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January 18, 2013

White Supremacist American Third Position Party Promoting Gun Appreciation Day

The American Third Position (A3P), a white supremacist political party, is promoting Gun Appreciation Day on its website. The January 19 event, sponsored by a number of pro-gun and Tea Party groups, urges Americans to go to their local gun store, gun range or gun show to demonstrate their support of gun ownership and their right to bear arms.

A3P was a co-sponsor of the event but the organizers apparently removed A3P’s name from the list of sponsors after Media Matters and other news outlets revealed the group’s extremist views. In its mission statement, A3P states that the group’s goal is “to restore and preserve the legitimacy of White identity, White heritage, and expressions of White interests.”

The leadership of A3P includes a number of well-known white supremacists and anti-Semites. Chairman William Johnson promoted a constitutional amendment to Congressional members and state legislatures in the 1980s that would have limited U.S. citizenship only to whites of European descent and repatriated various groups, including Jews, to places deemed their country of origin.

Other leaders of the A3P include Kevin MacDonald, an anti-Semitic professor of psychology at California State University at Long Beach; James Edwards, who runs a white supremacist radio show, The Political Cesspool; Don Wassall, a long-time white supremacist whose newspaper The Nationalist Times publishes anti-Semitic and racist articles; Virginia Abernethy, a white supremacist and anti-immigration activist, and Jamie Kelso, a racist and former associate of ex-Klan leader David Duke.

One of the A3P’s main goals is to appeal to mainstream audiences, and it attempts to do so using issues that are of concern to the general public.  A3P’s attempt to participate in Gun Appreciation Day is part of this effort. Previously, the party has sought to exploit issues such as immigration and government spending at Tea Party events in different parts of the country.

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January 3, 2013

White Supremacists Plan Anti-Immigration Rallies Nationwide in February 2013

White supremacists from around the United States are planning to hold “Free America” rallies opposing “illegal immigration” on February 23, 2013.

A post on the white supremacist Internet forum Stormfront mentions scheduled rallies in central California, Oregon, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Washington/Idaho, West Virginia, New York and Pennsylvania. According to the post, Harry Bertram, who ran for governor of West Virginia under the white supremacist American Third Position (A3P) ticket in 2012, is organizing the West Virginia rally.

The main website providing information about the February 2013 “Free America” rallies appears to be run by California-based white supremacist Michael Myers. He has a long history of involvement in white supremacist organizations including the Golden State Skinheads, a racist skinhead group very active in the white power music scene in California. Myers is also affiliated with A3P.

In addition, Myers was the lead organizer for the South African Project (SAP), a coordinated—and largely unsuccessful–effort by white supremacists, in February 2012, to bring attention to the alleged “genocide” of white South African farmers. He led the SAP protest in Sacramento, California.

An earlier website set up for the anti-immigrant rallies listed a different date and contact persons. One contact listed on the previous website was “Milissa Schidecker,” who was designated as the point person for the Louisiana protests. It appears that “Milissa Schidecker” is in fact Milissa Gulett, the wife of Morris Gulett, a well-known white supremacist.

The Guletts recently returned to Louisiana where Morris set up the new headquarters for his faction of the neo-Nazi organization Aryan Nations. Though Milissa Gullet’s (or Schidecker’s) name does not appear on the new website, her Facebook page reveals that she “liked” the event page set up for the February 23 “Free America” rallies. It is unclear at this time whether the Guletts are planning to have a rally on February 23 in Louisiana.

For many years, white supremacists have attempted to use the issue of immigration as a way to tap into the American mainstream. Their efforts in this area have not been successful.

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September 13, 2012

White Supremacist Student Leader Creates Web site for his “White Student Union”

Update 8/2/13: A new White Student Union has formed at Georgia State University by freshman Patrick Sharp.

Matthew Heimbach, a Towson University student who is trying to start a “White Student Union” on campus, created a website for the union that further reveals his white supremacist beliefs.

On the newly created site, Heimbach provides links to what he describes are “pro-white” websites.   Almost all of the sites listed, however, are actually openly white supremacist, such as those for the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC), the American Third Position and American Renaissance.

The CCC is a direct descendant of the white supremacist White Citizens Councils that fought integration in the 1950s and 60s. American Third Position is a whites-only political party whose mission is “to represent the interests of White Americans.” American Renaissance is the racist website run by white supremacist Jared Taylor, who publishes a monthly journal by the same title and hosts an annual conference that brings together some of the leading white supremacists in the United States.

Heimbach recently announced that Taylor will speak at Towson on October 2, 2012.

Heimbach also lists “recommended readings” that include books authored by a variety of well-known white supremacists and racists, such as Francis Parker Yockey’s “Imperium,” considered one of the essential works of modern white supremacy. One book recommended by Heimbach is the novel “Camp of the Saints” by Frenchman Jean Raspail. This racist novel portrays a France being invaded by non-whites who are depicted as disease-carrying and sexually aggressive. The list also features two books authored by the late white supremacist Sam Francis: “Essential Writings on Race” and “Race and the American Prospect.” In the latter book, Francis bemoans the “absence of racial consciousness among whites.”

Prior to creating the Web site, the Towson student newspaper, The Towerlight, published a letter by Heimbach advocating for a white student union.   Flyers were also placed all over the Towson campus that proclaimed: “love your race, support a white student union.”

Heimbach is a former leader of the Youth for Western Civilization chapter at Towson, a group with racist ties whose motto is “defending the West on campus.”

Heimbach still needs the approval of the University to make the White Student Union an officially-sanctioned university group.  His Web site suggests that he will settle for an unsanctioned group if need be.  Either way, he has made clear his intention to impose his white supremacist views on Towson students, staff, and faculty.

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