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March 2, 2012 Off

Glenn Spencer, Anti-Hispanic Bigot and Anti-Semite, Speaks to Arizona State Senate

Glenn Spencer, the head of Amer­i­can Bor­der Patrol, an anti-Hispanic hate group, spoke in front of the Ari­zona State Senate’s Bor­der Secu­rity Com­mit­tee on March 1, 2012. Spencer, who reg­u­larly demo­nizes His­pan­ics and immi­grants, presents him­self as an author­ity on immi­gra­tion.  Last year, he attempted to speak to the same com­mit­tee but was “unin­vited” after protests from the Anti-Defamation League and oth­ers. Spencer’s appear­ance this year came as a sur­prise since his name had report­edly not been placed on the committee’s agenda.

Spencer reg­u­larly does video sur­veil­lance of the Mexican-American bor­der from his ranch in Sierra Vista, Ari­zona, and main­tains two Web sites about his activ­i­ties. Many of the arti­cles on his Web sites con­tain anti-Mexican rhetoric and pro­mote the “Recon­quista” or Azt­lan con­spir­acy the­ory that Mex­i­cans in this coun­try are plot­ting to take over the south­west­ern part of the United States.

Spencer has appeared at white suprema­cist events in the past.  In addi­tion, he has directed his big­otry at Jews. In Decem­ber 2008, Spencer wrote an arti­cle on his Web site enti­tled “Is Jew-Controlled Hol­ly­wood Brain­wash­ing Amer­i­cans?” In the arti­cle, Spencer claimed to have many Jew­ish friends who “have been extremely instru­men­tal in fight­ing ille­gal immi­gra­tion.” How­ever, he asserted,  “this small hand­ful of patri­otic Amer­i­cans are far out­num­bered by lib­eral Jews who now have total con­trol over our media,” adding that “with my mem­o­ries of the Hol­ly­wood elite, I think it is now time that Amer­i­cans be fore­warned that they are prob­a­bly sub­ject to clever pro-illegal alien pro­pa­ganda every time they watch some­thing pro­duced in Hollywood.”

Spencer has also been linked to bor­der vig­i­lante extrem­ist Shawna Forde. Forde received the death penalty in 2011 for her role in the May 2009 mur­ders of Raul Junior Flo­res and his nine-year-old daugh­ter Brise­nia dur­ing a home inva­sion in Ari­vaca, Ari­zona.  Author­i­ties arrested Forde for the mur­ders in June 2009, shortly after she left Spencer’s prop­erty where she had stopped to send emails from her lap­top.  Spencer had appar­ently allowed Forde to live on his prop­erty in 2008, but claimed that he told her after­wards that she was no longer wel­come at the ranch. 

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