul­mu­tal­lab, also known as the under­wear bomber and Christ­mas Day bomber, threat­ened that ter­ror attacks would con­tinue “until the Jews are dri­ven out of Pales­tine.”
Abdul­mu­tal­lab pre­vi­ously linked his failed 2009 attack to Israel. When he pleaded guilty in Octo­ber 2011, Abdul­mu­tal­lab admit­ted that he planned the attack “in retal­i­a­tion for U.S. sup­port of Israel and in retal­i­a­tion of the killing of inno­cent and civil­ian Mus­lim pop­u­la­tions in Pales­tine, espe­cially in the block­age of Gaza” and “in retal­i­a­tion for… Israel [sic] mas­sacres of inno­cent Palestinians.”
In a video released by Al Qaeda in the Ara­bian Penin­sula in 2010, appar­ently made as a mar­tyr­dom video for the upcom­ing attack, Abdul­mu­tal­lab jus­ti­fied Al Qaeda’s actions against Jews and Chris­tians. “Broth­er­hood of Mus­lims in the Ara­bian Penin­sula have [sic] the right to wage Jihad,” Abdul­mu­tal­lab said, “because the enemy is in your land with their armies, the Jews and the Chris­tians and their agents.” Abdul­mu­tal­lab and other appar­ent Al Qaeda fight­ers are fea­tured in the video fir­ing auto­matic weapons at tar­gets bear­ing the Jew­ish star, the British Union Jack, and the let­ters “UN.”
Abdul­mu­tal­lab was sen­tenced to mul­ti­ple life sen­tences for attempt­ing to blow up an inter­na­tional flight from Ams­ter­dam to Detroit on Decem­ber 25, 2009.

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