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September 15, 2016

Black Nationalist Charged With Attacking Phoenix Police Officers


Marc Payne mug shot

In what may be the most recent attempt at violence against police officers by someone angry over the highly publicized police killings of black men across the United States in recent years, a Phoenix man allegedly rammed his vehicle into a trio of police officers standing outside a convenience store.

A police-obtained video from the incident, which occurred on September 12,  shows a vehicle allegedly driven by Marc LaQuon Payne, 44, circling the store parking lot, then accelerating towards the officers, two of whom were seriously injured by the vehicle.  The third received injuries while trying to arrest Payne.  One of the officers was serving his first day on the job.

Payne has been charged with three counts of attempted first-degree murder, five counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and one count of resisting arrest.  Phoenix police believe that Payne deliberately targeted the police officers and had surveilled them for several minutes before acting.

Several social media accounts that apparently belong to Payne reveal that he has extreme black nationalist views and that he had also been angry over police shootings since at least the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014.   These profiles and postings do not reveal membership or affiliation with any specific groups, but do illustrate a liking or admiration for a variety of black nationalist extremist groups and causes, ranging from the People’s New Black Panther Party (different from the New Black Panther Party) to the Huey P. Newton Gun Club to a variety of Pan-African groups and causes.

Remarks on Payne’s social media accounts in 2015 reveal considerable antipathy towards whites, including statements about violence.  An April 2015 post asserts that “when the black man get [sic] ready to be free from whitey it will be war.”  In May, another post states that “ain’t no Caucasian going [to] give back what their ancestors stole so they just as guilty.”


The most chilling comment came in June 2015:  “The Caucasian needs to be slaughtered like the pigs that they are right along with the niggas who serve and protect them.”

Payne has been ordered held without bond.

Other similar incidents in 2016 include the Baton Rouge shootings by Gavin Long, the black nationalist and sovereign citizen, and the Dallas shootings by black nationalist extremist Micah Johnson.

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July 21, 2016

Arizona Arrest Reminder of Link between Terror and Anti-Semitism

Mahin Khan arizona terror plot

Mahin Khan

Court proceedings have indicated that Arizona resident Mahin Khan, arrested on July 1 for allegedly plotting to bomb a DMV on behalf of ISIS and the Pakistani Taliban, had considered directing his attack against a local Jewish Community Center (JCC) before choosing the DMV as his final target. His planning, as well as anti-Semitic statements he made, serve as a critical reminder of the nexus between anti-Semitism and Islamic extremism.

Khan had allegedly indicated his interest in attacking the JCC in an October 2015 conversation with an undercover FBI employee that was relayed in court on July 20, 2016. The criminal complaint filed against Khan also quoted him as requesting ammunition to target Jews, saying, “Need AK and pistols can u do that wanna take out marines and jews (sic).”

News reports suggest additional evidence of Khan’s anti-Semitism as well. A former classmate of his reportedly claimed that, “At one point he went as far as to say ‘what Hitler did was good.’ And he told me that he did not like the Jewish people.”

  • Khan is the 22nd U.S. residents motivated by Islamic extremist ideology to plot or consider an attack against Jewish or Israeli targets since 2002.
  • He is the 5th U.S. resident arrested in Arizona related to activity motivated by Islamic extremist ideology since 2002. Three additional Arizona residents have also been linked, but were killed or arrested outside the state.
  • Khan is the second U.S. resident to consider attacking a domestic Jewish target in 2016. The other was James Gonzalo Medina, a Florida resident arrested on April 29, 2016 accused of plotting to blow up a Florida synagogue during the Passover holiday on behalf of ISIS.

ADL has written a report about the connections between anti-Semitism and Islamic extremist ideology, which also includes a list of U.S. residents linked to terrorism since 2012 who expressed anti-Semitic motivation and a list of plots against Jews and Jewish institutions worldwide.

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March 18, 2015

Arizona Shooting Spree Suspect May Have White Supremacist Connections

After a manhunt that lasted several hours and involved multiple police departments, authorities in Mesa announced the apprehension of a suspect believed responsible for multiple shootings in Mesa on March 18 that killed one and injured at least five more.   The suspect in the shootings has been identified by media reports as Ryan Elliott Giroux.

Ryan Elliott Giroux

Ryan Elliott Giroux

Giroux has a past criminal history, including a stint in state prison.  A Department of Corrections mug shot from his time in prison reveals that Giroux likely is or was a white supremacist, based on his facial tattoos.  Giroux had the words “skin” and “head” tattooed on his eyebrows, while next to his left eye is a prominent “88” tattoo.  The numerical symbol “88,” which stands for “Heil Hitler” (because H is the 8th letter of the alphabet), is one of the most popular white supremacist tattoos in the United States.

Giroux also has a Celtic knotwork tattoo on his chin.  Such tattoos are popular with white supremacists, though also used by others.

The shootings began at a motel in Mesa around 8:45am, where two people were shot, one fatally.  The shooter went to a nearby restaurant, where he allegedly shot a woman and stole a car.  Other shootings occurred as the suspect tried to evade apprehension.   Mesa police officers eventually tracked down and apprehended Giroux.

The motive for the shootings is not yet known.

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