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March 11, 2016

In Iran, Holocaust Denial and Mockery are Alive and Well

Despite the international community’s reengagement with a more “open” and “moderate” Iran, some things in Iranian society haven’t changed, including the prevalence of Holocaust mockery and denial. While President Rouhani hasn’t touted the issue like his predecessor Ahmadinejad had, recent announcements indicate that the questioning of the Holocaust is very much alive and well within Iranian society.

In December, the Tehran International Cartoon Biennial announced an international Holocaust cartoon contest, with the winning entry getting a $50,000 reward. Now, the Islamic Association of the University of Isfahan has announced that it will hold its own Holocaust cartoon contest. The Islamic Association held a similar contest in 2015. In announcing this year’s contest, the Islamic Association explained that its goal is to demonstrate sympathy with oppressed Palestinians and show hatred towards the Zionist regime and “the child killer Israel.” The organizers claim the contest is “not anti-Semitic,” but rather an effort to question such a disgraceful and false phenomenon – the Holocaust – something which no one in the Western world dares to do.

Islamic Association of  Isfahan University Holocaust Cartoon Contest

Islamic Association of Isfahan University Holocaust Cartoon Contest

They also claim their goal is to empower talented individuals with skills they can use to educate students and others about the fallacy of the Holocaust.

Additionally, a recent confab for NGOs including social service agencies in an unnamed Iranian city titled “The International Conference on Cooperation and Humanitarian Aids”, which included a session promoting Holocaust denial. A report published following the session stated that there is “no proof for Zionist claims about the Holocaust and Jews.” Mohammad Javad Khosrave, a Holocaust “expert” and Emad Najar, Zionist and Media “expert”, were among the attendees.

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November 10, 2015

Virginia White Supremacists Arrested; Plot Against Jews Alleged

Ronald Chaney from Facebook

Ronald Chaney (Facebook)

FBI agents have arrested three eastern Virginia men on weapons and robbery conspiracy charges in connection with an alleged terrorist plot to attack Jewish and African-American religious institutions and conduct “acts of violence against persons of the Jewish faith.”

The three men, Robert Curtis Doyle and Ronald Beasley Chaney III, charged with conspiracy to possess firearms despite felony convictions, and Charles Daniel Halderman, charged with conspiracy to commit robbery, are white supremacists with past criminal records. They all are from the greater Richmond area.

According to criminal complaints, a meeting took place at Doyle’s house in September “to discuss…shooting or bombing the occupants of black churches and Jewish synagogues.” Doyle allegedly discussed criminal acts they could employ for getting money with which to carry out their plans, including robbing and killing a jewelry dealer, committing an armored car robbery, and attacking a gun store owner. The proceeds would allegedly be used to buy land and weapons and to train “for the coming race war.”

The following month, Doyle and Chaney allegedly met with an undercover FBI agent to purchase weapons and explosives from the agent. FBI agents arrested the three at their homes on November 8.

All three suspects have lengthy criminal histories, including crimes of violence. Chaney, for example, pleaded guilty in 2006 to a number of charges related to an attempted robbery and subsequent shootout with the intended victims. He was released from his most recent prison stay in the spring of 2015.

The men may have met in prison, where all were designated by prison officials as white supremacists while in custody. According to the FBI, the suspects were adherents of a white supremacist variety of Asatruism. Asatru is the most common name given to the modern revival of ancient Norse paganism. Most Asatruists are not white supremacists, but a minority are, often referring to themselves by terms such as Odinists or Wotanists.

Halderman and Doyle both have Asatru tattoos, as well as white supremacist tattoos, while Chaney identifies himself as Asatruist on his Facebook profile.

White supremacists have been involved in many of the right-wing terrorist conspiracies and acts in recent decades.   Many white supremacist terrorist plots and acts involve attacks against Jewish targets, as most white supremacists view Jews as their “ultimate enemy.”


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October 13, 2015

Caricatures and Images Incite Violence Against Israelis

As Palestinian terrorism continues in Israel, media outlets from across the Arab and Muslim world are publishing cartoons which glorify the killing of Israelis and Jews. These violent anti-Israel and anti-Semitic caricatures are being reposted on social media, and are being used to incite further terror attacks against Israelis.

A prominent theme of these cartoons and social media posts relate to the daily spate of Palestinian stabbing attacks of Israelis. Among the cartoons are depictions of a Palestinian with a large knife being used to stab Israeli soldiers, Prime Minister Netanyahu and other Jews, and some glorify specific terror attacks including the October 3rd killing of Nehemia Lavi in Jerusalem’s Old City. Some of these cartoons are circulating on social media with messages advocating violence against Jews and Israelis. Others, which do not appear to have originated from media sources, are tagged with statements like “Happy International Stab a Jew Day” and “stab a Jew today.”  Also circulating widely are photos and videos of Gaza Imam Sheikh Muhammad Sallah who, in his sermon this past Friday, held a knife in a stabbing motion, and expressed support for stabbing Israelis.

Another ongoing theme is the conspiracy theory that Israel and Jews are seeking to take over the Temple Mount/Noble Sanctuary and “Judaize” Jerusalem by removing the Muslim connection to the city. A number of Palestinian leaders have in recent weeks fueled this conspiracy with false and outlandish statements, including President Mahmoud Abbas who last month accused Jews of “desecrating” the Temple Mount/Noble Sanctuary area “with their filthy feet.” This theme, which has been prevalent for years across the region, is often represented by an Israeli or Jewish caricature – often in the form of an animal or insect – stealing, uprooting or destroying the Dome of the Rock mosque.

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