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September 7, 2016

Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theorist Christopher Bollyn Speaks In Brooklyn

Updated 9/9/16

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Well-known anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist Christopher Bollyn is scheduled to speak at 7pm on Wednesday, September 7, at the Brooklyn Commons in Brooklyn, New York. News of the event prompted an outcry from clients and patrons of the popular event and co-working space.

Bollyn, who spent his summer on a nationwide speaking tour touting his belief that the 9/11 terror attacks were orchestrated by Israel and “the Jews,” was also slated to appear on September 9 at the West Park Presbyterian Church in Manhattan, but the church cancelled the event following an outcry from the community, citing the “inconsistency” of Bollyn’s message with their “mission and standards.”

Christopher Bollyn

Christopher Bollyn

Bollyn’s website reflects a range of twisted theories, including well-worn anti-Semitic tropes – Jews control the media and the government, including all U.S. foreign policy – and a deep well of Holocaust denial. Bollyn is a former writer for the anti-Semitic conspiracy-oriented newspaper American Free Press and its predecessor, The Spotlight.  Both were published by the late anti-Semite and Holocaust denier Willis Carto.

But Bollyn’s current obsessions are 9/11 and the “War on Terror.”  In his 2012 book, “Solving 9/11: The Deception that Changed the World,” Bollyn writes, “The ‘false flag’ terrorism of 9/11 is a monstrous Jewish-Zionist crime of our time. The true culprits of this heinous crime are clearly being protected by a gang of like-minded Jewish Zionists in the highest positions of the U.S. government.” The resulting “War on Terror” and its attendant massive government expenditures, Bollyn contends, were the real goal of the 9/11 instigators.

Since Bollyn’s talk was scheduled, The Brooklyn Commons’ Facebook page has been bombarded with angry messages protesting Bollyn’s appearance and calls for a boycott. Melissa Ennen, founder of The Commons, responded to the uproar with a statement reiterating her support for free speech, and essentially urging protesters to attend the event in order to counter Bollyn’s message.

“This morning,” Ennen wrote on September 6, “some of the people who rent co-working spaces at The Commons issued a statement denouncing the Bollyn event, declaring that ‘such [antisemitic] [sic] politics should have no place in leftist spaces.’ I agree that all forms of racism should have no place in leftist spaces, but in my opinion, to get to the root of racist thinking, confrontation works better than censorship.”

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August 25, 2016

Hacker Andrew Auernheimer Behind New Batch Of Anti-Semitic Flyers

In a transparent ploy to gain attention, white supremacist hacker Andrew Auernheimer, also known as “Weev,” has been sending a new wave of anti-Semitic flyers to networked printers around the country. He has claimed credit for at least one of the flyers on his Twitter account and on the website Storify.

Previously, Auernheimer received considerable media attention in March of this year when he sent a flyer advertising the neo-Nazi website, The Daily Stormer, to printers at campuses across the United States.

Andrew Auernheimer in t-shirt

Andrew Auernheimer

Recently, it appears that Auernheimer has created two new flyers with language and imagery deliberately designed to shock readers. Both flyers glorify mass killings. The flyers contain swastikas and the heading “samiz.dat,” a reference to the Russian word “samizdat” which was a system in the former Soviet Union “by which government-suppressed literature was clandestinely printed and distributed.”

The first flyer, which was signed “Weev,” circulated in early August. It salutes Anders Brevik, the Norwegian far-right terrorist who killed 77 people. It also calls for supporting and defending supreme acts of violence against anyone Auerheimer perceives as anti-white. The flyer says, “So the hordes of our enemies from the blacks to the Jews to the federal agents are deserving of fates of violence so extreme that there is no limit to the acts by which can be done upon them in defense of the white race.” It then goes on to mention raping his enemies’ daughters and gouging out the eyes of their sons.

The second flyer, which also appears to be the work of Auernheimer, circulated in mid-August. It depicts a mass shooting at a synagogue where Jews are murdered by a Jew-hating killer named Tyler. The flyer sarcastically refers to Sam Hyde, a comedian whom Internet trolls labeled a mass murderer as a joke because they believe that the media assumes that mass murderers are white men. In the graphic imagery of the flyer, Tyler declares that he is Sam Hyde as he systematically kills Jews and brutally rapes a young Jewish woman.

Though Auernheimer apparently sent these flyers out to networked printers, he did not reach as many printers as he had previously with the flyer in March. In an article on Storify, Auernheimer explains that “a large body of entities” have taken their printers offline or have fixed the security breach that allowed him to access their printers.

Auernheimer has claimed that he is planning on sending more “sophisticated” flyers under the “samiz.dat” banner. What is certain is that he will continue to try and exploit any gap he can to access printers and garner more attention.

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August 22, 2016

Middle East Press Review: July-December 2015

Anti-Semitism is widespread throughout the Arab and Muslim world, manifested in many segments of society. The Anti-Defamation League monitors and documents anti-Semitic cartoons and articles, which appear daily in the Arab media. This publication is the latest compilation of select anti-Semitic caricatures and themes, and includes examples from July-December 2015.

Newspapers across the Arab and Muslim world continue to feature anti-Semitic caricatures and themes, with stereotypical depictions of Jews that include big noses, black coats and hats. Many promote age-old global Jewish conspiracy theories, including control of the US and international governments, blood libel, the use of animal imagery – rodents, dogs, snakes, and octopuses – and Nazi analogies to portray Israel and Jews as sinister predators.

Filastin, August 2, 2015 (Gaza)

Filastin, August 2, 2015 (Gaza)

A number of current events themes are highlighted in this compilation, including:

  • Cartoons relating to the horrific Duma murder of Palestinian infant Ali Dawabsheh by Jewish extremists.
  • Cartoons accusing Jews of being behind global instability, including Jews depicted as responsible for the terrorism and genocide being perpetrated by ISIS.
  • Cartoons depicting the recent Palestinian violence in Israel – the so-called “knife Intifada” – with Israelis in stereotypical Jewish garb as victims of Palestinian stabbings.

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