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September 11, 2015

Anti-Muslim activist Pamela Geller promotes anti-refugee rhetoric

“Immigration Jihad” is a newly minted term by anti-Muslim activist Pamela Geller to describe the current refugee crisis in Europe, where thousands of refugees are trying to find a safe haven for their families away from the war-torn Middle East.

Anti-Muslim activist Pamela Geller

Anti-Muslim activist Pamela Geller

As wrenching images of Aylan Kurdi, a toddler lying dead on a Turkish beach after he and his family sought refuge spurred the world to take action to help save more refugees, Geller advanced her claim that the flow of refugees is a Muslim invasion that needs to be stopped. “How this new invasion will end is anyone’s guess – but it won’t be pretty. Today’s refugee is tomorrow’s jihadist,” Geller wrote on September 6 on WorldNetDaily (WND), a conservative website.

Geller exploits concern over terrorism to get an audience for her anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim agenda. She equates Muslim refugees with terrorism and promotes the idea that every Muslim wants to wage Jihad against the West.

She wrote on September 6, “The question no one is asking is why all these people, all of a sudden? Did millions of Muslims across the Middle East and Africa get a text message that said, go now? This is clearly orchestrated, and as I previously reported, ISIS warned Europe of an invasion of ‘migrants.’ This, too, is an act of war. How many jihadists are among the hordes?”

Geller also connected the refugee crisis in Europe to the United States. She wrote on her official blog post on September 7, “This is a cautionary tale for America. We must not allow these invaders into our country. This is a hijrah, a migration to Islamize a new land.”

In addition, Geller’s campaign against refugees also recycles some of her anti-Obama conspiracy theories. In August, she accused President Obama of resettling a large number of Syrian refugees as part of a plot to destroy America. She claimed, “Obama is bringing Muslim refugees into this country by the hundreds of thousands in his unceasing pursuit of the destruction of America.” She also called for an end to the U.S. refugee resettlement program

Geller has waged an anti-Muslim campaign for years by holding controversial events such as the “Draw Muhammad” contest, placing anti-Muslim ads on buses, and giving speeches claiming that Muslim immigrants pose a threat to the U.S. Her increasing anti-immigrant and anti-refugee rhetoric not only contradicts the Jewish-American values which she claims to defend but it also violates basic human decency.

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July 19, 2013

Christopher Wade Briggs, Would-be Gunman, Posts Picture Of Self In Front Of White House

Secret Service agents in Washington, D.C., arrested an armed man in Lafayette Park across from the White House on July 16.  The man, Christopher Wade Briggs of San Antonio, Texas, reportedly took a loaded handgun out of a backpack.  Briggs also had two additional magazines of ammunition, over 170 more rounds of ammo, and two hunting knives.christopher-briggs

According to court documents, Brigg told officers “I was only going to fire a couple of shots if no one confronted me.”   Officers charged him with carrying a pistol without a license, two counts of possession of prohibited weapons, and other related charges.

Briggs is a computer programmer who gravitated to right-wing causes and developed an antagonism towards Barack Obama, as expressed in a number of on-line postings.  These include a post on one Web site made earlier in 2013, in which he claimed to believe, “with all my heart, God has a plan for all the elected or appointed leaders, even Obama and Hitler.” 

Briggs operated a Twitter feed and, briefly, a small Web site, both dubbed Your Freedom News.  The Web site generally featured articles from a far right-wing position.  One article on the Web site (presumably by Briggs) claimed that every day the author woke up to see “some government official…subverting the Constitution of These United States” and asserted that the POTUS (President of the United States) “is purposely trying to destroy this country.”  In another article posted by Briggs but written by a relative named Walter Briggs with the title “Let the Caissons Roll!”, Walter Briggs asserted that Obama wanted to make it a criminal offense in the United States to be a Christian.

On July 14, Briggs posted a photograph to his Facebook profile of himself standing next to a life-size replica of Barack Obama (such as one might find at a wax museum), with a fist raised as if to strike the President.  When his mother expressed surprise at the photograph, Briggs responded, “Can I not take a vacation?”  On Tuesday, July 16, the day Briggs would be arrested, he posted another photograph of himself, this time standing with a backpack in front of the White House.  A Facebook friend asked Brigg if he were allowed there after “that last felony conviction,” but Briggs did not reply.

At some time before 5:00pm, Briggs made a last post to his Facebook profile, addressed to the “news media,” calling on them to leave his friends and family alone.  In an apparent reference to what was to come, Briggs stated that “[I] do this neither as a left winger or a right winger” and that he just could not live with himself any more.  He urged people to “come together as a nation and solve the issues” and “do what is best for this country.”

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